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The Obama Morning News || March 22, 2013

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || March 22, 2013”

  1. Two comments:

    1) Yes, Obama and Lurch are on the same page. Both are obsessed with their legacies and will say or do anything to carve out greatness in future history studies.

    2) The perspective of the Arlene from Israel blog is outstanding. Well thought out positions. The sincerity was obvious.

  2. Arlene from Israel: “The Party’s Over”

    “Manipulative is not even a strong enough word for how Obama conducted himself here. Take a lesson. Under no circumstances is this a man to be trusted.”

    Absolutely agree with every word in this scathing, indepth analysis. A MUST READ!!!

    1. RickW, Girly1;
      Yes, a must read. MrObama’s remarks could be likened to the same kind of irresponsible and inflammatory words we’ve seen and heard the here in the US. The difference is that here the Blacks or Hispanics are not threatening to annilate the Whites, nor are they lobbing SCUD missiles into the nearest gated White community.

    2. Agree, Girly1. Many thanks to Keith for posting this link to her blog. Odd that Obama had assurances from the Knesset that he would not be protested, but he still chose to talk to a stacked audience of young people. Beware the pied piper of Hamelin.

    3. Obama never draws a “line in the sand” simply because he sees his mission in life as blurring every one of them by creating a verbal sandstorm.

    4. Was a must read, for sure! Wish someone could explain HOW he managed to get the Jewish vote in the last election! That was one of the strangest elements of the polls in this last election.

  3. BTW I know its not on Dear Leader’s radar but I’d like to offer condolences to the families of all three Marines who died last night at Quantico. I include the shooter because I can only imagine the demons in his head that would have him kill his fellow Marines.

    1. It wasn’t on his radar to make a statement on the seven who were killed by accident in Nevada either. He left it to Harry Reid to trash their memory by implying their deaths were due to the ‘Republican sequester’.

      On the other hand, it was not on his radar to call it what it is in Fort Hood.

  4. Arlene from Israel really let him have it, deconstructed his whole speech before the kids. The NYT, on the other hand, is ready to sponsor him for another Nobel because he went to Yad Vashem. The NYT (in another article) is using Richard Nixon bombing Cambodia as a precedent for Obama’s drone wars. I remember how the NYT hated Nixon and the Viet Nam War, and now they’re holding him up as a precedent. They are like whores who will do a trick for anyone as long as they get the money.

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