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The Obama Morning News || March 25, 2013

Obama puts own goals at risk with sequester . . . .Washington Post
Senate rejects Obamacare for illegals . . . Daily Caller
Obama’s Labor pick drawing GOP outrage . . . Washington Times
Uncertainty over Obama’s Syria response . . . Washington Post

Five takeaways from Obama’s Israel visit . . . Politico
Kerry arrives in Afghanistan to smooth things out . . . Washington Post

Paul Ryan’s disappearing act . . . Politico
Rove: GOP candidate could back gay marriage . . . Erika Johnsen

43 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 25, 2013

  1. “Uncertainty over Obama’s Syria Response.” Over the weekend I’ve read of two entirely conflicting accounts of the chemical gas attacks in Syria. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Dem Mike Rogers, said that Assad crossed the red line with the attack. The UK newspaper, The Telegraph, on the other hand, said that the evidence pointed to the rebels as the source of the attack. Who to believe? Syria is another example like Egypt where there is no white hat/black hat choice, and the US would do well to stay out of it. But I fear the war drums are beating in Washington. Another war to distract from Obama’s domestic problems at home; another war we can’t afford in any sense.

    • Well said, Julie. But it looks like Obama has put himself and his virtually non-existent credibility on the front line by announcing to the world that chemical weapons in Syria are a ‘game changer’ and would cross the ‘red line’. Well, that red line seems to be quickly fading to pink. I agree – we would do well to stay out of it. But once again, Obama is showing the world that he is full of hot air.

      Speaking of hot air, Netayahu better think twice about Obama’s other ‘red line’, i.e. chemical weapons in Iran. It, too, willl turn to pale pink at the first sign of the ‘bomb’!

  2. There is something grossly out-of-whack in this country when nearly half of first births are out of wedlock, yet the most burning issue before the Supreme Court right now is gay marriage.

  3. ‘Senate rejects approves Obamacare for illegals’
    FIFY. The Senate voted to provide Obamacare to illegal aliens 56-43 in the all nighter they pulled on Friday. Senators Susan Collins (RINO-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (RINO-Alaska) were the only non-Democrats in the “gang of 8” who voted with the majority of Democrats to grant illegals access to taxpayer funded Obamacare benefits.

    Speaking of the “gang of 8”, Mark Levin had a great segment on his Friday program about this behind closed door legislation being crafted by the ruling class without any input from We The People.

    • “YOU LIE!” – Joe Wilson

      Guess Joe had a point, after all…

      “Nearly two years after he infamously accused President Obama of lying about his health care overhaul, Republican Rep. Joe Wilson claims he was right all along.

      The South Carolina congressman was pilloried in 2009 for shouting “You lie!” at the president in the middle of a national address after Obama claimed the health care bill would not cover illegal immigrants.

      But Wilson is claiming some vindication after the Health and Human Services Department awarded millions to “migrant and seasonal farm worker” health care — a spokeswoman in the department was cited last week saying patients would not be asked about immigration status and an department official confirmed Monday that the centers receiving the grant money must offer primary care to “all residents” in a given area. ”

      And the more recent Senate funsies as well, apparently…

  4. Keith, the Obama Morning News has become so frightening, it should come with a health warning label. I am considering the purchase of a defibrillator,..just in case. Seriously, how can we survive another 4 years of this lawless kleptocracy?

  5. May I offer another headline from this morning, Keith? Exlusive: Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis” Resort. (Breitbart)

    • They must’ve snuck them out of town while the world was watching the o mess up the Middle East. Again.
      Did I read that last year’s Malia Spring Break in Mexico cost us 15 Million?

          • From Glenn Beck:
            ” Listen Now! »
            How much do the Obama’s cost taxpayers?

            Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012 at 3:10 PM CST

            Another vacation coming up this Christmas for the Obama’s will cost American taxpayers over $4 million dollars. So how much is it costing us to support the first family? The number is much worse than you could possibly imagine.

            “Every year (taxpayers in England) have to spend $57.8 million for the first family of Great Britain to make sure that everything’s maintained and everything is taken care of and their security and everything else, $57.8 million. And the people in England are upset about it,” Glenn explained this morning.

            “How much did we pay our royal family? How much did it take to maintain our royal family, the Obamas, just last year? Now, this is really interesting, especially as we come up for another vacation for the Obamas. This one is going to cost us $4 million. This vacation in Hawaii for Christmas is going to cost you $4 million. How much did we spend last year? Remember, the royal family cost $57.8 million. Would you be stunned if I told you it was $50 million? Would you be ‑‑ would you be bowled over if it was $100 million? How much do we spend? The total last year, a little higher than $57.8 million.”

            So what was it? $60 million? No. $100 million? Nope. $250 million? Not even close.

            The answer: $1.4 bil”

          • Speaking of royalty, have you seen the graphic of Moochelle that’s like a series of stamps? She’s in profile and wearing a tiara just like the Queen Elizabeth stamps. It was made for a cover story of some British group naming her the best dressed woman in the world, but it’s kind of a finger poke in the eye of American ‘democracy’.

          • I am a big fan of FASHION POLICE and wish they would “do” her–although I am sure Joan, at least, is a drooling fan of the Obamas. Her inauguration dress, that red shiny thing cinched in by a ribbon, was up for Look of the Week, but nobody but Joan picked it. Of course, her vote makes it a winner.

        • The Senate Dems know which side their bread is buttered on. No doubt they got some pressure from lobbyists, because the Senate voted 79-20 to repeal the medical device tax during their Friday night vote-a-rama. Too bad We The People can’t afford to bribe these same senators to repeal Obamacare.

    • Enquiring minds would like to know where their jet-setter mother of the year is! Did anyone check the dining room/lounge/bar to see if Michelle Lavaughn and Beyonce are hanging out together? Or the casino to see if Granny is playing the slots?
      It goes without saying that taxpayers are picking up the tab for the entire entourage! Four more years!!!

  6. Elsewhere, word is out that DHS is buying up another 360,000 hollow-point bullets. Big Sis now has enough hollow-points to shoot every man, woman, and child in the United States half a dozen times, with enough left over to give a seventh bullet to the entire population of 37 states.

    AND, they’re not telling Congress why.

    Congressman Issa, subpoena Janet Napolitano, right now, put her under oath, and have her explain her department’s actions. If private citizens don’t “need” AR-15’s, then DHS sure as shootin’ doesn’t “need” 2 billion hollow-points.

    • Two years ago, I recall Napolitano stating that the military was the reason for purchasing huge quantities of bullets. As it turns out, the military doesn’t use the hollow point bullets. When are the ammo mfgs. going to stop selling to the Federal govt. and its employees??? There was an article last week about one city that is rationing ammo for police officers due to a shortage! Is Obama planning to disarm LE??? Wouldn’t surprise me – he did it to the military.

      • Under the Geneva Convention the military of any signing nations have agreed not to carry, train or use hollow point ammunition. We (all 5 Armed Forces) carried regularly approved FMJ ball ammunition, in war, peace and training. It’s kinda a stretch for the Coast Guard, as they are deemed both a member of the armed forces but because they operates under the Department of Homeland Security, they are not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act, primarily because the Coast Guard has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission.also have domestic law enforcement duties as found in federal law. So, the CG could use the ammo and I do know some special teams do train and deploy using it if ordered.. Other alphabet soup sister agencies – CBP, ICE, SS can use and train with hollow point ammo.

        • According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2008 (most recent report available), there were only 120,000 federal law enforcement officers who were authorized to carry guns in all 50 states.

          That works out to 16,666 bullets for every federale. What do they need all that for–putting down a second Civil War?

    • “Ordinary” law enforcement can’t buy ammo because of her. And don’t forget the tanks: the Congressman has not mentioned those. Thousands. Do they think Canada is going to invade soon?

  7. If there is enough secret service money around to attend to the Obama girls and their “gaggle” in the Bahamas there should be enough secret service money around for the American kids to tour the White House.

  8. RE srdem65:
    I’m not as current as some others, but she said she was heading to the Indians to “redistribute some wealth”. Then wondered about a better name for the Indians.

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