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Only 43 Percent Back Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

More Americans believe that illegal immigrants should not be granted a path to citizenship than think they should, according to a newly released Pew Research Center poll. But a strong majority believe that some legal way should be found for them to stay, even if they don’t become citizens.

The poll suggests that the centerpiece of Obama’s immigration agenda – a pathway to eventual citizenship – lacks popular support.

According to the survey, only 43 percent of Americans think illegal immigrants should be eligible for citizenship. Another 24 percent say illegals should be eligible for permanent residency while 27 percent believe they should not be permitted to remain in the country legally, meaning 51 percent oppose citizenship.

On the other hand, 71 percent said illegal immigrants should be permitted to stay by some means, whether through citizenship, permanent residency, or some other means.

Even among Hispanics, just 49 percent back a path to citizenship for those who came here illegally. African Americans were the most enthusiastic about allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country legally, with 52 percent supporting a path to citizenship.

21 Responses to Only 43 Percent Back Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

  1. They are not “illegal immigrants”, they are illegal aliens who crossed our country’s borders in defiance of our laws.
    They are legal citizens of a foreign country.

    Pehaps the polling people could ask these questions;

    Should illegal aliens be returned to their homeland?
    Should illegal aliens be refused American tax-payer funded food stamps and healthcare?

  2. Yes, millions are here and must be recorded and dealt with somehow–just a practicality–but how fast do they need to become voters, meaning gain citizenship? Seems to be that could take a while…

      • I gather you mean more competent than that teacher on the news telling kids that the terrorists attacked us because sometimes the US was so powerful it did bad things? Now I am almost glad my kid did not listen in school!

  3. I find it ironic that those in the black community would support pathways to citizenship. With unprecedented unemployment within the black community, and the prospects of having to vie with illegals for jobs, one would think that as a group, blacks would be more interested in protecting their own future vs. gaining voters for the Democrat political machine.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how any group would go against its own best interests just for the sake of supporting some political party. This holds true with blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, and any other group that is in a minority position.

    To use text speak – SMH!

  4. Is Obama familiar with the Mexican immigration laws ? Much tougher than ours. In fact some countries can shoot you or put you in jail for the rest of your life.

    I don’t know anyone who’s against legal immigration, which is not being reported at all.

  5. “Should illegal aliens be returned to their homeland?
    Should illegal aliens be refused American tax-payer funded food stamps and healthcare?”


  6. So…this survey was counted by sampling 1,501 people eh? Wow, I’m really going to draw conclusions from this. I guess pollsters learned nothing from the Romney victory predictions. The only thing I agree with is the point srdem made about them not being illegal immigrants.

  7. Before I would believe any poll where the pollees are most likely your typical trade-your-freedom-for-an-Obamaphone LIV, I challenge Pew to do a few man on the street interviews in the border towns of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Forget California, it has sadly been conquered by Aztlan. Among their stock questions, ask us if we’re scared to death that our country is being invaded and our government may be in on it? Ask us whether we approve of the Obama immigration policy of reducing our border patrol and intentionally leaving our borders unprotected from invasion? Then he has the gall to blame this seditious act on sequestration. Paraphrasing Mark Levin, ‘Hugo Chavez isn’t dead, he’s sitting in the White House’.

    • Great points, Susan. I’d also add that if you spoke to non-academic, middle/lower middle class people here in (GASP) New York, you’d find similar feelings. People that are struggling to keep their heads above water economically do NOT want illegals to steal their jobs nor do they want to pay for them to be here.

      We get a bad rep because of Bloomberg and his kind being “the voices of New York” in the media. Ask the people who put up the sheetrock, fight the fires/crime, work in bakeries, etc and you get a wildly different opinion.

    • That sounds like what happened to Arizona before the enactment of SB1070: hospital emergency rooms were overflowing with dozens waiting outside for treatment, our schools were forced to hire bi-lingual teacher’s aides to help the Mexican students, our street corners were hangouts for hundreds of illegal aliens looking for work and it was a mess, a tragic financial burden that was placed on a state that wasn’t prepared to assimilate a million destitute foreigners.

  8. I have dealth with hundreds of illegal aliens in the criminal justice system. As disclosure about the implications of losing at trial or accepting a plea I always told them that doing either could result in never being allowed to gain citizenship.

    All of them, and I mean all of them, always indicated that that did not matter at all. They would accept a plea, including probation and never show back up until they were arrested for another crime.

    Remember, even simple retention of illegal aliens who have come through Mexico, embeds the cartels in this country. Almost all of them help and have been guided by the cartels.

  9. They never wanted to be citizens — if they did, there’s a legal process for that. What they wanted was to come and go as they please and parasite off our jobs and social programs without the hassle of occasionally being deported.

    Giving them legal residency is awarding them with exactly what they stole.

    Illegal aliens and immigrants are two separate populations. Discussion of “immigration reform” should be strictly separated from “what to do with all the interlopers on our soil.” For the latter question, the only answer is “deportation of all.” Yes, it can be done and it should be done. Then secure the borders and then plan for immigration reform.

  10. Since the mass migration of Hispanics from Mexico my neighborhood has turned into little Mexico. 7 cars in every drive way. they take most of the contractor jobs because they work for less money and people still hire them just to save money. But the real citizens cant even stay in business because of them.