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As VP, Biden Has Been Flying To Delaware on the Weekends

Vice President Biden has been flying home to Wilmington, Delaware most weekends at enormous expense to taxpayers, even though he has an exclusive government-provided residence in Washington.

Biden himself acknowledged the flights during recent remarks to the National Association of Attorneys General, noting that the sequester would force him to temporarily alter his expensive habit and use the train instead.

Not fit for the weekends
Not fit for the weekends

According to reports, Biden generally uses Air Force Two to get to Wilmington.

The cost of flying Air Force Two, a military version of the Boeing 757-200, amounts to about $8,800 per hour, according to the most recent federal data.

The distance between Washington and Wilmington is only about a hundred miles, but it’s safe to assume that between flying time and the time spent on the takeoff and landing, the total flight takes at least 45 minutes. That would amount to a roundtrip cost to taxpayers of about $13,200.

This price still is conservative, though, because it doesn’t include the cost of transporting Biden to and from the plane, both in Washington and Delaware.

Biden, who rode Amtrak trains back and forth to Wilmington on weekends for years as a senator, said he was forced by the Secret Service to use air transport instead of the train when he became vice president. But it’s not at all clear why, given that he no longer represents Delaware, he must return there so frequently.

Biden has family in Delaware and reportedly also likes to golf at an exclusive club there. But in an era of soaring debt, he had been making a choice to spend thousands of taxpayers dollars to accomodate a personal predilection.

Millions of American work in cities that they don’t call home, but few can afford the expense of returning to their ancestral grounds regularly.

And none can rest their heads on pillows at the beautiful vice president’s mansion at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington.

331 thoughts on “As VP, Biden Has Been Flying To Delaware on the Weekends”

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  2. Well he certainly made up for his lost perk with his last two hotel bills…for aguy who only makes 200,000 plus dollars a year, how can he live like a millionaire?

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  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    This will fail. The article states that the Sequester may force him to use the train instead of the plane. It is not the method of transportation but what is budgeted for travel to Government employees. Put a cap on the basic allotment of funds that a Government employee can use and the rest should come out of their own pockets. Biden can still spend large sums of US tax dollars based on what he deems is needed in a train,plane of boat ride. That decision should be taken from him.

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  6. Biden is a moron. Biden is a democrat. The latter condition is a very, very strong indicator for the previous condition. Biden is corrupt. Biden is a democrat. Reapply the given rule.

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  8. Panetta: millions to fly home to cali, Biden: millions to fly home to Duhware I say we go all french revolution on these bums!

    1. Does it matter, there were numerous instances of fraud in 2012, no voter ID laws are in place in states that count. Then there were the “rightous” Republicans who abstained from voting because the Republican in the running didn’t meet their set standards. So they allowed the man without any standards to take the lead. It all defies logic, but I guess they felt good, but I wonder now if their rightous feeling is still with them?

  9. Once they’re able to access the high flying benefits, why try to save on the money? The taxpayers have deep pockets and they can always tighten the belt another notch or two to keep the fat cats comfortable.

  10. After spending over $1million on hotel rooms in two nights, he should be forced to crawl home and beg for something to eat. This is the riff-raff that has ruined our country. THEY MUST GO!!!

  11. Good God but I hope this dufus doesn’t ride the train. He’ll demand a passenger free train for ‘security purposes’.

    Here are his choices:
    a) Stay put in DC.
    b) Use his OWN money and hire a chauffeur like any other normal wealthy person. An agent can come along for the drive.

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  13. Not sure why he couldn’t have flown on “Marine 2” in any event. Must cost much less than a huge fixed wing and 100 miles is no big deal for that helicopter.

  14. The quoted number apparently doesn’t include per diem for a crew of nine, to remain on site for the duration of Biden’s stay. I come to the crew number by counting the pilot, copilot, flight engineer, radio operator, 2 crew chiefs, and at least 3 flight stewards… This does not include a security contingent. A number I know nothing about.

  15. I thought he said he always took Amtrack? Well, I’m sure he has a very good reason to have to fly and have a huge entourage of servants and footmen and assistants-to-the-assistants where ever he goes, because after all he IS Obama’s walking deterrent against assassination attempts. .

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  17. Joe Biden fought and spent millions of dollars to get to the VP mansion in DC and then he doesn’t want to stay there — why is that?

  18. Then Joe will just jet around the world and spend $500K of taxpayer money on weekends stays at his favorite international resorts, as he is often to do.

  19. How pathetic! My family and I have had to give up a lot more than a fancy ride home on the weekend in this awful obama economy. Who cares about the elitist biden? How far is it from d.c. to delaware anyway? Big deal – The suffering of this fool VP must be overwhelming.

  20. How many of you BIDEN OBAMA lovers are willing to admit that ever since he has been in Office Crazy Joe, has a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract where he is PAID by the SECRET SERVICE for the privilege of protecting him to the tune of 2000.00 per month?
    It seems that USSS, uses a pool house as their office while protecting him in Delaware. Biden then charges the Secret Service for that. This is not a “blackhelicopter” deal,,,he is the only VP or President to ever do this. NO bush didn’t, NO RR didn’t,,Clinton couldn’t as they did not own a home, not even carter. This is obscene that we pay Biden 2 grand a month so that we can then pay even more to protect him….

  21. How dare they spend our barrowed tax dollars like this, they’ve went through everybody else’s money(17 trillion dollars ago) so now they barrow money to squander!!!!! You see, the rest of the country is in sequester but everything is fine on Capital Hill, (they keep using the deficit credit card, don’t leave D.C. without it!) rather short sided isn’t it? Aren’t you tired of these hypocrites??? I actually have some much stronger words for this ilk!

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  23. Thousands of foreign service officers must live far from their hometowns and are lucky to get one trip home a year. I would think the VP could cut down on his travels.

  24. oh boo-hoo, poor Joe!
    He shouldn’t be flying for a trip that is that short anyway, what a waste of money and ENERGY, does algore know about this? lol

  25. For the American media (NOT journalists) to rerun this old story is simply blatant propaganda and not news. It was BS the first time and it’s BS again. This is to counteract the articles about Biden’s 500,000 a day European trips last week.

  26. For the American media (NOT journalists) to rerun this old story is simply blatant propaganda and not news. It was BS the first time and it’s BS again. This is to counteract the articles about Biden’s $500,000 a day European trips last week.

  27. This is peanuts and just for show …;
    They have found Millions for the middle east PA/Egypt/Syria rebels/and so many other known haters of the United States and the west in general.

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  31. The dimocrats, simply will NOT slow down spending at all, not in the least. They’re going to wait for the GOP to get back in there, cut spending, and then they’ll be labeled “bad guys” for doing it.

    If the dimocrats cut back on spending, actually try to do something about the debt, they know almost nobody but the most ardent dimocrat (or liberal) would vote for them, because they’re not able to buy votes.

    This is all part of obama the lawless’s plan to destroy the GOP once and for all. Spend like crazy, create HUGE amounts of debt, let the GOP come in to try and fix it, then blame them for cutting everything. You’ll be amazed at how many people will be said to be dying, because the GOP is trying to get the budget under control.

  32. I am SO looking forward to seeing this story leading the mainstream media for the next two weeks
    -being fodder for the comedians
    -heading the talk of CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.
    -heeding the calls for his resignation
    – and spilling gallons of ink packing our newspapers!

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