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The Obamacare Nightmare

In a article calling for Republicans to dismantle Obamacare piece by piece, the editors of the National Review describe in concise form the metastasizing horrors of the legislation that we are now really getting to know, as Nancy Pelosi assured us we would, in the time since Congress passed it.

The catastrophe will be so apparent by 2016 that, unlike in 2012, I think, it will become a large and possibly deciding issue in the presidential campaign. In 2012, many voters knew something was wrong, but like a little lump somewhere, the illness was apparent but easily ignored by those unwilling to be bothered. By 2016 it will have invaded every organ of the body politic.

As NR notes, the first manifestation of illness is already with us:

The price tag for Obamacare has gone from shocking to preposterous. In March 2010, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the ten-year cost of the law at $898 billion; by February 2013, that number had climbed to $1.6 trillion, and it is likely that further revisions will be in the upward direction.

Obama famously alleged that the law will not add “one dime” to the deficit. He was right. It’s going to add lots of dimes.

Voters are already getting a taste of higher premiums, which were supposed to be lower premiums.

During the debate over Obamacare, the president and his supporters promised that enacting the law would cause insurance premiums for the typical family to decline by some $2,500 a year. In fact, premiums have continued to go up, now at an accelerated pace.

And costs will continue to rise as the young and healthy decide they’re better off paying the fine for not signing up – and just getting insurance once they become seriously ill. So insurance will increasingly will be for older, sicker people, and costs will continue to rise.

The efforts of the geniuses in the bureaucracy to predict costs and control prices will result in the poor quality health care given Medicaid patients or higher taxes to pay for care, as under Medicare:

Obamacare proposes to control health-care costs by empowering a small panel of unaccountable political appointees — the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) — to keep a lid on medical costs by imposing price controls. Medicaid payments are subject to similar price controls, and doctors have responded to low rates of reimbursement by refusing to see Medicaid patients.

Republicans, the article notes, are paying for their relative inattention to the crisis of the uninsured. At least Democrats seemed to care, even if their caring is pointing the country toward the socialization of medicine and in the end, the destruction of a health care system most people are satisfied with.

 A better system would allow Americans to shop for insurance in a large, nationwide market, securing for themselves benefits that cannot be stripped away simply because they change jobs, become unemployed, or get sick.

With a functioning market in place, offering assistance through tax benefits or direct subsidies becomes a much simpler set of challenges, as does enacting targeted, narrow regulation to curb the abusive practices toward which the health-insurance industry is occasionally inclined.

Mitt Romney could not credibly oppose Obamacare, because he invented it. If Republicans in 2016 are not enthusiastically selling an alternative, Obamacare will remain the default cure for what ails the U.S. healthcare system, even as it kills the patient.

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  1. “I don’t always use the health care system, but when I do, I chose private medical insurance to avoid the “free” health care. Stay health, my friends.”

    The Dos Equis guy, eg, the most interesting man in the world.

    1. I always thought that the GOP should have run spoof adds based on the Dos Equis guy titled “The most arrogant man in the world” or “The most ignorant man in the world”. The material writes itself. The only problem would be culling through the extensive examples to get it down to a 30 second add.

  2. Yes, Romney was hamstrung going after Obamacare because of his own Romneycare in Massachusetts. Another problem with Obamacare (among thousands) is that for 30 to 33 million additional patients added to the insurance rolls there need to be 90,000 additional physicians. Recent articles I have read have stated that we’re going to lose physicians because many of them are going to retire earlier to avoid Obamacare; another article suggested that patients will be treated in groups, e.g., a diabetic group, a cancer group etc.; and a third article suggested that the law will be changed to allow registered nurses to treat patients without physician oversight. But, as I said, this is one problem among thousands which will come up. With the exception of the Patriot Act I cannot recall so large a piece of legislation (2,700 pages) being put together so hastily and voted into law with no one knowing what was in it.

    1. And a lot of physicians are closing up their practices and going to work for their hospital system “group”….Sort of makes you sick watching what is happening. TG he can’t run for a 3rd term, he’d probably sell us all to his Communist cohorts in China……

    2. If we condensed this monstrosity down to the bottom, it’s designed to compel a small group of people to do their job in a way that’s dictated by the government and to accept a certain amount of money for their efforts.
      That small group consists of the healthcare providers who can simply decide to earn a living doing something else, or somewhere else or just retire from the workforce. They can’t be coerced or forced to provide healthcare, and it would take years of schooling and training to replace them.
      Without this small group, Obamacare is just reams of paper signifying nothing but frustration to millions of Americans. .

      1. My “primary” is a Physician Assistant, who speaks much better English than the Indian-born MD. It’s OK for now–and maybe forever–or at least until they gut the HMO form of Medicare to pay for the rest of this stuff. I have been half-blinded by an incompetent eye surgeon, almost killed taking a heart rhythm regulator listed on the FDA website as one of the 10 most dangerous drugs, and frustrated at every turn trying to get courteous and decent medical care I trust here in AZ. And now comes the fun part. Of course, our leaders won’t feel any of this–they have hospitals in their office buildings, the best doctors, money to get concierges, etc. And of course, as they tell you, hospice is “free,” when you cannot hang on any longer.

    3. The representatives that voted for Obyssmalcare received waivers. They can retain their private insurance without penalties, so they don’t really care how their constituents suffer.

  3. Go figure…..Obama may be the first Muslim Communist in history, re-elected by slacker parasites who contribute nothing yet take everything and a few Liberals who aren’t stuck with school loans and no jobs from the last election. And what are the Republicans doing?…same old same old, the Blue Blazer, Khaki slacks & penny loafer mentality….Better find a way to get “ugly” and make the mainstream media listen….They come after you, you respond with twice the force, not running around like a bunch of squeaking mice playing “nicey nice” with the enemy. How far have Bidens misuses of taxpayer funds between Air Force 2 and his large hotel bills been exposed?…..I guess Obamas fellow paid-off Commies at the Washington Post & NY Times are still running roughshod over the “moles” like Koffler, Beck & all……GROW A SET, PEOPLE!!!!!!

  4. my favorite story is still Donna Brazile indignantly tweeting a few weeks ago “why did my healthcare premiums go up?” (her later claim that the increase was not due to Obamacare was weak.)

  5. Yesterday, in Orange County, Southern California, I saw several buses
    go by and there was a really large ad on them. The ads said 3600 doctors
    backed Obamacare. I wonder where these doctors are, because I haven’t met one. The doctors I spoke with want no part of Obamacare.

      1. Like they had a choice. I’m sure they were told, “Support this or lose your job.”

        Something similar is happening in Colorado, where sheriffs’ raises are being held hostage by Dems in the legislature until they start supporting gun control legislation. Can you say “extortion”?

  6. Keith:

    Thanks for linking to a most informative article. Even more, kudos for the well-articulated metaphor in paragraph two. Here’s hoping that other dangerous “lumps” in our country don’t spread in the same manner.

  7. Like our economy, Amerikans are blissfully ignorant of the healthcare shiitestorm headed their direction. My doc friend (who’s getting out in his 40s) says older docs are retiring left and right. Many will switch to some other delivery method (medical speak easys??) or an entirely new career. And those nurses the Dems say will ride in to save the day…don’t count on them. The Doc says that they have become so risk averse as a group, many or most will not make any decisions regarding patient care. So, in other words, when they finally have to, they won’t know how.

  8. The key for the R’s is to do no little fixes : no repeal of the medical devices tax , no Medicaid fixes . The whole thing stands as it is and let the voter live with the consequences or repeal the WHOLE thing . A one sentence bill ” The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed ” .That’s it up or down

  9. Obamacare is about control. Bankrupting the United States, however much it may please Obama personally, is a side effect.

    Here’s the REAL Obamacare nightmare;

    ‘Let us recall further that, everywhere in the West, public health doctrine has drifted from public-good concerns, such as sanitation or contagious diseases, towards a frontal attack on individual choices and politically incorrect lifestyles….

    The relationship between fascism and public health is probably more symbiotic than Proctor admits. After reading The Nazi War on Cancer, the careful reader will be well positioned to understand why fascism requires strong public health policies. For the fascist State needs “valuable human material” — or, as we would say today, healthy “human resources”. Nazi slogans reported by Proctor are more explicit than what present-day crusaders would dare to employ: “Your body belongs to the nation!” “You have the duty to be healthy!” “Food is not a private matter!” Again anticipating today’s health fascists, the Nazis’ National Accounting Office outlined the so-called economic costs of smoking. Erwin Liek, sometimes called the father of Nazi medicine, thought that curing cancer required moving from “care of the individual” to “cancer prevention on a large scale — for the entire people” …’ – Pierre LeMieux

    THIS is why the Founders would be aghast that we’ve surrenders SO much control, SO much information, SO much of our freedom, so the State can take care of us.

    It is ever thus with socialism.

    “Socialists think of society as a giant, sticky wad. And no part of that gum ball–no intimate detail of your private life, for instance–can be pulled free from the purview of socialism. Witness Sweden’s Minister for Consumer, Religious, Youth and Sports Affairs. Socialism is inherently totalitarian in philosophy.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    Only “Justice” Roberts knows why he felt he had to torture the State’s argument into something it wasn’t in order to allow Obamacare to stick. But whether intentional or not, he gave the State a HUGE data collection and control tool, whereby the Government can know every intimate medical detail about you and do whatever it wants with this information. They ALREADY have your financials via the IRS, and they can also use Obamacare as a “Dhimmi tax” to reward freinds and punish enemies (Unions are exempt; large Obama doners are exempt; certain religious groups are exempt; the poor are exempt; illegals are exempt…taking these into account, do you notice how the payers remainint in the system seem to conicide with Obama’s “Enemies” list? Do you think it’s an accident?

    Obamacare is indeed a nightmare. We had to wake Europe up from theirs in the ’40’s. Who’s going to wake us up from ours?

  10. I am paying twice the amount for my heathcare and can’t afford to have test on my knee. thanks Obama. But this guy that isn’t looking for a job sitting on his ass can get his knee all better for free.

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