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American Flag Used to Hide Obama PR Problem

President Obama traveled to Miami Friday to deliver a speech on putting Americans back to work by having them rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. Only, before his event, someone – most likely from the White House – noticed a problem with the Mise en scène.

Framing Obama during his remarks would be a crane. A Chinese crane.

No, that’s not some kind of exotic bird, it’s a piece of machinery made in China.

This was made evident by an acronym on crane, ZPMC, which appeared in a couple of places and signalled it was produced by a Chinese machine manufacturing company. So what to do?

Some genius decided it would be clever to cover the letters with American flags. That’s kind of disturbing. Even you think reverence for the flag quaint, this seems not quite its proper usage.

Anyway, one of the flags blew off, exposing the ploy. You can see the Chinese logo just right and above center in the photo below, with an apparently stickier American flag in the background covering another of the logos. The problem was noticed by a CNN producer, who took a picture and tweeted it.

Chinese Crane

And so, Obama gave a speech saying he wants to put Americans back to work. Albeit, with Chinese tools.

H/T to Fox Nation.

88 thoughts on “American Flag Used to Hide Obama PR Problem”

    1. We can’t make the equipment needed, BECAUSE, the frickin union workers demand $100 dollars a hour for work that the CHINese do for $1 dollar an hour. Stupid Americans can’t live on a dollar but somehow the Chinks can. No offense to the proud Asians.

    2. Because the EPA and the environmentalists and PETA would all try to stop construction of a factory. And the neighbors would complain about the noise and the smell and the traffic.

  1. Oh no not more shoveling again? I think BO just about shoveled enough
    on the American system in fact it will take years with a really big shovel to
    unearth America the real America.

  2. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” He doesn’t want to “put Americans back to work”. He was harping on his pipe dream of a infrastructure bank. It would amount to billions of dollars stashed in his very own personal slush fund, where he could pick and choose the winners and the losers in private industry and keep his union slaves happy.

    His use of our flag – that has been the symbol of strength and freedom for generations – to cover up the fact that America doesn’t create prosperity any longer, doesn’t really surprise me. He despises this country and wants to destroy US. With the help of his 5th column press, deviants in the entertainment business, and our dumbed-down education system, he has been very successful in his goal.

  3. Greedy unions and poor management destroyed America steel mills so China stepped in with their cheap labor produced steel. Just as American car makers almost lost the American market with their overpriced, poorly made autos and trucks to the superior Japanese products.
    We only have ourselves to blame for the Chinese crane that MrObama chose to hide.

    The purpose of the Presidential visit and speech was to promote another stimulus package to fix the infrastructure and use borrowed money to pay for American labor. But, the steel and iron for the repair of bridges will probably come from some foreign factory, as will the vehicles the workers will use to drive to their job and for the tools they use on the job.

    We’re not Number 1 anymore, it’s a new global economy. Half (or more) of the things in my home were made in a foreign country. I wear shoes and clothing made somewhere other than the USA.
    It’s a new day everywhere.

    1. Agreed, Srdem. And the Koreans are now doing the same thing to the Japanese, especially in automobiles. Global economy = vicious circle.

      A good friend who is into music videos is redubbing Billy Joel’s “Allentown” where he will mix the music with images of assembly lines at McDonalds, Burger King, etc instead of steelworkers shown in the original video. Obviously, the song was a comment about lost jobs but I wonder if anyone ever thought it would get this bad?

      1. What is that commercial for the Henry Repeating Arms Company–the guy throws out everything in the house including his mother because they were not made in the US and then keeps his Henry rifle.At least we have arms to be proud of!

  4. And we should be surprised at the White House hiding Chinese-made cranes…why? Call me paranoid, but with Putin and Kim Jong-un now playing nice with each other can this be the scenario where you have three perpetually warring totalitarian super-states (USA, China, USSR) aligned and as described in Orwell’s tome 1984? The only difference is that Obama doesn’t feel the two boots on his neck to realize the folly of all his actions.

  5. meanwhile, said CNN producer has been exiled to Gitmo where after a full body cavity search and biometrics, they will be painting one wall in each cell an American flag. Afterwards they will have to write 1000 times on a black board – .. I will not tweet bad things about HRH I will not tweet bad things about HRH I will not tweet bad things about HRH

  6. The Chinese have rebuilt the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge with the large sections actually made in China. But to add insult to injury, the workmanship is very shoddy and bolts are coming out. That’s nice to know, isn’t it? Think about it the next time you’re driving across it.

    1. Being old enough to remember when America actually created products, I can tell there isn’t much attention paid to craftsmanship in items manufactured in China. Maybe it’s because the Chinese labor force is essentially slave labor, or maybe it’s intentional (i.e. the poisonous dog food or the toxic drywall). We are fools for putting our trust in a government that has allowed a cabal of greedy politicians and their crony capitalists to lead us down this road to ruin.

      1. That’s true, Sadie. We’ve also noticed that small appliances we’ve bought which were made in China are not calibrated correctly or they break down fast. For example, we bought an electric tea kettle from Costco, and after the second time I used it, the water started leaking out at the bottom.

        As an animal lover, I’m still sicken by the number of pets here who were poisoned.

  7. The Chinese are paying–so what?

    As for this infrastructure, some (I think) local Calif legislator said the railroads were being built in the middle of the state because there were fewer people and it could be done quicker. Fewer people=no need for RR? I could cry sometimes.

    1. With the exodus of middle/upper middle class people from California because of their tax issues, they’ll be able to get that RR completed in record time.

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    1. All that taxpayer expense for a fourteen minute speech (apparently NOT late, this time). He began, as always, with “It’s great to be back in (insert name of city here)”. He applauded plans to punish cost overruns and pick projects based on how much good will be accomplished (rather than “pork barrel” politics). If only his administration followed these guidelines. Before the carefully orchestrated, rising pitch crescendo to his big finish (including a brief shout-out to the responding AFL-CIO), he congratulated himself because “We got this (Miami) tunnel off the ground (or should I say UNDER the ground…)”. Funny thing about this. Much of the prep work on the tunnel was done under BUSH, and the project was first initiated under REAGAN.

      As to the poor optics on the flag, somebody also needs to better train the White House video crew. Obama’s TelePrompTer is clearly visible at the left edge of the screen throughout their video. (We’ll see if they “evolve” before the next event.)

      1. The WaPo used the photo with the flags or bunting, but I got a comment up pointing out Keith’s correction. (Speaking of his stock phrases, I’m getting a little tired of “That is not who we are.”)

          1. Ditto Julie to those phrases. Reminded me of a joke, my mother told me no more than 50 years ago …
            The Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding across the plains one day, when Tonto suddenly cocked his ear at a passing falcoln’s cry. “Kemosabe… Apache to East!” he whispered.

            The Lone Ranger looked to his faithful companion. “What do we do?”

            Tonto pondered a moment. “We ride West!”

            After riding a short while, Tonto again paused, searching the horizon with his eagle-sharp eyes. “Kemosabe… Apache to West!”

            The Masked Man looked once again at his friend. “What should we do?”

            Tonto scratched his head in thought. “We ride North!”

            After a brief ride, Tonto stopped to scent the breeze. “Kemosabe… Apache to North!”

            “What do we do now?” his companion asked.

            Without hesitation, Tonto replied, “We ride South!”

            Within minutes, Tonto reigned in his horse and dropped to the ground. Placing his ear to the earth, he listened intently. “Kemosabe… Apache to South!”

            Worried, the Lone One asked him, “NOW what do we do?”

            Tonto thought hard for a moment, his eyes squinting in concentration. Then his face lit up. “What do you mean “WE”, White Man?”

          2. He uses “I” so often in his campaign speeches, maybe he’ll pull a Biden and mistakenly (and honestly) say “I could do better.”

      2. His “speechifying” also shut down the Port of Miami for several hours, which meant arriving passengers couldn’t board cruise ships during that time. The ships sailed late as a result. Sheesh.

  9. The o has had so much success promoting the Arab Spring, I have every faith in the Asian Spring. Does North Korea count?

  10. Hey, everyone! I’m watching the Syracuse/Marquette game at the Verizon Center. Guess who is sitting in a VIP box (chewing gum) with Reggie Love and Michelle’s brother? I guess there’s nothing pressing over at 1600, so he makes a phone call and gets to sit in the VIP box. Oh….it must be nice to think you are important or significant in the scheme of things…..huh?

    1. No doubt that means Mooch’s niece and nephew are livin’ la vida loca with the Obama girls on their fabulous spring break fling. Mooch must not be around if Reggie Love is hanging out with her manchild.

    2. Reggie has probably been upstairs at the WH since Wednesday when the Mooch disappeared, Now they have the run of both the upstairs and the downstairs since the public has been banned. It’s beyond disgusting!

    3. of course BO’s there.. local playoff game in DC, his BFF close by, MO is MIA as well as the kids. It’s beer and junk food night. Besides, it’s the weekend. He never works on the weekend.

      Wonder how he has made out on his brackets. Not like I really care.

  11. Guess it goes to prove that even the best of Obama’s “Liars For Hire” couldn’t outwit Mother Nature. SHame that tere isn’t a larger Muslim “base” in China or our little “Thief In Chief” might fit right in.

    1. Yes, he surely did, and with Reggie! Isn’t it strange that Obama is spending the holiday weekend with friends instead of with his wife and daughters.

        1. Yes, a “family man”, one of his many disguises. And the journalists who follow him must be aware of the sham. When will some of them feel too disgusted ?

    1. MO is not a beach person. However since a change in vaca venue to skiing, well faster than you can say LOBSTA, I am sure she either went with the plane to get the kids to take them there or met them at the slopes.

      If she did option 2… then guess what?? 2 WH Air jets in the air for vacation. Oh wait, did she have to steal AF2 away from Crazy Joe??

      This was the best Spring Break EVER! (!@#$%^&*()

  12. Anybody know if Obama managed a shout out to America’s Christians about Easter?

    The whole golf, basketball, Reggie Love thing speaks directly to President Revenge’s priorities. Living high.

  13. I am your leader Barak Hussein Abdul Obama: ” I made a great BS speech here, please don’t criticize me. I’m warning you, I have drones and am surrounded by all morally weak stooges. The worthless dog press is with me because they have no place else to go.

    1. What sequester ? 35k people easy with security, assistants, servers…….leave it to Michelle to turn a simple tradition into Bread and Circuses ;) Where has she been all week, baking ?

      1. Butt the movie is all about the Black man’s schtruggle to be accepted in the White man’s world, so it stands to reason that the first bi-racial POTUS and his Black wife would identify with MrRobinson’s plight that continues today.
        Why even the owner of BET (Black Entertainment Television), as opposed to the WET, has determined that racism is the only reason that the high percentage of Black unemployment is tolerated in the US.
        The previous movie cast party hosted by MrsObama was a incomprehensible film about poor Black people being forced to move to dry land and receive medical treatment by evil White people after a hurricane destroyed their homes and flooded their neighborhood.

      2. She must stay up all night researching ‘Who’s Who in Black America’ so that she can throw a party for them and stick Whitey for the tab. The People’s House is now officially the Black House!!!

    2. Good grief, dancing instructions, yoga, and the rest for an Easter egg roll for small children. Professional athletes doing what.
      How does a yoga demonstration fit in with Easter eggs?

      The Obamas obviously have no concept of what an Easter Egg Roll is supposed to be.

  14. Well tomorrow is the Easter Egg Roll with yoga and fat camp. I wouldn’t be
    surprised if they rolled brussels sprouts from the magic Whole Foods Garden.
    Think of all the kids on the WH lawn so close to the WH but they can’t go in now can they?

    1. “Mister President…I gotta….I gotta pee…BAD! Can I go inside and use the toilet?”…..”Sorry little fella, we can’t make any exceptions….Let me be clear….I…uh….the Republicans…..OH FOR GODs sake! He peed on my leg!”

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  17. OBAMA A POOR EXCUSE FOR A PRESEDENT.(CAN’T BE TRUSTED. NO COMMON SCENTS. I am willing to bet owed deat is more then what you want us to believe. Now heres a man that can’t pay his bill .SO GO MAKE MORE PLAY MONEY TILL ITS NOT WORTH ANY THING STUPID. Is this how you want your children to remember you?
    Some father you are. TELL ME HOW PROUD ARE YOU?
    I would like a reply from you, if you have the guts to do so.

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