As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, April 1, 2013

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || With his family, attends the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll; South lawn

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12.30 pm

14 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, April 1, 2013

  1. Sounds good. For one day, he can roll Easter eggs instead of selected members of the U.S. populace.

    BTW: Is tomorrow a holiday or something for Mr. Obama?

    • A holiday – check out Google – no Easter on the bar; rather Cesar
      Chavez birthday. I called DMV in CA to get an appoiintment for Monday – they are closed for Cesar Chavez birthday holiday. That’s O’s holiday too.

      • Only in California would the government grant a paid holiday to celebrate a Marxist icon. Little do they realize that Cesar Chavez hated illegal aliens and would have fought amnesty and this sanctuary state tooth and nail if he were still alive.

  2. Every day is a holiday for Obama–he never does any work, just speeches — constant complaints about other people, thats the work he does! I can’t wait until he’s out of there and he has to spend his own money on the high life. Obama and family (including the mother-in-law living on the taxpayer money) are the biggest welfare recipients in the country. Obama has no character, no empathy or sympathy for babies and old people, is a liar who lies every day and gets caught in his lies and still doesn’t feel ashamed.

    • “his own money”? -LOL
      These grifters have wealthy sponors already lined up to buy them their Hawaii mansion and G#D HELP US! buy that wookie Michelle the “US Senator” seat from Chicago (re: “Sen.” Hilliary from NY)

  3. Today will likely be re-named “Obama Day” after Dear Leader leaves office. For now its just:

    April Fools’ Day

    April Fools’ Day is celebrated in many countries on April 1 every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

    In Italy, France and Belgium, children and adults traditionally tack paper fishes on each other’s back as a trick and shout “April fish!” in their local languages (pesce d’aprile!, poisson d’avril! and aprilvis! in Italian, French and Flemish, respectively). Such fish feature prominently on many French late 19th to early 20th century April Fools’ Day postcards.

    The earliest recorded association between April 1 and foolishness can be found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1392). Many writers suggest that the restoration of January 1 by Pope Gregory XIII as New Year’s Day of the Gregorian Calendar in the 16th century was responsible for the creation of the holiday, sometimes questioned for earlier references.[1]