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Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 28, 2013

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  1. “you talk then you stop then you look at the mop-headed kid
    who is right by your side
    he feels great as he takes all the jokes you create
    and he’ll steal them with all of your lines

    everybody thinks he’s the greatest
    you know he’s just a fraud
    he makes you so frustrated
    can’t wait till he gets caught

    now he’s taken all your words,
    going through the motions as if he’s never learned
    and now he’s just a mirror that you see
    without causing commotion, just stop being me” – Excerpted from Hawk Neslon, “Fraud”.


    The Obamas went to the Bahamas and not everyone is happy about it. Michelle Obama and daughters, Sasha and Malia are enjoyed spring break in the warm weather on a Bahamas vacation.

    According to a US Weekly source, the first daughters and the first lady had fun in the sun at the Atlantis Resort. The girls hung out at a family-friendly cabana and got to swim with dolphins. Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, also had a chance to dance at Atlantis’ teen club CRUSH on March 24. It’s not clear if Michelle Obama broke out some moves on the dance floor as well.

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    This vacation comes a year after 13-year-old Malia went on a Mexican vacation for Spring Break. She also took 12 friends on the trip with her. That trip required 25 secret service members to keep Malia safe, which isn’t cheap.

    This trip also comes just three months after the first family took a Christmas vacation to Hawaii which cost $4 million. Their trip to Hawaii is an annual vacation. The first family also frequents Martha’s Vineyard during the summer for a family trip.

    Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa spoke out against the trip on the “Mickelson in the Morning” program, according to ThinkProgress. He criticized President Obama for sending his family on the trip as the federal government is dealing with budget cuts. A caller named Carla called the radio station to complain about the Obamas in the Bahamas trip and Rep. King agreed with her.

    “It’s hard to stomach. When we’re tightening our belts, we should either all do it or none of us do it,” Carla said. She was discussing the sequester which occurred earlier this month after Congress and President Obama failed to reach a budget agreement.

    King agreed with her, saying “Carla, you’re on point and on the mark all the way through. He sent the daughters to spring break in Mexico a year ago,” King said, referring to President Obama. “That was at our expense, too. And now to the Bahamas at one of the most expensive places there. That is the wrong image to be coming out of the White House.”

  3. Why are the o kids “off limits”, when the o’s are either flaunting them publicly or sneaking them off out of the country on vacations staffed by the Secret Service and paid for by taxpayers?
    I’m afraid the answer is the usual one: Because we said so, that’s why. We’ll decide what you should know.”
    This is why the Internet is successful: someone else is deciding what we should know.

    • Although it is reported the O’s pay for the trip, when you look at it, who is paying BO’s salary (that then is used to pay for the trip) and the SS detail(s) for this fun in the sun trip? Why us taxpayers, of course.

      I do hope the family is enjoying all these fun destinations, because after 2016, the train will probably come to a screaming halt (more for the kids than MO). And of course, I will feel their pain – NOT.

      WH Air has been getting one hell of a workout this past year.

        • unless he either imposes martial law or gets the 22nd Amendment repealed, he has no choice. Of course he is one to come out smelling like a rose from a pile of c**p.

          To repeal the 22nd Amendment it would have to go through congress and then to the states. It took the states 4 years (1947-51) to ratify it. Under Article V of the Constitution, it would require 3/4 of the states (38) to pass it. Could it be reversed? possibly, but would he get enough votes to do it?

          Some Constitutional amendments fly through the state elections and ratify quickly. It has been proposed by various Democrats to change it, but their voting block does not have enough votes to carry it. Political Suicide for sure. But then we have ACA, remember how they got it Rahm’d through. No one like that now to carry the torch for them at this stage.

          Tomorrow is another day though, who knows which way the winds will come from.

        • As I was saying before I was so rudely cut off by myself. :) What irritates me the most about this is the additional SS required for a trip like this and the fact that the WH put the closing of the WH tours squarely on the SS budget. So not only is this just another “screw you America” royal vacation it further exposes the lie about the SS budget and sequester. This is one selfish first family and of course, one lying Barack Obama.

          • Indeed gracepmc, but NO ONE is allowed to ask about the Obama daughters,
            Unless Dear Leader Obam or FLOTUS use them as sometype of campaign prop…
            But they are OFF LIMITS, just ask that hypocrite Joan Walsh over at

          • That made me so angry what a stark double standard besides
            the fact she’s proud of her hit article on the Bush girls. Love
            to see what old Joan got up to in college I’m sure someone knows.

  4. This isn’t about the Obama Gurlzzz taking vacations, this is about the Obama Sequester and the broke US tax payers…

    CHARLOTTE, March 27, 2013 – According to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News, Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for expense details of the Obama daughter’s spring break vacation.

    The story did not receive extensive coverage because of the unwritten rule that grants media immunity to first children out of respect and security for the Office of President? When Breitbart broke the story however, it created a heated response about the story being released, not the content of the story.

    Simply, the controversy over the Breitbart piece centered upon the media ignoring the embargo of covering the first family, particularly children, when President Bush was in office but becoming outraged now that it concerns the Obamas.

    Do presidents deserve vacations and time off? Of course they do. Is there added expense when anyone in the administration ventures outside the White House purely because security and other factors are involved? Certainly.

    Should the president’s children be penalized from enjoying a lifestyle similar to their peers just because of their parent’s notoriety? Now it begins to get muddy.

    The first daughters are the beneficiaries of privileges and access to many things that none of their friends can claim for no other reason than their status. Rightly or wrongly, the president’s children do not lead normal lives, so the question becomes do they have the right to expect a similar lifestyle as their friends?

    Supposedly the Obamas are picking up the tab for Sasha’s and Malia’s expenses for spring break. Fine. But that also involves secret service security, transportation, meals, accommodations and all the other support services required for the first children to enjoy their holiday. Barack and Michelle don’t pay for that. We do.

    Perhaps in “normal” times, if ever there are normal times, such a holiday would not be of major consequence. Whatever the cost, the amount is miniscule in the overall price of operating our government.

    The actual expenses are not the problem however. What is more galling is the all-too-familiar arrogance of the president.

    In case nobody has been paying attention, the government has been spending money at a record pace. We are closing in on $17-trillion in debt with no signs of slowing down Obamacare is estimated that it will cost three times the amount than was originally projected.

    Taxes are increasing and paychecks are dwindling.

    The list goes on and on.

    Meanwhile, the Obamas took a luxurious vacation in Hawaii. Soon after, Michelle went on an elaborate personal ski holiday in Colorado while Barack enjoyed a round of golf with Tiger Woods in Florida. Doesn’t every family do that?

    Should we really be upset if Sasha and Malia had been deprived of their spring break vacation? It is not their fault they live in the White House and have inherent indulgences not afforded others their age. Other presidents have children and they, too, receive the same treatment the Obamas are afforded during their time in Washington.

    In the midst of all of this however, other school children on their spring breaks are not allowed to visit the White House due to the costs of sequestration. When the president took some heat for that, he blamed the problem on the secret service; the very same people who will lay down their lives for him and who are protecting Sasha and Malia.

    There is no need to go over the infinite list of services that have been eliminated or reduced by sequestration. Neither is it fair to say the president, the first lady and their children do not deserve whatever privacy and leisure they can achieve away from the ever-glaring spotlight of their existence.

    But the first family is presenting to the American people an in-your-face taste of their lavish lifestyle while telling each of us that we must sacrifice.

    If America’s economic problems persist without satisfactory solutions, the images and details of such luxurious living could come back to haunt the Obamas.