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Biden to Take Third Vacation of the Year

Vice President Biden today is enjoying his third vacation of the year, a five day sojourn on South Carolina’s luxurious Kiawah Island, where he will no doubt partake of his favorite pastime, golf.

Biden and his wife Jill arrived on the island – known as a golf mecca – Thursday night and are not scheduled to depart before Monday.

Obama and BidenBiden’s trip is the latest episode in a bout of rampant vacationing by the First and Second Families, who have been roaring out of Washington this year on taxpayer-funded excursions even as the deficit mounts and the sequester axes jobs and critical spending on other priorities.

While both President Obama and Biden pick up some of the tab for their recreational travel, the bulk of the costs –  including flights aboard Air Force One and Air Force Two and security and staff needs – are billed to taxpayers.

Biden should feel especially refreshed when he returns given that he just had a vacation last month in Snowmass, Colorado, where he spent several days over President’s Day weekend. Close by in a neighboring section of Colorado’s ski country was First Lady Michelle Obama, who was taking her second vacation of the year in Aspen.

Over the same President’s Day weekend, President Obama was roving the fairways at an exclusive golf resort in Florida where he got pointers both from Tiger Woods and Tiger’s famous former coach. He and Mrs. Obama had already spent part of late December and early January in Hawaii.

Biden’s first trip this year was a sun worshiping exercise in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he stayed with his family from Friday, January 4 until Tuesday, January 8.

South Carolina is also a crucial presidential primary state that Biden – believed to be strongly considering a run in 2016 – no doubt has his eye on. Biden reportedly will be back in the state in May when he headlines the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner, a Democratic fundraising event in the state’s capital, Columbia.

But while his presence in South Carolina over the next few days will generate some local publicity, Biden is sticking to rest and relaxation and has no public events scheduled.

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391 thoughts on “Biden to Take Third Vacation of the Year”

  1. Keith, this article better get a Drudge link because you’re going to be the only one reporting on this.

    Thanks for the news, as much as it makes me feel like smacking someone.

        1. What is the world coming to? The Russians have more morality than we do (see homo adoption rule) and have a flat tax which we should use. They are talking about lowering veteran’s disability pay–before you do that, stop paying illegal Mexicans social security for which they never worked for, and off all entitlements. Make all government officials go under Obamacare, cut their retirements to max 40k a yearand stop sending tanks and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood. Soon we will have drones watching us and MRAPs to fight, Homeland with billions of rounds of ammo and plenty of weapons for WHICH we paid for!!! Make us slaves with our own money. Get off your butts conservatives and vote enough people in office to impeach Obama, now maybe our last chance.

          1. Aren’t you tired of all the whining and complaining yet? Will you do this for another four years as America is destroyed by this fraud? How much more are “we the people” who are supposed to own this Government going to take under this Dictatorial Muslim in Chief? We own this government. Barack Hussein Obama is not our BOSS! It is way past time to stop the daily complaining and bring Articles of Impeachment against this pretender, this Socialist, Muslim, fraud that’s wrecking America. He has more than exceeded the requirement of “high crimes and misdemeanors” under the U.S. Constitution necessary to bring articles of Impeachment. Most notably with his so called “Executive Orders” bypassing our Constitution and our Congress. Clinton was Impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice on December 19, 1998. Barack Hussein Obama has done far worse, and will bankrupt and destroy what’s left of America if he is allowed to continue over the next four years. He must be stopped to save America. The only reason nobody wants to entertain the truth about this man in spite of everything we see that he has done to visibly and provably damage this country is because it is almost impossible to believe that such a thing could happen in America. His “in your face” hypocritical acts are almost unbelievable, even though we are living under the boot heel of them. He even forces Americans to use the light bulbs in our own homes that he approves of. That’s the diversion that this fraud and his minions count on and probably can’t believe themselves how easily it’s working! Further reasons include the fact that with the help of a corrupt main stream media, and unequivocally the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, blacks in America have worked the media and our young people to the point where it is actually believed that in spite of all of the advantages given to them starting nearly 50 years ago in the 1960’s, they are made to believe that slavery was so recent that it affects current day black people. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it is their white quilting racist scam that they play to the point that even disagreeing with Obama or any black so called leader, or Liberal media talking head constitutes racism. Political correctness is the death nail of Freedom of Speech. There is no one alive today that has ever been a slave, or owned a slave. If my great great great Grandfather was a horse thief that does not make me one, and I don’t owe the descendants of those people anything. We weren’t there and we didn’t do it. We are all born free of guilt and of other people’s crimes to live our lives in our time. I refuse to be branded a racist for disagreeing with Obama or anyone who happens to be black and wrong because of people who lived and died more than a century ago. I refuse to be branded a racist for speaking out against something so wrong that it affects the lives of every one of us and makes us poorer for it. I refuse to accept that black people living in America today are somehow disadvantaged because of white people or slaves who lived and died more than a century ago.This has got to stop, and we had better stop it soon and fast or there won’t be an America left to remember.This “community organizer” a.k.a. street thug trouble maker has got to go. Since when is that a resume’ to be President of the United States? Write your Congress, IMPEACHMENT NOW!

  2. When we criticize the Obama’s monthly vacations we’re called racists and reminded that former PresidentBush took a jillion trips to Texas during his tenure.
    There’s no telling what we’ll be called for critcizing ol’Joe’s monthly vacations.
    They could just call us disgusted.

      1. No, I guess it is Biden’s way of level of Hypocrisy of this administration constantly “bitching” about rich having to pay their FAIR SHARE….

    1. The Bushes went to their already secured “home” which made security less costly by not requiring the advance teams to head out 2 weeks earlier to lockdown luxury resorts. Nor did the Bushes venture out of their safety zone as often has the Obamas do to dine at 5-Star restaurants with their entourage and motorcades.

      1. plus hosting foreign heads of state and other administration officials to the Western WH. It was a working WH as he still received his briefings as well as a state of the art secure video conferencing system and SS setups were installed right after he assumed the office of President. The left always states all he did was clear brush and fish. Not so, and as usual you can find it all on the net.

        There is a huge difference in vacations of both presidents. As DVB stated above, his was a established location, vs Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, etc.

        1. Yes, the left was remarking on Bush clearing brush and do work around the property,
          Can ANYONE picture Obama actually WORKING even once in his life? Or God forbid touch the brush or any tools for that matter?

      2. And the Bush’s secure home was not some entire suite of rooms at some lavish hotel costing the taxpayer’s millions of dollars.

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

        1. And we weren’t in sequester and weren’t being threatened how all critical agencies would be understaffed and/or furloughed and all the other hussein tactics. WH closed, but kids are vacationing in another country with full CIA staff and motorcade. Then off to sun valley straight from the Bahamas…!! Seriously? Can’t compare hussein to bush.

        2. I also imagine that the hotel and restaurants were not as great for the press. To compare Bush’s trips home to the incredibly expensive trips these two families take is only because the democrats/liberals have such a strong worship complex for their leaders that they seem to be blind to the truth. Later both BO Plenty and Biden and families can star on the old show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” except that it is on our dime, I mean our MILLIONS!!

      3. It’s the last days folks. We need to keep voting, keep being heard, keep publishing our outrage, keep hoping a third term with this WH team isn’t in store for us somehow, but find a way to roll with this and help our kids prepare for good lives.

    2. Yeah but president Bush had a home in Texas,and it didn’t cost the taxpayers millions of dollars,for him to fly there,big difference,but not something a lib ,would probably pick up on!

    3. It was Bush’s home and the rent was free, the place has permanent security built in and the press did not have great restaurants to eat available. The critics know this the dems/libs know this. They just have no other answer for the jet set lifestyle these two families lead at incredible cost to tax payers.

    4. Bush stayed at his home not five star resorts. Air Force one and two cost the taxpayers one hundred eighty thousand dollars an hour to operate. Hawaii is a little further than Texas from Dc. Combine that with the first lady flying out a couple of hours before her hubby you have double that amount to get the first family to their favorote vacation spot. The trip to Spain wasn’t exactly around the corner. For spring break the first daughters didn’t have one fling but two. Not content to stay in the Bahamas they then jetted off paid for by the tax payers to Sun Valley Idaho for a little spring skiing. A bit indulgent to this working person. The White House asked the Internet to scrub the ski trip. Its all very “in your face” since a contingency of secret service men have to go with them yet there are not enough ss to keep the white house tours open.

  3. It´s excellent reporting, Keith, but as a counterbalance to this , please read the report about the Pope washing the inmates feet ( USA Today/Drudge Report ). It´s just a symbolic ritual but there is something about this man, his way of acting and talking , that is so hopeful. I hope that he will be a great influence that those worldly leaders have to consider. It appears like many of those, especially the present administration in the US, have a lot to learn about setting examples, being leaders. Their wasteful, selfish luxury habits are looking very bad.

    1. He’s also not moving into the lavish Papal Apts. living in a two room
      apartment in an ajoining bulding with others. He dines with everyone
      else in the dining room. Several lessons to be learned from this very
      humble selfless man of God.

      1. Lizzy, wait and see….O and M will be making a trip to Rome to have a little visit with the Pope. I can’t wait to see M with her bare arms and bangs in total disrespect and O slapping the Pope of the back asking him he’s heard Beyonce’s latest. These two occupants of OUR house have no class whatsoever.

        1. Again we will hang our heads in shame. I think this man who is now
          Pope coming from the country he did couldn’t in all good conscience
          take all the very wealthy trappings that come from the Vatican.
          There are so many leaders who could learn from this holy man. Joe
          Biden claims to be Catholic could he not be an example? I already know the answer. There’s no conscience or soul left in the WH.

          1. Meanwhile, Bite-Me tells a group of Irish-Americans that he refused to kiss the Pope’s ring – it’s a matter of ‘dignity’.

            I so agree with all of the comments above regarding Pope Francis. He is an inspiration to the world, regardless of one’s creed. Hopefully, the news outlets, domestically and internationally, will begin to compare and contrast the virtues of thishumble man vs. the corruption and moral decay that is sweeping the governments here and throughout the world. The world has a new ‘rock star’ – move over, Barry!

          2. I think why he declined to kiss the Pope’s ring has nothing to
            do with ‘dignity’ and more fear turning into a pillar of salt.

        2. Wow….it never ceases to amaze me….how hysterical people get over every move the Obamas make. Remember that our financial problems….thanks to Bush starting two wars with lies….straight up lies to the taxpayers that pay for it and the men and women dying to fight on both sides. Bush and Cheney should be in prison. Have you lost family or friends in Iraq or Afghanistan? If you had, my guess is that youd be more affected by his horrendous presidency. Bush blew the surplus on wars and tax breaks….actual checks to everyone. That all adds up.

          You’re harping on Obama and what you feel is a lack of class? As if the flotus would bare her arms at the Vatican….you’re so hateful. And her bangs? She can’t have bangs???? I don’t remember the Vatican turning people away for showing their foreheads. What a joke you are.

          1. Yeah right. And the Obama’s are blameless in all they do. And, oh yeah, M or O never lie do they. Don’t you think Obama should be in prison because of Benghazi. What a hypocrite you are!

          2. Obama’s wild spending increased the debt in 4 years more than Bush did in 8 years! And Obama promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan – that obviously hasn’t happened. Rather, we’re involved in more conflicts around the world than ever before. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and open your eyes to the truth!

          3. I have to wonder wear u have been for the last 4 yrs? Mars? I think Obama care is a large part of why our economy has not rebounded. In theory it is suppose to make health care insurance cheaper to get. Haha making auto insurance mandatory didn’t do that, now did it? Sure everyone wants to go see a doc. It is 3x as expensive to see a doc today, with no insurance, than it was 4 yrs ago. It should not cost $190 to talk to a NP for 20min. I am not so wooried about his vacations but I am worried about our right and freedoms being taken away. In its place we will have a “nanny government”

          4. Morons everywhere! Bush had the same info from the CIA Clinton did and he decided to do something after we were attacked and I am glad he did. The world is better off with the Taliban and Saddam. Obama is ruining this country with his taxes and regulations and we will face default in the next year or two, we are an uncontrollable mess under his lack of leadership. I have skin in the game–was wounded myslef, lost 2 of my young troops, and later lost a son, so you can GTH!

      2. I couldn’t believe the Pope called to cancel his newspaper delivery. Seems like most would have had their aid make the call. Then the newspaper carrier told how the Pope saved all the rubber bands from the paper and returned them every month. We need someone like that in the WH instead of the self indulgent party animal first grifters.

        1. AZ Granny, I noticed that for the first time in Vatican history women were included in the washing ritual. This Pope wants to emphasize the mother of Jesus, Mary, and I think that is wonderful. I hope that he will try to make women more included in the church. It´s just about time. I suspect there are some women-haters hidden in the Vatican. I am so happy that this man was elevated to spread his human ideas.

          1. I didn’t know that, Swedish Lady. Thank you for sharing this about him. He is such a humble man but gives hope to so many. And not the empty hope of Obama, but of a real leader.

        2. not only cancel his paper, but check out of his room and pick up his luggage after being elected Pope. He is a man of the people. He is showing a humbleness that I hope is looked upon and practiced by members of the Catholic faith. He is the right man at the right time for them to follow. All I can hope for is he is able to handle the dark side of the Vatican we do not hear about.

        1. You remind me of a comment from the novel Shardik, years ago. When the high priestess of the bear cult prepares to receive a special guest, a commoner who has possibly been divinely “chosen”, she prepares to personally serve him dinner. When one of her acolytes protests that she should not lower herself to such a menial task.. she responded…. “I may be the Tuginda, but I STILL KNOW HOW TO LADLE SOUP!” Sadly, genuine humility is in short supply these days….. as are genuine spiritual leaders.

    2. The pope has nothing to do with the scandalous wasting of taxpayers money for vacations! Post your comments elsewhere if it doesn’t pertain to the article!

      1. Pete: Seems to me that comparisons are fair game. For example, I’d like to know whether, when Biden is enjoying himself on vacation, is he aware of it?

      2. Pete, the poster is a regular here and Keith does allow Off Topic OT or comparisons. And it does fit as BO has been anointed as the Chosen One (rolls eyes)

        SWL.. keep em coming :-)

        1. We like to talk amongst ourselves. Pete would really enjoy Tuesday’s what’s your ailment today:-)
          Enjoy Good Friday and have a blessed Easter to all who celebrate.

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  5. Neither Obama or Biden have the personal income to reimburse us for all their travel. I’m tired of them flying here and there for personal trips or unnecessary “official” trips. Next week Obama is going to campaign in CA. Again, on our dime. I wish we could stop the insanity!

  6. It’s been more than two years since my family had a long weekend vacation, and nearly three since our last full week’s vacation. That was our only weeklong vacation in about five years. I suspect an awful lot of US citizens are having similar experiences and similar reactions to these jerks spending our tax dollars as if it was their own.

    1. But the “media” kinda skips over reporting about all of the luxurious vacations Obama & Biden are taking, so most US citizens have no clue what these jerks are doing.

      1. I think it would be interesting for somebody to put together an estimate of the costs of the O and B family vacations for 2013 thus far….I would expect that the resulting number would be big enough to draw additional attention. Obviously it still wouldn’t be reported anywhere, but I think more people would hear about these trips and be disgusted.
        Without doing any math, I’d put an over/under $20M figure out there….

      2. This is a welfare loving family. We got what we voted for so sit back and watch them get as much free stuff as they possibly can. It is paid for from Obamas stash you know. They are getting a butt load of glee freeloading off our regret.

  7. “Biden’s trip is the latest episode in a bout of rampant vacationing by the First and Second Families, who have been roaring out of Washington this year on taxpayer-funded excursions even as the deficit mounts and the sequester axes jobs and critical spending on other priorities.”

    I have already fired/terminated Biden and Obama for dereliction of duty, malfeasance in office, corruption and conduct unbecoming an employee of the United States (my company). I will no longer put any faith and effort in listening to or following these two despots as they piss away tax payer money and lie right to the faces of the rest of you while they support cronyism, favoritism and ongoing corruption to name a few.

      1. John Garner, VP under FDR….Source: Wikipedia. “Like most Vice Presidents in this era, Garner had little to do, and had little influence on the President’s policies. He famously described the Vice-Presidency as being “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” (For many years, this quote was euphemized as “warm spit.”)[2]”

  8. Heck. Why not. He’s not doing anything anyway. Same with Obama. Go ahead take another $1.5M vacation. It’s on me.

    1. He said thank you and might save some of it for MO’s Big Big Birthday Bash next year. We are calling it “Under the Big Top”

  9. Thank goodness, he scheduled his arrival after rush hour. Last time he did this I was an hour late for dinner after working downtown all day, because all the roads were shut down for his police laden cavalcade through our community.

  10. Why not? Obviously the rules for His Majesty Obozo’s courtiers than for us poor slobs who are expected to stay quiet and pay the bills.

  11. Guess the ‘sequester’ wasn’t that bad after all…’s hard work wrecking the economy; taking away peoples rights……whew….need to ‘recharge’ the ole batteries………… tax payer expense of course.

  12. It would be cheaper and in the best interest of the nation if Biden went on permanent vacation and took work breaks to attend state funerals, coronations and the odd christening.

    He should, however, be muzzled and not allowed to shoot his double barreled shotgun in the air.

    1. Excellent article, tks! The daughters are really going to be in for a rude awakening when the WH gravy train comes to a screaming halt. I would hope it’s sooner than 2014. MO is going to have a fit.

  13. What else do you expect from Obama and “Joe” as the MSM likes ot refer to Biden. The Clinton’s also took many vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, Hilton Head and ski vacations but nowhere near the pace this administration is at. It seems that they believe they are “entitled” to all these perks, after all they are “America’s Royalty”, the title bestowed by the MSM. Remember, “Joe” in his entire life has done nothing but blow off hot air as a politician and the Obama’s never held a real job, always on the dole from some level of the government. Sucking up taxc payer dollars is their job! We can discuss the Bush’s vacations and compare, but vacationaing at one’s residence, which is already designed and protected by secret service does not require the 150 person entouage that Barak and Joe must have on each vacation and all the special secuity imposed on the towns; the costs are minimal in comparison. King Louis and Marie would be proud of these bafoons!

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  16. In fact George W. Bush did NOT take a “jillion” vacations.” Very few, and they were working vacations, not jerking off like O and B. Liberals just can’t resist telling lies to make their guys look better.

      1. …and bowling. Don’t forget he took them bowling one afternoon in Hawaii. Probably the same afternoon he took them out for ice cream.

    1. Make up your mind….you want to see them all out together as a family (like in Hawaii for Christmas) but don’t want the motorcade blocking traffic. It is amazing to see the hatred you all feel for the Obama family…and the way you pick apart things that every President has done before. You might want to get some real facts instead of getting the from Michele Bachman. Name a time when the President wasn’t in touch? He’s always working….always available. The hypocrisy is unreal.

      1. I, for one, would like to see them take one two-week vacation per year where they keep to themselves as their predecessors have always done. If they like Hawaii so much why don’t they purchase a vacation home on one of the islands and stop using the U. S. Treasury as their personal ATM machine? In my lifetime, no President has ever spent their leisure time in lavish rentals, dining out at 5 star restaurants, and basically acting like tourists who won the mega-million $$$ lottery. Then again, we have never had a bona fide
        affirmative action, community organizing Marxist in the WH before. It’s uncharted territory!

        As far as ‘being in touch’ at all times….one only has to look back to one Sunday afternoon a few months ago when a U.S. Ambassador and two aides in Benghazi were murdered while the CIC ignored their pleas for help and retreated to his private quarters never to be heard from again until the following day.

        1. “never to be heard from again until the following day” And when he was heard from, he was on his way to Vegas for a fundraiser. In the speech he made at the fundraiser, he mentioned having had a hard week. NO mention of the deaths, just that he had a hard week.

  17. He and the obama must be having a contest to see which of these losers can take more vacations before the lame stream media finally gets off their collective butts and reports it.

  18. Biden is actually thinking of running in ’16? Even sorry Al Franken could get more votes than this clown. I hope he does run, though … I need the laughs.

  19. It’s all about revenge, remember? Obama and Biden are getting even with the Congress for forcing a piddly little sequester on them but taking it out on the little guys trying to egg us on into blaming the wicked Republicans. Revenge and ‘in your face’, that’s what this is all about.

  20. And just exactly why should this village idiot of the people nt take another vacation? The less we see of him the less we have to listen to his nonsense…let him be the first man on Mars, isn’t that a vacation worth paying for?

  21. This story gives me so much hope. Knowing that Obama and Biden are out of the office on vacation assures me at least they are not working to tear down the country while they are vacationing. I say give them time off until 2016. As for Biden considering a run in 2016, that’s is no surprise. He is a world class baffoon and not even the ignornant masses could be so looney to vote for him so we must prepare for some other socialist. START NOW

  22. Just got back from Kiawah Island for our annual bird banding outing,the whole island is closed to us cause we don’t live there. I called out there wed. and nobody said anything about the moron being there this weekend,pulled up to the gate at 5 am and was told we have no access till next week sometime.Oh well,guess we will go to the range and shoot some jim carey dvds.

    1. Wouldn’t doubt if your wasted trip was intentional. The goal of Preezy Revenge and his band of Marxists is to disrupt our lives as much as possible. The ruling class cares only about themselves and their favored wealthy pets. Good call on using Ace Ventura’s dvds as clay pigeons. We’ve cut back on our range practice since the feds have been buying up ammo, but it would be worth expending a few shells on those dumb movies.

      1. BO & company shows that every Sat in the Spring / Summer / Fall when he takes a Sat to golf at JB Andrews. Disruption to the max. Am surprised MO has not chastised him for disrupting her Military Families program.

  23. The real 1%… politicians in the seats of power spending other people’s money. Who votes for these clowns anyway, they must have Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. Jan, I just saw that on The Weekly Standard and couldn’t believe it. Yet the WS doesn’t strike me as an organization that would go out on a limb with a story like this. They cite a TV station and the Sun Valley Ski Patrol as their sources. The pics? It’s hard to tell.

      If true, it’s a very deliberate attempt to sucker punch the American people because we’re all supposed to be hands-off where the Obama daughters are concerned. It’s like daring someone, anyone to make a comment.

        1. The MSM, however, never let up on the Bush daughters, following them to clubs and bars when they were in college, and reporting every infraction the girls committed. Where is the MSM now? Strangely silent. Double standard would you think??? Hypocrisy, maybe??? Nothing new — just the same ol’, same ol’ since 2009.

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  25. Why not? It is not like we will miss them, these guys haven’t started leading this country since they took office 5 years ago, why should they change now….. They are in constant campaign mode and any one would need a break from that…… Sure go enjoy yourselves while the rest of the country fails….

  26. I’ve heard that North Korea and Syria are great vacation spots this time of year. The skiing’s great on the Chinese border, but the Syrian golf courses may need some maintenance.

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