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The Real Reason Behind Obama’s Israel Trip

You can barely read an article about President Obama’s sojourn in Israel that doesn’t say the visit is without substance because Obama lacks a grand plan to end the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews. That he’s not even bothering to try to negotiate.

Indeed, he’s not. His speech today to Israelis, given in typical Obama style to an audience of admiring children, was heavy on platitudes about Arabs and Jews putting aside differences and working for a better future. It wasn’t particularly serious stuff.

Many have written that the trip is kind of a grand photo op, noting cloying effort to portray goodwill. It’s to repair relations, as if that was an end in itself.

But something very substantive is in fact being done.

The best analysis of Obama’s visit I’ve seen is by Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff, who gets right to the point:

It seems clear to me, however, that Obama’s trip is primarily about Iran, not “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians.

When Obama asks himself what can go wrong in his second administration, an Israeli attack on Iran must rank high on his list. Such an attack would scramble the playing board in unpredictable ways. Possible consequences include oil shortages, war in the Middle East, and terrorist attacks on U.S. interests.

It follows that dissuading Netanyahu from attacking Iran almost certainly is the primary objective of Obama’s visit.

There can be no other reason.

Obama is not only repeatedly assuring Israel that the United States fully intends to bomb Iran’s nuclear program if need be, but he’s obsequiously snuggling up to Netanyahu every chance he gets.

He doesn’t need Jewish votes anymore, and his Israeli-pleasing actions – not visiting the tomb of Yassir Arafat while laying a wreath at that of Zionism founder Theodore Herzl, for example – must really be pissing off the Palestinians.

That’s not normal behavior for Obama. Mirengoff is right, he must have something else in mind. He wants to control the Iran situation, to convince Israel to back off while his sanctions finally, somehow, work their elusive magic.

Netanyahu will buy into the Obama’s charm at great peril to Israel’s security. I think he knows that. I think he knows Obama is about as reliable on stopping Iran as he is on reducing the U.S. deficit.

That’s why while Obama is talking about a year until Iran has a bomb – and Israel agrees with that timetable – Netanyahu said during Wednesday’s press conference his focus is on when Iran will have enough enriched uranium to build one. Because then the Mullahbomb will be unstoppable. And that moment is sooner, maybe much sooner, than a year away.

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  1. I figured it was just another reason to visit a foreign country (cough, vacation). When has Obama ever taken his freaking job seriously?

    1. He behaves more like a token ceremonial monarch than leader of the free world assuring our allies we will be there for you. Reminds me of when Ackmahdinnerjacket visits, it’s always to speak in front of fawning students at Columbia.

  2. Here’s what Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for Obama said was the main reason for the trip: To address those Israeli students.

    In other words, another chance for Obama to campaign and get adulation in a setting of his choosing. I wonder if anyone in this audience got the vapors over seeing Obama in person.

    1. Yep, he was community organizing the Israeli students, right down to quoting the words of his founding father, Saul Alinsky. Mark Levin played a phrase of his speech that was a direct quote from “Rules for Radicals”. The cult of personality was campaigning. I’m just wondering what he is campaigning for. King of the World? Maybe another Arab Spring in Israel?

  3. All the clips I saw had Netanayhu reserving the right to act if necessary. I mute or leave when Obama comes on because he has lied so many times that his word is worthless.


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  5. Obama, much like the last Democrat president, is more interested in his legacy, than he is in any legitimacy of his term. His concerns are not about how history will judge his “administration” but rather on how he will be remembered personally.

    It is sad that the entire world is at the mercy of his ego. Sanctions have never worked with despots. Look at N. Korea, Saddam’s Iraq, and current Iran. The only thing these types understand is power and force. The one thing Obama does not understand is the importance of US power, force and place in the world’s balance.

  6. No people, Obama’s moves are quite simple…..he’s like your dog who pooped in the family room and just wants to get out of town until the carpet cleaner comes…expect more of the same for the next 4.

  7. Besides the whole rudeness factor and calling him Bibi instead of PM, I thought comparing his daughters to Pals was atrocious(I dont see the girls throwing baseball sized rocks and firebombs at Penn Ave) and I really didn’t like him continually saying to put themselves in the Pals shoes and that Israel’s future was questionable without a Pal state west of the Jordan.

    He is a phoney,period and a embarrasment to us all

  8. First comment The president is doing his job, Thanks
    2- wages per hr here in maine are 7.50 while Canada makes 1050
    3-Maine has several taxes that makes it hard for the poor to keep with.
    4- poor people can’t afford retirement funds.
    5- why can’t some one help maine.?

  9. Our Easter egg hunts and most children events are held free of charge, here in amine.
    we think its a nice tradition to carry on and since the children are special it should be free.

  10. After the way Obama has slighted Netanyahu for the past four years, I’m sure N. is not taken in by Obama’s charm offensive at all. Neither has the US Congress. All he has come across as is an arrogant fool (quite a mix) to think that anyone is taken in.

    1. I think Netanyahu hates Obama. Notice the photo op of Obama’s had on Net’s back!! Bet he wanted to throw it off. He is not fool, and is used to liars.

  11. Whatever message is given to the Israelis, it was not from BarackObama.
    MrObama has litte to no diplomatic skills and wouldn’t be able to communicate such a delicate message without insulting PMNetanyahu.
    There’s doubt that SoSKerry could convince anyone there on anything, much less that the life or death of millions of Israeli citizens will be safeguarded by the Obama administration.

    There’s more evidence that this was more a campaign-style trip that never stayed on the rails. The WhiteHouse miscalculated how much influence MrObama would wield after his re-election, and assumed that he could regain the respect that he lost.
    So far, he has managed to irritate, insult and offend everyone with his unrealistic demands from Israel, and cause unrest in the Muslim community.
    He should pack up the teleprompter, get on AF1, and come home before he actually starts another war in the MiddleEast.

      1. I don’t think the tea trolley will get that image out of my head. Might just
        have to let it explode one time being blind in one eye helps but not much. Anyone want to bet she thinks she should have a stamp?
        And somewhere in the bowels of the WH she hides her crown and poses in front of a mirror. HRH in her head.

    1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our Queen. :) We so rarely hear from her or see her. Although an honor, I had to pass on clicking the link.

      But as long as we are talking about American royalty I saw something – somewhere – sometime (maybe yesterday) about Caroline Kennedy being considered for an Ambassadorship. John Kerry and Caroline Kennedy — yikes!

  12. Interesting post,Keith. Also interesting that none of your commenters this time around agree with you. Scrappy lot.
    Me, I trust Powerline (and they were smart, perceptive, savvy enough to post that analysis from you re the Israelis).

    1. I didn’t disagree with Keith that Obama is mightily concerned with what could happen with Iran, especially as it would affect his presidency and ‘legacy’. I’m sure he would not want, for instance, a Jimmy Carter oil embargo. He wants everyone to love him. He thinks everyone loves him. My comment was that he doesn’t fool anyone.

  13. First of all, what chutzpah for Obama to go over the head of Netanyahu to present himself to Israel’s adolescents as the charming Peacemaker who has their best interests at heart! His words and actions for the past 4 years have proved the opposite. He has treated Israel as the ugly step child! In fact, didn’t Obama refuse to declare Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel??? It’s surprising that no one in that Jerusalem audience questioned him about this.

    The speech was obsequious bordering on disingenuous. It was a subtle plea to the adolescents of Israel to protest the hawkish Prime Minister. All of this at the same time rockets were flying through the air from Hamas!

    Obama has been MIA for 4 years. He is fooling no one!

  14. Bibi needs to do what he needs to do to protect Israel.

    Obama is a lying fraud.

    go Bibi..we wish your were OUR leader instead of Bathhouse Barry.

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