As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy Passover to All!

A very happy Passover to everyone. May my Jewish readers and all who are celebrating Seders have a fulfilling holiday, and may the day – which starts at sundown, wherever you are  – bring joy to all.

I am about to begin celebrating the holiday with my family, so I’ll be out of pocket until late tonight.

passover pictureThe story of Passover describes how things suddenly turned bad for the Jews of Egypt, and they were enslaved. It occurs to me often that throughout history, people who believed they had things pretty good suddenly found life had taken an awful turn for the worse. Many Jews of Germany, for example, believed themselves proud members of the German people, until they were tragically informed otherwise in the 1930s.

What Passover teaches is that freedom is transitory, a gift from God that can be revoked by evil men. It’s no exaggeration to say this lesson is the basis for White House Dossier.

Many assume here in the United States that our freedom is a given, that America is forever, and that we will always have our way of life. But whether by steady erosion or sudden revocation, the threat to freedom is always present.

The first step toward maintaining freedom is holding government accountable. That is what I do here, hopefully contributing something to the preservation of liberty. Thank you for reading and joining with me in this.

May we never need a Moses in this country to save us.

Happy Passover.

37 Responses to Happy Passover to All!

  1. As a Mischlinge of the 1st degree I am keenly aware of how things can change for people when the government is allowed to run free with no controls.

    It scares me what I am seeing in this country. With the likes of the Dem/rep Bloomberg saying that the government has a right to infringe on our rights for our own benefit ( and DHS refusing to answer to Congress on what they are doing, I have to wonder what is next.

    Passover is a time to remember that slavery is just one tyrant away. Ex 1:8: “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.”

    Now there rose up a new President that knew not the Constitution. And the people suffered under his yoke.

    Happy Passover Keith, may you and your family have a blessed time together.

    To all of my fellow travelers on WHD, Jew or Gentile, may you always remember the lesson of the Passover.

    G-d save the Republic!

  2. Keith– You do an outstanding job of holding governmental and bureaucratic officials accountable. If only they would pay better attention to what the actual pulse of the citizenry is.

    As you celebrate Passover with your family, know that we admire you and your faith. And if you don’t mind, I wish to borrow and adapt one of your sacred traditions. I would like to smear the blood of a Spring lamb over my doorposts to effect a Passover of: ObamaCare, sequestration, Constitutional shredding, political spin, liberal court stacking, and all the other known and unknown sins associated with the current administration.

  3. What a beautiful post, Keith. Thank you so much for all you do, and for explaining the lesson of Passover. I was raised as a Southern Baptist and never really understood Judaism until I started reading your blog. Hoping all my Jewish friends here at WHD have a wonderful Passover celebration with your families and friends.

  4. Happy Passover to you Keith and to all of you here who celebrate it.

    For me it is Holy Week, for my Jewish friends it is Passover. We respect one another’s beliefs and value each other for who we are. We can’t lose that.

  5. A joyous Passover to you and your family, Keith. May God watch over us all, and may Michael Bloomberg take some time to think about the blessing that is Freedom.

  6. Profound words and so true. Freedom is a gift from God and many take it for granted.
    Hope you enjoyed your evening with your family.
    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

  7. Keith, what a lovely post. Sorry I arrived here so late, but I hope you had an enjoyable evening with your family. Happy Passover to you and all our Jewish friends at WHD. And blessings to all, as we need it now more than ever!

  8. Have a happy Passover, Mr. Koffler. It’s a blessing to us all when someone like yourself openly and publically remembers G_d!

    If more people did so, the world would be a MUCH better place…but then what would be blog about if it were?

  9. Best wishes to you, Keith, and to all the posters here at WHD who also celebrate Passover. May all of us, Jews and Christians, remember that, as Keith says, freedom is transitory and precious, and we must fight to maintain it.

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