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Official Obama Chantreuse Beyonce’s Vile New Song

Beyonce, just fresh from singing the national anthem at the Inauguration – I’m sorry, lip-syncing the national anthem – has just released a brand new work of art.

I show it to you below, because it has news value. For some of you, this may be too offensive, so beware. The poetic refrain that anchors the song is “Bow down bitches.”

In my opinion, there are two competing qualities related to this song – it’s both offensive and stupid. I’m not sure which of these has the upper hand.

Beyonce can do whatever she wants – I really don’t care about Beyonce. But the Obamas have elevated her to the status of a kind of national songstress and associated the White House and the presidency closely with her. In doing so, they are severely demeaning both.

Michelle has portrayed Beyonce as a kind of alter ego, the woman she’d like to be if she couldn’t be Michelle Obama. She flew out at taxpayer expense to attend one of her concerts in Atlantic City and has used her to help promote her Let’s Move kids’ health campaign.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have had the inestimable honor of a visit not only to the West Wing but the White House Situation Room. And then she represented our nation by pretending to sing the National Anthem at the 2013 Inauguration.

The Obamas should not be disgracing the White House by associating it with purveyors of smut. What’s the point, Michelle, of trying to improve kids’ bodies when you give your approval to someone who would poison their minds?

President Obama, with his feet up on furniture, gum chewing, causal clothes in the Oval Office, appearances on dumb TV shows, and in many other ways, has already demonstrated he’s not intent on bringing any sense of elegance to the presidency and taken steps to demean it.

But let’s not chuck it in gutter.

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  1. I wish I could say I was surprised but I’m not. You would think that such a song would cause the First Family to distance themselves from this “artist” but they will not. We debate here daily what new programs, laws, actions are being taken by this Administration to undermine and even destroy our country, so a lack of civility, class, professionalism etc. in their personal circle of friends is to be expected. Its probably giving them too much credit to refer to them as trash.

  2. Ah, I remember the days when the Kennedys had the likes of Pablo Casals to the White House. This has been going on for quite a while, Keith. A couple of years ago The Mooch had a ‘poetry’ day at the WH, aka, a gathering of rappers. Rappers have from the beginning been very anti-woman, but the Obamas can say one thing, support the opposite, and get away with it.

    1. Funny you should mention Pablo Casals, Julie. I will never forget Obama’s first Inauguration ceremony when Yo Yo Ma was the featured guest soloist. MO was sitting with her kids, mother and brother…all sprawled out – ignoring everyone around her.except the ‘family’ , laughing and talking the entire time Yo Yo Ma was playing. She never looked over at him, not once. It was the rudest thing I ever saw. The Obamas are just plain trash!

  3. Watched the video sans “song”.
    Wanted to see if there was any artistic endeavor in the choreography.
    Only possible response to this question, “What choreography?”
    Please God…let this be her “jump the shark” moment.

  4. Obama practices Chicago thug politics and brags about the thugs on his IPad — music which he claims he won’t allow his daughters to listen to. Just a bit hypocritical for someone who allows slutty Beyonce and her “once” criminal husband to pose in the Situation Room, something legitimate heads of state could never do.

    This video puts outlandish over outstanding, and posing before performing. Ironically, it looks like it was shot inside the White House — which based on the snug coupling of these two couples wouldn’t be out of the question. And this is the “lady” the Obamas see as a role model for their daughters?

    On the good side, at least the video managed to omit guns and drugs. And its shout outs somehow omitted our shout out Preezy.

    1. I have to say that Rush’s outreach to the low info crowd has been very helpful for me. I would never know what R-Pat and K-Stew are up to if it wasn’t for Rush keeping me in the know!

      but I missed this one. “Chop and Screw”? “Robitussin”? sheesh.

  5. Beyonce is beyonde music, choreography and staging. She is typical of what popular culture is:unnecessarily self-absorbed emptiness.

  6. Beyonce is a marketing genius. She’s done something that made stodgy, angry White people view her video and talk about her talents, not to mention every Black person in America. The lyrics for this song are gibberish and ‘bow down bitches’ is baby talk compared to the lyrics to the whole video.
    But, hey. Young people like this sort of thing. Every generation has it’s anti-establishment music and movies.
    IMO, the message is a stand-by-your-man anthem done in rap-time.

    re: the Obama’s infatuation with Beyonce and the whole rap scene
    The current rappers theme of “kill the cop, kill the White man” is the same as Bill Ayers radical politics of the 60’s,and both calls to action have the Obama seal of approval. The Obamas are lower middle class Chicago and that’s who they will always be. Their Ivy-League education didn’t change a thing other than make them more radical and more race-concious.
    From day one of their occupation of the WhiteHouse, they have both shown a lack of decorum, good taste or restraint and thanks to the shoe-licking MSM their failure to maintain the dignity of the WhiteHouse was hailed as being “real” and admirable.
    Every visit to a foreign country or a visit to the WhiteHouse by a foreign head of state has resulted in some form of bad manners and showcase the Obama’s refusal to follow protocols.

    1. Star, I didn´t watch it, but I can imagine. I am sure that Keith summed it up really well. I can´t stand rap and hip hop, awful, offensive culture, bad influence. And that the present leader of the free world and his wife associates with it is sad, really sad.

      1. From its very beginnings rap has been abusive to women. Given that, it baffles that the Obamas with two young daughters support and promote it, and it baffles even more that unmarried women voted for Obama in huge numbers to put him over the top.

        Incidentally, American Vogue magazine last month featured Beyonce on its cover, and this month it has Michelle Obama with a headline about how both the Obamas influence America for the better. I kid you not.

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  8. careful Keith…
    your fellows in the WH “press” corps might call you ‘racist’ for your (excellent) article -lol.

    I guess you had to write this since the WH “press” corps is NOT ALLOWED to report about the Obama daughter’s million$ spring break vs. White House tours being shut down…

    1. Beyonce and Jay-Z got married a year or two ago, I think before they had their baby, actually.

      I personally will NEVER forgive her for her classless “Take That Mittches” tweet after the election. but she does have talent; I’ve known that since I first saw her (on the Disney Channel!) when she was like 15 or 16.

  9. JUST the gutter? Please. By elevating a hussy like this to de facto national status, Obeyme has demeaned the office so much he’s down in the sewers hanging around with the Ninja Turtles at this point.

    In fact, I’ll name-check Reggie Love and Larry Sinclair, and submit that the “hanging around” might actually involve even further indecencies. When it comes to King Barry, NOTHING would surprise me anymore.

  10. “But the Obamas have elevated her to the status of a kind of national songstress and associated the White House and the presidency closely with her. In doing so, they are severely demeaning both.” – Keith Koffler

    Obama demeaning the Presidency. No news here. It would only be news if he actually did something with dignity, you know, like a President or something…

  11. This is a lyric from the latest jay z (lower case intended) effort, “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”:

    “Presidental (sic) pardon, name one nigga out there harder than him”

    The Age of Reparations continues…

  12. I think I have this figured out: this is the Dress Rehearsal. I thought she was a singer? Maybe she’s had surgery?
    Didn’t Beyonce supposedly give birth and Ja Z shut down the whole hospital floor, and then voila! back to her “figure” overnight.
    Why do these AfAm women work so hard to turn white? If The FLINO gets much whiter she’ll be albino – WAIT! there’s a song in there somewhere, you know, albino FLINO?

  13. “Demeaning the White House & presidency” — seriously?!?! When Americans look to the current administration and Congressional leaders for “guidance” what is they see? Lies – discrimination – back door deals — denigration – cruelty – hypocrisy – lack of leadership, manners, courtesy, consideration, thoughtfulness, compassion, friendship, integrity, morals, and plain old common sense. Instead this country is being led by the greediest, most manipulative, egocentric, hypocritical, ill mannered, discourteous, disrespectful. lying, cheating, controlling despots we have ever had the misfortune to hold office or maintain federal or national positions.
    We are subjected to a president’s wife who thinks it is “cool” to allow her daughters to go to Club Crush in the Bahamas at taxpayers expense while dictating to other parents. The administration closed the wh to Americans but opened it for their ST Patrick’s Day Party. We no longer have a presidency, we are under the auspices of a dictatorship in training and a Congress and Senate that are in name only. backed up by a Supreme Court that has forgotten the Constitution. When HS buys armored vehicles and the tons of ammo they have recently but releases criminal illegals, Americans need to pay heed.
    When over 10, 000 drones will be flying through what was once the Free skies of America — how long will it be before we become Poland or Haiti or Africa or Iran? When TSA can break the law by pretending to be the law — how long?
    All of these articles are interesting — when do Americans stop talking about things and march into the streets to protest? When do Americans really begin demanding the media become objective and do their jobs? When do Americans start firing those who do not listen to their constituents? When do Americans pull the rotten drapes from the darkened windows and let in the light?
    Is there truly anyone with half a body’s honesty that believes this last presidential election? Obama may have truly won — but not with more than 100% of the votes in most of the major states and cities. There has been no outcry — no demand for the truth. Americans have rolled over and this administration is now rolling over America.

    1. Ooops—Miss Megyn says we are not to reveal where the daughters go on vacay. Too late! That sour-faced Joan Walsh apparently said talking about the kids was a huge racist no-no–and then someone showed her a column she wrote in 2001 about the Bush daughters and Walsh said–basically–“Um.”

  14. Not to mention that this “music” video is incredibly ANNOYING. “This is me getting dressed. This is me walking forward. This is me walking back. Forward. Back. This is me with my $38,000 manicure. See, I got lotsa dough so BOW DOWN, B*****S.”

    And, yes, that IS how much she spends on her fingernails. A bit self-indulgent, just like the Obamas.

  15. Right here is the right website for anybody who wishes to understand this topic.
    You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that
    I personally will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on a subject that has been discussed for decades.

    Great stuff, just wonderful!

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  17. Neither Barack nor Michelle have the faintest idea as to what it means to be “President of the Unites States of America”.

    And Barack in particular, in his understanding of economic systems, social systems, foreign relations, and the responsibilities of being President, has consistently demonstrated capability on about the level of a college sophomore.

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  19. Well spoken, Keith. It really is time for people to wake up and smell the stench seeping into their own backyards, where their children play.

    Thank you for speaking up.

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