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Americans Overwhelmingly Back Force if Iran Diplomacy Fails

Sixty four percent of Americans say they would support a military strike against Iran to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons compared to only 25 percent who oppose it, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

The poll, conducted just before President Obama’s trip last week to Israel, finds that support cuts across Party lines. Republicans back a potential attack by 80 to 14 percent while Democrats support use of the military option if necessary by 62-25 percent. Independents support force against Iran by 59-32 percent.

Obama’s trip to Israel was, above all, an effort to assure the Israeli leadership that if sanctions and diplomacy fail to derail Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the United States would attack. The poll shows that the president would begin military operations with strong support from the nation.

The survey also demonstrated strong support among Americans for Israel compared to the Palestinians, with 49 percent saying they sympathize from with the Jewish state and only 12 percent backing the Palestinians in the ongoing dispute between the two peoples. Others didn’t know or supported both.

In this case, however, the numbers do diverge sharply based on Party. While 66 percent of Republicans sympathize more with Israel, only 39 percent of Democrats do – even though American Jews overwhelmingly vote Democratic. About half of independents back the Israelis over the Palestinians.

Adults under 30 tended to sympathize more with the Palestinians, but they still backed Israel by 36 percent to 19 percent.

15 Responses to Americans Overwhelmingly Back Force if Iran Diplomacy Fails

  1. But Barack Obama wants Jews to die, and he also wants democrats to do well in 2014, but you cannot mount two horses, nor can you stretch two bows, so my guess is the hell with the Jews, and the polls.

  2. Oh, heck yeah, let’s knock down the hornet’s nest that calls itself Iran, and see what happens.
    While we’re saving the world , let’s educate the NorthKoreans on war protocols by bombing the crap out of them, again.
    Let’s just take a deep breath here in the US before we start saving the world from anything we don’t like.

    Who would ever commission such a poll, ask such a loaded question where the answer would require some serious thought and deliberation? The military complex and those who supply the military seem to be the only beneficiaries to such a positive poll of Americans calling for action against Iran.
    If the question was worded to add ‘deploying soldiers’ to a ‘military strike’, the results would be different.

    If the Muslim nations that surround Israel, all of whom have vowed to destroy everything not Muslim, really wanted to do harm, they wouldn’t need nuclear weaponry to cause such destruction. They outnumber the population of Israel and could simply overrun the country,

    • Yes–this requires clear thought. The meme is going around that Iran is in love with death (like all Muslim societies, supposedly) and would hand these horrible weapons over to uneducated agitators to be blown back on Iran and whomever. Another meme is–well, their leader is a madman, sooo…. I know friends with “peeps” in Iran–people live there by the millions…We can’t even afford to pounce on another country, can we? Surely the Iranians know attacking Israel wouldnot be so hot for them.

  3. The Poll proves one thing…
    If you are a Democrat, vote solely Democrat AND you are {Jewish, Black, Hispanic, White, Indian, Asian, African, European, Catholic, Protestant, Hindi, Muslim, Native American, Newly American, Agnostic, Combination of the previous}, then you are voting against your future interests, your past experiences and your current day situations.

    They are fools.

    • “they are fools” was somewhat like my first thoughts after I read the piece on the poll. Who are these people and do they know what they’re agreeing to have happen? I think not.

  4. This country is not a mobocracy run by poll results. Granted it hasn’t been much of a Republic since the late 80’s either, but we have representatives that we send to Congress who supposedly have the critical information needed to vote their constituents wishes. Everyone I know is war weary. We send our young people to war without a clear goal, and this president doesn’t even know the definition of victory. I’m all for supporting Israel in every way we can, but not with more American bloodshed.

    • I think that about the gay marriage issue too. We are being told via polls that all of a sudden Americans support it when at the same time 40 states have banned it or offered alternatives like civil unions. You mean the people in 40 states do not approve what their legislators have done? I don’t think so.

      The country is not a mobocracy run by poll results but it is a confederacy of fools manipulated by the polls.