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The Obama Morning News || March 21, 2013

Obama and Palestinian leaders begin talks . . . Washington Post
Rockets from Gaza slam Israel . . . Fox News
Obama warns on chemical weapons in Syria . . . Fox News
Obama: Israeli settlements not constructive . . . Reuters 
Why Netanyahu now needs Obama . . . Politico
Ben Carson says he may run for president . . . New York Times
DHS says it can’t measure border security . . . Washington Times
Obamacare to hit Congressional staffers . . . Politico

15 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 21, 2013

  1. “I’ve been clear with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leadership that … we do not consider continued settlement activity to be constructive, to be appropriate, to be something that can advance the cause of peace,” Obama said.

    Let’s see…HOUSING is an issue.
    I wonder if he told Abbas that turning suicide bombers into matyrs and heroes is productive? Or rock throwers?

  2. “Why Netanyahu now needs Obama”

    Obama’s body language while appearing at a presser with Abbas says it all. He could not have been more solititous, gratuitous, fawning, pawing, or respectful.
    Obama did not travel to Israel for any other purpose than a photo-op and an opportunity to undermine Netamyahu and his Likud party with the young leftist students. Bibi, beware of Kenyans bearing magnolia trees!

  3. Surprisingly, the NYT article about Dr. Ben Carson was fair, but the comments are the usual personal attacks on a man of faith and self-reliance. Such common sense ideas coming from a principled man who has saved the lives of many children, yet he can’t catch a break from the rigid ideologues. Just enforces my belief that there can never be common ground between the statists and the constitutionalists. One side will have to be defeated. I pray we constitutionalists are on the winning side.

    • I think the OFA loonies pile on most of these stories. That’s what they do :) I always read the comments sections of left leaning media articles because that’s where you usually find *facts* by someone who’s paying attention. That is, if you have the stomach to weed through the haters’ comments.

        • He’s a man of strong faith, which I think he’s referring to. If more inner city boys listened to “God” maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate and killing amongst them?

          On the other hand, who “guides” Obama ?

          • That’s ALWAYS the problem with secularism, isn’t it? If there is NO ONE you have to answer to, NO ONE larger than yourself, and EVERYTHING is morally equivalent, then there’s no reason NOT to do what the fool you feel like doing. No punishment in He!!, no reward in Heaven… sounds like you need to get in, get yours, and may the strongest survive, because there’s NOTHING after your corporeal existence.

            We had that system once. It was called The Stone Age. And I don’t think someone built like Barak would have done well. Now Moochie, on the other hand…

            I know it seems OT, but bear with me. There is a point here about how even the smartest people’s explaination of existence makes them unable to recognize what Obama is. I saw a Stephen Hawking show where he was describing where he believed life arose from, and came up with it was either random amino acid collisions or extraterrestrial life inside of a comet made it to Earth, and was fruitful and multiplied. At no point did he say where that extraterrestrial life arose from, or how random amino acid collisions = a Stephen Hawking with absolutely NO external guidance.

            Even the smartest ususally trip up when you get to the “uncaused first cause”. From what arose the amino acid? From whence came the materials used in The Big Bang? Where did the physical rules come from that say superdense matter has to expand?

            Even René Descartes couldn’t get there without G_d, and HE was a smart guy by all accounts, coming up with advances in geometry and algebra as well as philosophy that we STILL torture school children with 500 years later!

            I just don’t know about people who discount G_d. I suppose I’d be pretty unhappy if I believed I was no more than a random amino acid accident with no real future beyond a short span in a faulty body either. That’s OK, if you want to live that way. The problem is, since they have no divine restraint, they take out their bitterness at life by alternately tormenting all other human beings, and taking everything they can from all other human beings. From THIS is where the classic Politician comes.

            All THAT said, I DON’T believe Obama is a secularist. His words, deeds, and upbringing all suggest he is an unconverted Sunni Muslim whose main purpose is the destruction of The Great Satan. By HIS lights, then, he’s fullfilling Holy Jihad by taking it to the dhimmis as he has done so enthusiastically. It’s all the OTHER folks who ARE too smart for religion that he can bowl over with his taqiyya.

            And they don’t even know it, since they have no moral or ethical grounding to show them the error of his ways. That’s how he gets the intelligentsia. The rest, it’s free cell phones. And it works like a treat for him!

            But it will NEVER work with the likes of a Netanyahu. His grounding in the TRUE word gives him the ability to read this snake for what he is. And this frustrates Obama no end…

            Don’t worry, he’ll be taking it out on US any day now.

          • Well said, cincycinco. Faith and morality are the basis of America’s founding.

            “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” ~John Adams

  4. Ah yes, “borders security is better than ever” – Big Sis to reporters 2/25/11.

    On 2/13/13Big Sis testified to Congress that the border “has never been stronger.”

    And now we hear “The border is less secure because of budget cuts” – Big Sis to reporters and Congress 3/1/13.

    To then be followed up yesterday’s announcement to Congress by DHS top CBP officials – “that they still don’t have a way to effectively measure border security”.

    Big Sis has done so many interviews these past 2 months on border security and immigration reform, I don’t think she remembers what she has stated to the press and Congress anymore. Probably what upsets me even more is the statement Rep Sheila Jackson made yesterday – “said she doesn’t think legalization should be held up over the issue, but she said Homeland Security needs to do better. “You’ve got to get in the game,” the Texas congresswoman said. “What I’m hearing here is not really a definitive game strategy.” This is like a slap on the wrist.

    Big Sis and company has had 4 years to get their act together with huge amounts of $$$ spent on ICE / CBP initiatives.

    Looks like those “Senior Dept Officials” are at it again.. wonder what new decisions they will make? Does anyone at ICE / CBP know what the heck they are doing?? What a freaking mess.

  5. Netanyahu does not need Obama. Obama is not only already a lame duck, he is a wounded lame duck. Nor do the Republicans need to embrace and close the Pop Culture Gap as suggested by an article on RealClearPolitics by one Tevi Troy. Conceding to the young and immature is not the answer: people are hungering for some adults to step forward.