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The Mother of All Gun Control Events

President Obama was roundly criticized earlier this year for exploiting children at a White House “sob story” event to promote his gun control agenda.

So this time, he’s leaving the children out of it, and bringing in their mothers instead.

From today’s White House briefing with Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

Tomorrow, the President will hold an event here at the White House where he will stand with mothers who want Congress to take action on common-sense measures to protect children from gun violence. The event will take place in the East Room. And in addition to the mothers on stage with the President, there will be law enforcement officials, victims of gun violence, and other stakeholders. So that will be tomorrow.

Good luck, ladies, defending your babies and your homes with a kitchen knife.

29 thoughts on “The Mother of All Gun Control Events”

  1. 1) How much of our “sequestered tax dollars” are being spent to import, room and board all these human props?

    2) What would the East Room look like if it were occupied by self-funded mothers of those who have been saved by legally owned firearms?

    3) How many of Obama’s “volunteered” LEO’s will be carrying “assault weapons” he wants to outlaw for private citizens?

  2. The kitchen knife comment was apt. After the home invasion we survived in 1981, there was one night in the house before we could get a firearm–and my ex (now) lay awake with a hammer.

  3. Just as there is no number of children, there is no number of mothers that will convince me that I should be disarmed, leaving my home and family undefended.

    Also, I will go with the advice my mother, who has a daughter who used a gun to defend herself from a home intruder once, who told me it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  4. The children, while despicable from the White House standpoint could at least be forgiven as they had no say. The mother ‘s however should know better. They are but shills in a ploy to leave future mothers defenseless and at the mercy f almighty government.

  5. Common sense education starts at home whether it be about the “facts of life” or violence….Too many parents in the “Obama Culture” are turfing off their responsibilities on the school system or the “Commie Obammie” administration to “educate” their offspring….Sounds like “Mayor” Bloombergs Liberal mindset…..The poor of NYC don’t have the mantal capacity to care for themselves so he, “Nanny Bloomberg” has to care for and regulate them…..HOOEY!!!!!….Parents, GROW A SET and start being parents instead of becoming “one of the kids”…..The last thing a 12 year old needs is a 30 year old “friend”…….

    1. I am a carrot and stick type person. First you get the carrot then I hit you with the stick. Today I shall reverse the order.
      Stick. Using your math they became parents at 18 years of age. They feel their fun was curtailed so they can again have those fun times by being a fried.
      Carrot. HURRAY FOR YOU. There are so many who do not have to fortitude to stand up and say act like a parent !

  6. Just got my April issue of “1st Freedom”, a NRA magazine.The front cover has that outlawed photo of Preezy Revenge’s fraudulent skeet shooting pose. The main article is entitled “Only You Can Save Our Guns From KING PINOCCHIO”.

    Give it up Preezy. We’re not giving up our guns no matter what. You can take that to the bank and deposit it, if you can make it there before the leviathan seizes our life savings like they did in Cyprus.

  7. Once again the vainglorious Obama publicly preens.

    Will the First Mother be there? Is she back from vacation?

    Will the adoring props be screened for weapons?

  8. I guess what speaks to me the loudest about all these “events” is………why does our so-called leader have to utilize children, mothers, law enforcement officials, members of the military, etc… props? Why can’t his message or rather “pronouncement” stand alone??????

  9. He can bring in all 500 mothers of children killed in Chicago last year, 1,200 Gold Star Mothers, widows of slain police and firefighters from all over America, and it won’t make a bit of difference to the 200million gunowners who didn’t kill anyone with their firearms.
    We’re not giving up our guns, we have a constitutional right to bear arms that cannot be infringed by anyone.

  10. If these mothers want to protect their children, I suggest they start by caring where they are, who they associate with, etc. We’ve had rioting here in NY (Brooklyn) supposedly caused by the police shooting of a teen male who 1) Had a record; 2) Was with a group of known hoods and 3) Who pointed a loaded gun at two police officers. Of course, now we hear about what a good boy he was, how he “always asked for extra homework” etc etc. If his mother kept him away from such associates, he’d still be alive and the two cops who are about to be railroaded for the shooting could rest easy.

    At least both police officers are still alive.

    1. The parents of Sandy Hook sent their precious children to a government school, perhaps on a government school bus. They fully expected the government to perform two duties that day; 1) to educate their children and 2) to protect them from harm. The shooting that day was a failure of the government to protect these children from harm due to a failed Liberal policy called “Gun Free Zones”. The President is attacking the Second Amendment so that he can deflect criticism from the failure of government to do it’s job. Do your children attend public schools?

  11. Just another of the endless parade of photo ops staged by the WH Ministry of Propaganda.
    Over and over and over, it just gets to be mind numbing.

  12. I thought it was scissors, not a knife. No, wait, we’re supposed to pee our pants – right? Sorry – that’s to prevent a rape. I can’t keep all the non-gun ways to defend ourselves straight – my bad.

  13. Isn’t the timing of today’s release of Newtown “findings” rather co-ink-e-dink-al to this meeting of the mothers? And isn’t it interesting how-many-times the NRA is brought up in the “findings? And isn’t it interesting how the shooter was able to fire 154 rounds out of 3 30 round magazines?….from the weapon that was in the trunk of his car? And isn’t it interesting that the video system footage (just installed prior to the shootings) is UNAVAILABLE? And isn’t it interesting that the Red Cross knew PRIOR to the shooting that it was going to occur…so that they could ask for donations PRIOR to the shooting? And isn’t it interesting that there was Active-Shooter training going on in Newtown the very-same-day by Federal agents?

    it’s ALL a co-ink-e-dink…..right?

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