As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama: Trust Me, I’ll Treat You Better

Whether he’s trying to make nice with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or suddenly at the doorstep of Republicans, looking for meetings, Obama is starting his second term merely trying to get those he has to deal with to trust him.

They’d be better off trusting their instincts instead, which most likely tell them: Once bitten, twice shy.

That’s the theme of a piece I have running in Politico today.

From the article:

Every woman knows the type. He doesn’t call when he said he would, he forgets Valentine’s Day, he’s late to pick you up – the only thing he has a good memory for is excuses.President Obama’s recent flurry of “outreaching” and shifting policies suggests the political incarnation of just such a man.

And those on the receiving end of his sudden flattery can be excused for trusting him just as much as one might a cad bearing flowers and an apology.

I hope you have a chance to take a look.

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  1. Good article. The only good thing is that fewer and fewer people are going back to Obama for more. He’s crossed the red line in the sand on truth. It’s like a psychological quiz I took on-line once: you see an image of black dots on a white field and are supposed to find an object in the picture which turns out to be a Dalmatian dog. The point of the test is that once you’ve seen the dog, you can never go back to looking at the picture and not see the dog.

  2. I liked it.
    All kinds of cliches come to mind, but the best would be “too little, too late”.
    MrObama is courting those who have already found new loves, but are too polite to slam the door in his face.

  3. I remember my Dad telling me that boys lie with such lines as; “Honey, if I get you pregnant, I’ll marry you.”

    Obama will not marry you – he’ll make you get an abortion, blame it on someone else and claim he “shoots blanks”.

    • Obama does shoot blanks mentally. He has proven time and again that he really does not have an original idea, and can only take from Alinsky’s playbook and the Marxist ideologies.

      It is actually fun to watch him scramble to rebuild his image, but it is another false image, just like the false god he has been made into by his adoring messes, excuse me, masses, and the MSM.

      He is slowly being pushed to the ropes, all it will take is a conservative with some balls to rope the dope, and go for the KO. The country is begging for leadership; solid, strong leadership. Is there a conservative that has that quality? I don’t know. They all seem to be afraid to take on the insanity that is this president. I can see Obama crumbing, falling to the mat with ease. However it will be another long count to mark him out due to the media and the false god worshipers.

      Obama knows he is loosing his base. He is loosing any standing in the world community. He is loosing any credibility that he might have had with anyone. The lies, misinformation, mud slinging, the hiding of facts, the refusal of his subordinates to answer to Congress, all of it will cause this house of straw to collapse with a mild wind.

      As more of the young Turks in Congress get encouraged, there will be a war of words and ideals that will be fought in the field of public opinion and the floor of the House. My hope is that these folks have their lives together so when the investigations and accusations come, nothing will be found, and they can unleash the truth about Obama.

      • So far Alinsky has been working pretty well for him. He got himself re-elected on lying about Romney and a majority of the stupid think he is the savior. All the time he has not proposed one piece of legislation but consistently demonizes Conservatives to get his way. If we survive this devil it will take 50 years to restore our nation to a Constitutional Republic.

      • Well said Shofar.
        The 2014 election may be his Waterloo if the conservatives take the senate and keep the house.
        Your last paragraph is excellent.
        The audacity of the administration to create straw men and then destroy them is amusing,…when they are standing behind Barry the wonder boy.

      • Obama’s biggest problem is that he has no one left to lie to anymore. He has lied to anyone and everyone and nobody believes a word he says, left, right, national, international. He has absolutely zero credibility because he is sociopathic in his dishonesty.

  4. Great article, Keith!

    Netanyahu is well aware that he has to beware of Kenyans bearing magnolia trees, artifacts from a Synagogue that was visited by George Washington, and designer stationary from the Big Apple.
    And he can’t be too happy that Barry did an end run around the Knesset to community organize the young university brainiacs.

    He’s grovelling….how sweet it is!

  5. Great article, Keith. You are too kind to him though. No amount of schmoozing will ever win over those who know who he is and what his goals are. He is much worse than a disloyal gigolo – he’s a serial liar and a Marxist. His goal is not to fix America’s problems, but to destroy us.

    • As Obama has proudly and repeatedly said, his goal is to “transform America”. Unfortunately, the low information voters never asked the basic question of what he wants to transform it to.

    • “Like abuser who waves flowers and cries and says he will never do it again, promise, promise.” – Star

      Too true. And his faithful, who are hurt the MOST by his dangerous and reckless ideas, refuse to even ADMIT it, like they have Battered Spouse Syndrome. And, as with an abused spouse, you must be VERY careful when you go after the abuser, because the psychology of the abusee has been so damaged by their experiences – and, two falls out of three, TOTAL depenence on the abuser for ALL their material needs(like Obamanistas!)- that they MAY just attack you from BEHIND, even though you’re just trying to help…

  6. OK ladies how many times in the past have we heard ‘I promise it will be different this time’. No offence to the gentlemen here but please you couldn’t
    find 12 year old girl that would fall for that. Obama’s ego is so large he actually
    believes the babbling idiocy that he panders to foreign leaders must be a real
    hoot for them not so much for us though.

    • Now Lizzy, the ladies have their ways too! Although the below IS also apt to The Deceiver In Cheif…

      “I Got My Cat Moves
      That So Upset Them
      Zippers And Buttons
      Fun To Frustrate Them
      They Get So Angry
      Like Pouty Children
      Denied Their Candy
      I Laugh Right At Them

      I Know What Boys Like
      I Know What Guys Want
      I Know What Boys Like,
      Boys Like, Boys Like Me

      I Feel Sad Now
      I Will Let You
      Sorry I Teased You
      I Will Let You
      This time I mean it
      I Will Let You
      Anything You Want
      You Can Trust Me
      I Really Want To
      You Can Trust Me
      How Would You Like It
      You Can Trust Me

      Sucker! Hmmmmm…. ”

      More lyrics:

      Just sayin’…

  7. The analogy is very spot-on. I once knew a woman who staffed telephone orders at a major florist. She said never, in all her years or working there, had she ever taken an “I’m sorry” order from a woman.

  8. Nice article. I do not understand the Jewish vote. If Obama does not destroy Israel……Hillary will. I am sure Obama would have kissed Arafat.

  9. Just wonder what the brilliant Netanyahu was thinking: “I wish this little punk would hurry up and get out of here. Forcing me to apologize to continue aid from the US. What a jerk!”

  10. OT:
    I’m making a formal complaint of ethical and financial malfeasance by Barack and Michelle Obama who willfully and knowingly are illegally using the tax-payer funded Secret Service as ‘free’ nannies to avoid their parental responsibilities to their two minor children known as Malia and Natasha Obama.

        • But The Weekly Standard has not scrubbed it, and the story about the scrubbing is getting through on Breitbart and Drudge.

        • The White House has confirmed the report was removed on their request. From Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady:

          From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls.

          • Here’s where the WH’s lame excuse falls apart; the two minor children of the POTUS flew to a foreign country( without either parent) while guarded (babysat) by taxpayer funded security simply for the enjoyment of the children.
            Then, the two minor children flew from the foreign country to Idaho (without either parent) to enjoy the skiing or whatever is there, all the while being guarded by the same taxpayer funded security.
            The WhiteHouse claimed the Secret Service could no longer allow American children to visit the WhiteHouse because of manpower issues, but apparently the SecretService has suffient manpower to accompany the minor childen of the POTUS to a foreign country and then to Idaho.
            This was not a FirstFamily vacation, nor is any of this an offical visit.

          • “…there is no vital news interest.” Excuse me? They are trotting around the world on spring break with who knows as guardian and WE still don’t have access to OUR White House. That is newsworthy Kristina Schake.

            Rep. Louie Gohmert said the Secret Service agents, whose job was monitoring the self-guided White House tours, were reassigned to other duties. No costs were saved by Preezy Revenge shutting down the White House tours. Mooch probably needed the agents for babysitters to the kids spring break fling while she parties down…

          • Please pass the duct tape, my head is about to explode. I can only imagine what the lame stream media woudl be saying if the 11 and 14 year old children of a Republican President were taking their own “spring break” vacations like this. The outrage would be intense and it would be the lead story everywhere. I’m beyond tired of this crap.

          • It’s going to take more than duct tape for the stuff these
            grifters get away with all the time. Both girls seem to have
            absent parents and I don’t care how many SS were with
            them no way would I let strangers take charge of my girls
            at the ages they are no way. Two trips plus Biden and whatever Michelle’s been up to and we close the WH.
            Now other kids can’t see the WH the Obama’s can’t seem
            to stand being in they’re always gone and not as a family

          • My head has already exploded and it blew right off my shoulders! Could someone please call 911 and mention to them to look for the house with the hole in the roof with smoke coming out of it.

            Nah, never mind. This mindless state feels so much better.

          • So I guess it’s ok for the underage kids to pick up the phone at any time and announce “Wind up the rubber band on AF2 we’re heading out west to ski” .. no, I didn;t think so. So I wonder if their Grandmother was with them, but no one has a clue of what she looks like so she was in the background minding the kids?

          • I know Judicial Watch has already filed a FOIA for the manifest and cost of the Paradise Island leg of the trip, wait til they find out about the skiing trip.

            These destinations will probably mean $200-$300/ day for each SS protecting this entourage to cover expenses. Could be more since it’s prime season at both resorts with hotel rooms probably starting at $300.

          • Who knows if GM and her gang of friends were with them? And how many of the girl’s friends went along for the ride — at our expense? I don’t care if The Fairy Godmother was with them. It looks to me like Moochette #1 wanted to bask in the sun and Moochette #2 wanted to hit the slopes, so they agreed to agree and split the week — at our expense. (BTW, thanks to whoever named the brats, very appropriate!)

            And Daddy Revenge thought this would be a grand idea to further rub salt into the wounds of hurting Americans — that would be the tax-paying Americans while the low-info voters think this Beyonce Cool.

            And where is Mochelle, the Mother of Revenge? I don’t even want to think about the possibilities.

  11. Great article. And the best part about it is it shut up the lefties, which is near impossible to do. I only found one “It’s all George Bush’s fault” on there. Amazing!

  12. No Keith, you are completely wrong….you assume this man emits some sort of attractive vibe when the only thing coming from him is anger.

  13. Go figure…..Our “Commander” in Chief has taken outright lying and arrogance to a higher art form…..this is one “leopard” who ain’t about to change his “spots” TG for the “Two Term” limit….