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Obama: Shame on Us! (I Mean You)

You fools. You’ve forgotten Newtown. And now Congress might legislate based on reason instead of emotion.

President Obama today sought to turn the grief level back up as it seemed gun control legislation might be running out of steam. But one emotion he may have evoked instead is revulsion at the thought of being lectured to.

Some choice items:

“That’s not who we are.”

“I want to make sure every American is listening today.”

“Shame on us if we’ve forgotten.”

And then . . .

“I haven’t forgotten.”


Now, applying the subtraction operation of arithmetic, we can deduce the following equation:

Us – Obama = YOU.

Here’s today’s lecture:

45 thoughts on “Obama: Shame on Us! (I Mean You)”

  1. The petulant child lectures us once again that HIS way is the Righteous way.

    Barry, you “deliver remarks” more often than Law & Order and NCIS reruns appear on TV. NO ONE cares, Dude.

  2. Shame on YOU, Obama, for conveniently ignoring who’s the CEO of that “Washington” you keep attacking for their incompetence. Does Gates blame Microsoft? Does Zuckerberg rant about Facebook? Does Immelt harp on the nincompoops at G.E. ? You act like you’re above Washington. Here is the real status: You are at the top of Washington, though it is not beneath you. The buck stops with you. Man up and act like you’re in the White House, instead of on the Jerry Springer show. And while you’re at it, try taking a hard look at your hometown of Chicago, the constant gun violence there, how the millions you spent there did nothing to solve the problem, and how your campaigning is likewise doing nothing to solve what should be a national — and addressable tragedy. Stop blaming others. It is so far beneath what used to be the standards of the White House.

    1. Hit it right on the head, PR. He always speaks as though he’s totally disconnected from what goes on in Washington. It’s the Congress, it’s the Republicans, etc. “I have nothing to do with any of that”.

      He hasn’t figured out that an important part of what a CEO/Commander in Chief does is LEAD. Not blame, not lecture, not act as though you’re above it all. Always prods the other guy to make the first move. We’ve seen it once again with the budget.

      Absolutely clueless.

    2. Had Obama been properly vetted in 2008, he had no personal or professional accomplishments in his life. He won his elections with dirty Chicago politics and the only people he “helped” during his stint as state senator was making his slumlord friends rich. (ValJar, Rezko, et al).

      Barack Obama was a bad, bad political experiment and he proves that every time he opens his mouth.

  3. “I want to make sure every American is listening today.”
    “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten.”
    “I haven’t forgotten.”

    Neither have we – Benghazi: 9/11/12, Ft. Hood: 11/9/09


  4. This small, pathetic man who is scornful of this nation and the American people dares to speak irreverently from the dais of the dead to further his own and political agenda and power. What a shameful disgrace he is.

  5. What’s going on here? I thought our latest crisis was redefining marriage. We’re back to gun control again? What will it be Monday? Agitating for a new immigration (aka amnesty) plan agreed to by the “gang of eight”?

    Yeah, let’s talk about anything and everything except what really matters. Our economy is anemic and about to go code blue, the SSI disability programs now costs us more than food stamps and welfare combined, China and Brazil ditched the U.S. dollar for trade between them, and North Korea is beating the war drums. Yeah, let’s talk about your personal outrage at us unfeeling, uncaring “bible thumpers” who refuse to give up our guns “for the children”. Hate is a strong word, but I’m getting there…

    1. IMO “what’s going on here” is that MrO has lost any mojo he might have had after being re-elected. He lost the budget fight, he won’t get any more tax increases, his Obamacare is toxic, and, yes, he’s lost the gun control issue. Immigration may or may not go anywhere, depending on how the Senators and Congresscritters think which stance would help them in their re-election efforts.

      MrObama is a lame duck President, without friends in high places, and disliked by half of America.

      1. About theonly thing he is good at is voter fraud. It is a shame that our country should have to suffer thru four more years of this weak, corrupted, patholoical lier because vote fraud was used to put him into office. Check out the number of precincts where he got over 100% of the vote. Some voted six and seven times for him.Our republic cannot survive another four years of him. Oh and cut the money for his vacations and ground AFI and make him do the job he is drawing a salary for.

  6. Isn’t the timing of today’s release of Newtown “findings” rather co-ink-e-dink-al to this meeting of the mothers? And isn’t it interesting how-many-times the NRA is brought up in the “findings? And isn’t it interesting how the shooter was able to fire 154 rounds out of 3 30 round magazines?….from the weapon that was in the trunk of his car? And isn’t it interesting that the video system footage (just installed prior to the shootings) is UNAVAILABLE? And isn’t it interesting that the Red Cross knew PRIOR to the shooting that it was going to occur…so that they could ask for donations PRIOR to the shooting? And isn’t it interesting that there was Active-Shooter training going on in Newtown the very-same-day by Federal agents?

    it’s ALL a co-ink-e-dink…..right?

  7. I demand that the full Feinstein bill be brought to a up or down Senate vote : all the background checks , the clip limits , the “assault rifle ” ban . The whole thing and see if Obama and Reid can get 51 votes . I dare ’em .

  8. His assertion of “that’s not who we are” only exposes his ignorance of “who we are”. Only someone who views America and it’s people as something that needs to be “transformed” into something it’s not, or who doesn’t understand how we value our tradition and values that have served us well for 300 years, could think that we would give up our constitutional rights because criminals or crazy people are dangerous.

    Our traditions have meaning, even something as trivial as the time honored EasterEggRoll at the WhiteHouse that MrsObama has co-opted to be her “Let’sMove” Social event. Her arrogance is insulting to all when she believes that she and her pet project should take preference to the celebration of Easter for the children.

    1. “But change would not mean rejection of the past. Like a tree growing strong through the seasons, rooted in the Earth and drawing life from the Sun, so, too, positive change must be rooted in traditional values—in the land, in culture, in family and community – and it must take its life from the eternal things, from the source of all life, which is faith. Such change will lead to new understandings, new opportunities, to a broader future in which the tradition is not supplanted but finds its full flowering. That is the future beckoning to your generation.” ~ Ronald Reagan

      1. People support what they help to create–who helped to create any of this nonsense, except by voting, then forgetting about it…Then cometh the tax man for a health payment and yoh-boy. I hope anyhow.

    2. You do know her pet projects, Joining Forces and Let’s Move, can put her anywhere in the world as “official business” ? Neither project does anything to actually help supporting troops or childhood obesity, there’s the DOD and USDA that already does. Her speeches on these topics are as worthless as her husband’s speeches on any topic.

      Like her “hey, support the troops and military families, you know just do it, you know, go out and buy them something or hug them or something….” Argghhhh.

      1. If they loved the military so much why did they fail to count their votes in 2008 and 2012. Could it be that most vot4ed against him.

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  10. America’s WH is still closed to the public — but taxpayers are footing the bill for his daughters to vacation in the Bahamas and go to teenage nightclubs. Aren’t they a bit young for the “Spring Break” usually taken by college kids?
    Why isn’t their mother with them? Guess they are not such a priority — seems they are only a priority for PR.
    Until he becomes a better American, he need not lecture anyone about anything.

  11. Our founding fathers put the second amendment in place to protect us from tyranny and now we have a president who is bordering being a dictator in our country. Daily laws are being boken by his adminstration and he wants to disarm us. Lol. As if the American people really listen to him. I would venture to say only about 30% of the electorate are on team Obama now. Most have seen thru his prolific lies, corruption and mendacity. Obama, we must sacrifice, while he and his family take a taxpayer vacation every month.

  12. I read today that the FBI is buying millions of rounds of ammunition, and we all know what Big Sis has been doing. At first my paranoid thought was that she was preparing to fight those of us who still believe in the Constitution. But now, with the FBI too, I think Obama is acting independently because the Congress will not pass the restraints he wants. He has ordered his administration to buy up as much ammunition as they can and make it scarce on the market for ordinary citizens to purchase. Indeed there are shortages and even local law enforcement is finding it hard to buy.

  13. I cannot reiterate often enough or strongly enough how much I hate the insane, commie indonesian koranimal that is barry soetero.

  14. ” I haven’t forgotten ”
    Neither have I Barry, all your campaign promises that turned out to be just lies.
    I understand politicians lie now and then, they shouldn’t but it happens, but you have set the bar high or should that be low?

  15. I understand passion and dedication and commitment. Harder to understand are those who willingly stand behind someone known for empty promises and false rhetoric. Do they not know that instead of adding their voices to the empty chair’s lectures, they become puppets and the scenario of a master manipulator.
    If Obama truly cared for America or even for his “causes” , the WH would be open and he would be making an honest effort to bring America back to the greatness we once enjoyed. Instead of monthly vacations for one, two, or all of the Obamas and Bidens, they would be giving tours of the WH personally. MO does nothing, she could give daily tours. The kids could give weekend tours instead of flying off to the Bahamas and enjoying teenage club life. Even MO’ s mother, living high on the hog as the mother-in-law at the WH ( much like a queen mother) could help. Valerie Jarrett could earn that high priced salary of hers.

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