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Happy Easter Everyone!

A very happy holiday to all, and best wishes to everyone celebrating holiday. I hope you have an enjoyable day.

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  1. Thank you, Keith.

    Driving up the East Coast earlier this week made me appreciate all the more how wonderful and diverse our great country is.

    We are truly blessed to be Americans.

  2. And a very Happy Easter to you and your family, Keith, and to everyone else here.
    At last we have Spring-like weather over here. HavenĀ“t really seen the effect of that ” global warming”. We had picknick-lunch outdoors for the first time this year. The sun certainly improves the mood.

  3. Thank you. Easter, that celebrates the rising of Jesus Christ, is the bedrock that our religion is based upon.

    Jelly beans and chocolate bunnies are just the commercial attempts to cash in on a religious holiday, just as Christmas trees and eggnog are to the celebration of Christ’s birth.

    The “Easter” egg roll festivities being held tomorrow at the WhiteHouse have absolutely nothing to do with the religious aspects of Christianity.
    Except for the fact that it is a long-held tradition, I would object to the use of the word “Easter” to describe the mish-mash of secular and political activities sponsored by the WhiteHouse.
    The Obamas have used every traditional celebration or day of rememberance to their political advantage and twisted the meaning to suit their political agenda. When “9/11” is no longer a day of rememberance of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, but changed to be a day of “service”, and Easter Sunday has been interpreted by the President’s greeting as a day to be nice to other people, then they have no understanding of the American traditon and values.

    • And another thing.
      When MrsObama co-opted the traditional Easter Egg Roll to showcase her ridiculous program and promote professional athletes doing yoga or something, she has dismissed the religious and solemn meaning of Easter.
      Suppose MrsObama had provided a “let’s move’ program after the Passover dinner held at the WhiteHouse and had a demonstation of healthy cooking for the invitees. How about a craft party or yoga session for the dinner guests celebrating the Muslim holiday?
      It’s insulting.

    • Easter is the pagan goddess of Spring.. Easter is also the pagan festival of Spring. Eggs are a pagan symbol of fertility and rebirth and, as such, are a symbol of Spring when Nature blooms and is reborn. It was co-opted by the Christians so that pagans who were used to celebrating something similar, rebirth/resurrection, at that time would be more comfortable with Christianity. (Christmas used to be Bacchanal, by the way.) Easter egg hunts go back before the time of Christ, having been a feature of the Spring festival. No one is sure if they were hunting eggs hidden by other people or looking for eggs in birds’ nests. Either way, finding the most eggs had been a good sign for the coming year for a very long time.

    • And here’s the Easter greeting I get from MrObama’s OFA:

      “We’re not taking any money from corporations. We’re not taking any money from Washington lobbyists.

      We’re going up against some of the most powerful interest groups around — and we’re powered by the grassroots support of people like you.

      And, if you step up, we’re going to win.

      Donate $5 or more before tonight’s midnight deadline to be a founding member of OFA:

      Thanks — and from my family to yours, happy Easter,


      Jon Carson
      Executive Director
      Organizing for Action”

      • Interesting, Carson and his deadlines. His YouTube video introducing OFA was posted on January 19. 33,000 views later, they have yet to post a single response. Maybe they can get off their (k)easters and try some real transparency. Or perhaps they don’t appreciate the real grass in their “grass roots”.

      • Isn’t today the last day of their fundraising quarter? Reminds of the campaign cycle of “donate by today or we’re doomed” sort of greetings :D

  4. As an old girl with no kids I do enjoy reading about the sheer joy of Easter eggs, baskets and of course in my youth my new dress complete with white
    patent leather shoes and yes a hat and gloves:-).
    Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day! You think I’m too old for a frilly
    pair of anklets?
    Bless us all and enjoy.

  5. Even in AZ where every day is pretty nice is seems a little springy. My kid planted a bunch of sunflower seeds I got from eBay. The birds are singing. My paper was an hour late–but I guess even having one is a plus.

  6. Thank you Keith….and Happy Easter to all!

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Obama whispered in the Mooch’s ear that there is a Faberge Egg hidden amidst the thousands of Easter eggs at the party tomorrow? Couldn’t you jiust see her shoving all the children out of the way while she roots through the bushes? She would be out there until midhight, if need be….

  7. And you, Keith. America will survive this current malaise. People such as those who contribute here will see to that resurgence of America The Beautiful.

  8. I just read where the first family went to St. John’s Episcopal Church on 16th Street this morning…my lib colleague who sings there will hardly be able to contain her joy when I see her tomorrow at work.

    Happy Easter to those who celebrate! For anyone who would enjoy a performance of the complete Messiah, here is probably the best one I’ve ever heard. I had this on LP’s back in the late 1960’s and it got lost in numerous moves. I’ve searched for years to find it on CD, and discovered it last night on you tube. And yes, amazon had one for me last night!

  9. Interesting: the Pope is talking about peace and turning hatred into love. Doesn’t sound like the same message the President heard today in Washington. Oh well, may the peace that passeth understanding be to everyone on WHD, friend or foe.

  10. Orthodox Christians will celebrate “Easter” our Pascha on May 5th this year but here’s wishing all of you westernized Christians – Happy Easter!!! :)