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Cut Golf? No Way! Obama Heads Out to Play, Despite Sequester

President Obama played golf Saturday for the first time since the sequester took hold, demonstrating that while jobs, White House tours, and a variety of federal priorities can be cut, the president’s recreation is sacrosanct.

Obama meets with RG III at the Verizon Center
Obama meets with RG III at the Verizon Center. In the background are, Obama friends Marty Nesbitt, center, and Reggie Love, right.

While Obama probably pays his green fees, much of the cost of the outing is covered by taxpayers, who fund a large security contingent and the the 50-minute roundtrip motorcade out to the Joint Base Andrews golf course and back.

Obama hit the fairways with his old pal Marty Nesbitt, as well as two younger White House staffers, Marvin Nicholson and Michael Brush.

After playing just over three hours, Obama headed to the Verizon Center in Washington for some more recreation, taking in an NCAA Tournament game between Syracuse and Marquette.

There were some reports that Obama was booed as he entered the Verizon Center. The White House press pooler said he did not hear boos and others said the boos were for NCAA President Mark Emmert, but a local Washington TV station Tweeted there were “a mixture of cheers and boos” as Obama entered.

Saturday marked Obama’s sixth time on the greens this year and the 117th outing of his presidency.

62 thoughts on “Cut Golf? No Way! Obama Heads Out to Play, Despite Sequester”

  1. You forgot to mention that Reggie Love was with Obama at the golfing outing and the basketball game. And that the rest of the family were gone to the slopes for a ski outing.

    1. Reggie is now the ‘unofficial’ First Lady. He was also with lover boy in Fla with Tiger Woods. Mooch couldn’t care less – she gets to do her own thing for the next four years.

    2. I like to apply the Bush test to these Obama scenarios……Suppose GWB didn’t vacation with his family (2 months in a row) instead hanging out with a former personal aide. Good heavens, the media would explode with gleeful speculations. Hypocrites!

          1. And, why wasn’t the Egg Roll scheduled for Easter Sunday? Is that b/c mooch was with the ‘lil princesses on the slopes and couldn’t be bothered to come back until the vacay was officially over?

    1. How about the egg roll tomorrow on the lawn but they can’t go inside.
      Someone in the MEDIA should take a picture and let the American’s
      fill n the caption.

  2. Interesting that he continues to golf, but no is longer reported as playing basketball. Could it be that the owie and the fat lip that another player gave him at the last basketball game was determined to be his, um, last basketball game?

    The hundreds of security agents that the Obamas required last week is another example of the expensive entitlement attitude that comes from the WhiteHouse. Agents in the Bahamas, others in Idaho, a multitude at a basketball game and now surrounding the golf course must have cost us millions last week to protect the Obamas who can’t seem to stay put or in the same place as a family.

    1. This is uncharted territory. We have never had community organizing Marxist affirmative action grifters in the WH before. Congress should have called an emergency session four years ago when it was apparent the Obamas were out of control. Parents have to set boundaries for their young children — the same should apply to the pre-adolescents residing at 1600. The WH is not Animal House and AF1 is not their ‘mile high club’. The golf course is not a choomer’s paradise and should be accessible to the moribund press corpse.

      It is unlikely that Congress will ever pass a budget but, in the event they do, it must include a strict allowance for the Obama tribe. Spare the rod, spoil the child. They need to be taken to the woodshed!

  3. “…Obama probably pays his gree fees…” -YEAH RIGHT! THATS FUNNY KEITH. DID YOU TYPE THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE -LOL
    Obama shows up and kicks EVERYONE off the course at Joint Base Andrews.
    JB Andrews golf course is for Active Duty & Vets, guys & gals who probably had to make a tee time months in advance…yet Dear Leader Obama just shows up and the course is his. How unfair is that? Why does NO ONE in the “media” ever bring that up?

    1. I thought of that too, it was the first golf friendly warm weather day in the District and he throws the troops and vets off the course ! Phoney Baloney Joining Forces indeed Michelle !

        1. It has 1 hole with 3 different tee’s near the helo pad. BO hates Camp David, it’s too secluded for him. To me it’s one perk I would love to have nearby and escape to.

    2. I have been saying that for a couple of years now as well as yesterday. It’s kinda counter to MO’s Military program. He could have gone to Congressional, but he has no clout there to shut it down and it is a PIA for the SS.

      Ft Meade had a beautiful 27 hole course close to DC, but it was closed last yr after 60 years due to base closing and relocation of 2 facilities to the base requiring new new construction using parts of the course. Also, Ft Belvoir and Quantico Marine Base have excellent courses with in driving or a quick helo ride. If he is going to use military facilities, then spread it out.

      So Spring is now here officially in DC with BO’s golfing and the Cherry Blossoms in bloom along the tidal basin (which is one of the few things I do miss about DC). Be prepared for more outings.

    3. I’m actually surprised that he takes a motorcade to Andrews. Thought for sure he’d use Marine One.SO much easier and who cares about the costs?

      No mention of this but I bet the spoiled brats were in the “Bridge Suite” at Atlantis, $25,000 a night!

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  6. They really need to get this do nothing communist coon out of office and see if he warrants a try out to caddy for Tiger.

  7. Talk about polar opposites! I can only imagine what the conversation was about, having heard RG III speak in the past. He’s a good guy.

  8. Wake up America, we have a nauseatingly arrogant, lying, incompetent, hypocritical moron in the white house. But then, most of you idiots voted for him. Live with it!!

  9. But sequester disallowed the Air Force Academy women cadets from participating in the USA Rugby playoffs on Albuquerque NM. 30 + girls not allowed to compete in an event they earned …


  10. A relatively free republic, which allows a Marxist 50B to tell Gobbelsian “truths” and run roughshod over the Constitution and the People’s Liberty, deserves everything the Marxist dishes out.

  11. Well, that was Jay Leno said on his Late Night Show after obama playing golf with Tiger Woods, “Tiger Woods said President obama is playing very good considered he is playing only 5 days a week, and his handycap is economic.”

  12. I watched BBC about history of the Royal Family of England during King George V – grandfather of Queen Elizabeth that during the 1930s the poor economic all over the world and of course in Great Britain too; the palace cut all the budgets and the spendings off over 65%. The King was upset because David (Prince of Wales) at that time was involved with Mrs. Simpson and he really enjoyed all the social functions and traveled to France and spending too much. The King called his son and told him that he was a ‘moron’ (inconsiderated) because the whole nations were suffered from poor economic. So, in conclusion: obama is a moron.

  13. He lives it up while people that have worked and paid taxes all there life get less on retirement , Pay double at Pump !, Have real problem paying for medical care , We would love to see our children, but can not afford the trip! and they can not ether, Then he lives a life of pleasure and never did an Honest days work in his life ,, Great at Voter Fraud and appointing Communist comrades to positions off importance , He is a traitor and still in Office . Freedom is not FREE!!!!

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