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Obama Departs The Holy Land Safely

Let me just say, Obama is in the air, and I’m glad he’s safe. This trip had to have been a security nightmare.

My gravest concern was during his visit to the Palestinian territories, which are about as well organized and predictable as a colony of penguins on LSD. Who knows what was in the minds of the troops Obama reviewed with President Abbas – or even the guy with the sharp looking sword who led them around?

Let’s hear a round of applause for the Secret Service, which hasn’t allowed a serious attempt on a president’s life in more than 30 years, and to the Israeli and Palestinian officials who worked to keep our president secure. They did a great work in jobs that offer little credit when things go well, and lots of blame when they don’t.

May the rest of his trip, which includes a stop today and tomorrow in Jordan, be safe.

24 thoughts on “Obama Departs The Holy Land Safely”

  1. Keith,

    While I agree that the Secret Service is to be commended for a job well done, I doubt the Palestinian Authority, Hammas, the Muslim Brotherhood or any other similar organization would not/did not take steps to make sure President Obama returned safely from this trip. After all, he is the President with views and policies that favor them more than any other president.

    1. That’s not entirely true. As a Sunni Muslim who has had prominent Shi’ites killed using the power of his office, he DOES have something to fear from THEM, both for his actions AND the fact they consider him, like any OTHER Sunni Muslim, to be an apostate.

  2. Barry can now go back to his regular daily schedule of “working” two hours a day. Poor thing – he must be exhausted from the rigorous round of events. All those wreath layings, press conferences and boring meetings wore him out. No wonder his speeches were so completely idiotic.

  3. Clap, clap. They always do their best, even in the worst of circumstances.
    While the SecretService and Israeli security forces did their job, others less noticable were on alert, too.

    I imagine that every rocket, missile or projectile in the MiddleEast, from friend or foe, was pointed at or near AF1, but saner heads prevailed and no buttons were pushed and no triggers were pulled.

  4. No need to worry about him while he was in Israel’s non-existent capital city of Jerusalem. He had a phalanx of mushy-brained adolescents to use as human shields! His effusive, obsequious, manipulative, disingenuous snake-oil speech to said students could have caused serious problems for the SS. Wherever he is, chaos reigns. As srdem posted earlier, Obama needs to leave before he starts another war in the ME!

    1. ….meant to say ‘Obama’s effusive, obsequious, maniiulative, disingenuous snake-oil speech to said students could have caused serious problems in Ramallah for the SS.”

      1. and ironic, with the missing “p” in manipulative.

        Kinda like the missing “p” in ( ) Resident of the White House.

        At least he’s (voting) present.

  5. How did the American people get fooled again into voting this socialist into office??? What put them over the edge? Was it the free Obama phones?

  6. While I applaud the SS and Israeli forces for making sure Preezy Revenge was well protected while in Israel, his team had a pretty big security failure with gassing up the beast. We all laughed about it, but screwing up on something so basic as putting the proper fuel in Preezy’s ride shows our enemies the vulnerabilities in his protection.

    1. But until then.. the new “I survived Obama’s Visit 2013” tee-shirts have hit the stands. With each sold you get a free phone!

  7. Mr. Koffler;
    permission to somehow fit this line into one of my school papers (I’ll cite you :-)

    “a colony of penguins of LSD”

    I LUV IT!!!

  8. No question that the WH support staff deserve enormous credit for a job well done on this nightmare of a trip. On the other hand, listening to radio from Israel, they noted that neither Israelis nor Palestinians were able to figure out why Obama made the trip in the first place. “What was Obama doing here?” was the most common question citizens from both sides were quoted as asking.

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