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Obama Gumming Up Meetings With Netanyahu, Abbas

President Obama appeared to be chewing Nicorette gum today during separate gatherings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestine National Authority President Abbas.

According the the White House press pool report, Obama appeared to be chewing at both a technology exhibition he and Netanyahu attended in Jerusalem and later in the day as he and Abbas sat together for photographs just before meeting in Ramallah.

I suppose this is less disrespectful than if he simply lit up during the proceedings.

Obama is believed to chew Nicorette to feed a nicotine addiction he has failed to shake since he stopped smoking a few years ago. The White House has touted Obama’s success at quitting smoking without noting he hasn’t yet done the hard part – getting off nicotine.

Here’s some video of him chewing away during the G20 meeting last year.

25 thoughts on “Obama Gumming Up Meetings With Netanyahu, Abbas”

  1. That’s not Nicorette! He’s chewing on the insides of his cheeks to keep from opening his mouth and making a bigger fool of himself than he already HAS, as compared to a REAL statesman like Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    He got schooled – again – by Mr. Netanyahu, this time on Israel’s right of self-defense, and it KILLS him that he has an ACTUAL, COMPETENT leader that the world can see him side-by-side with and truly see the dismal failure that is Obama in the light of Mr. Netanyahu.

    He’s also at a loss as to how to shut this guy up. Bibi’s heard Muslim taqiyya all his life, so he’s not easy to deceive; he’s not impressed by the fact that Obama’s black; and he doesn’t need a free cell phone or any contraceptives. This stuff USUALLY works for Obama, and he doesn’t have a playbook that extends much further than THAT – except for drone strikes. He may be contemplating how to blame one on the Republicans even as Mr. Netanyahu continues to very politely and diplomatically show him up, and the chewing thing is just an outward manifestation of his addled thought processes.

    1. It did look like Bibi was playing him in that news conferernce–by summing up–to wit: Oh, and he (Obama) said we can start on a new 10yr agreement for the US to give us money.

  2. Quite a difference between a Statesman and a community organizer.
    Imagine, on the world stage and chewing gum, embarrassing.

    1. Obama’s a political experiment that failed. First Black with no experience in anything was called “historic”. How’s that working out for us? Any one of us could run the country better, this isn’t brain surgery (h/t Dr. Carson)

      1. Yes, A-freakin’-men!! Anyone of us with a laptop and free wifi, could have run the country better, not to mention and visited our allies sooner, oh, and taken care of our foreign affairs way better.

        I’m wondering now, after our Obama-lovers have received their revised taxes on their paychecks & refunds…how much they wish now, they would have elected Mitt, Newt…hell, even Sarah Palin as President back in ’08!! ‘Cause from what I can tell, anyone of those elected, and we would have been in a whole lot better circumstances at this point.

  3. I don’t believe for a second that he gave up smoking! More lies! The gum chewing is so boorish. Looks like other members of the G20 are treating him like a pariah. He appears to be wandering around aimlessly while waiting for the big PHOTO OP. Creepy!

    AF1 must smell like a cigarette factory. It’s probably another reason he never spends any time in the Oval Office! It’s notable that he spends most of his time out of public view – on the golf course, on AF1, in the limo, on the uipstairs balcony at the WH, in his little ciubby hole upstairs, etc. He plays golf with the same foursome – Bobby Titcomb, Nicholson, Whittaker, et al—because they don’t spill the beans. He’s addicted!

    1. Narcissists have addictive personalities. Also, he is a hedonist, oblivious to everything surrounding him except his own sensory pleasures. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn cigarette smoking isn’t his only addiction.

      1. Ought to make him wear it on his nose like a bad kid. It’s not the worst
        his nose has suffered. Was that uncalled for if so I sincerely don’t care.

  4. I suspect Obama has not quit smoking. He probably doesn’t have the discipline to refrain from smoking or chewing gum while in public. No surprise there.

    I further suspect that he is in Israel because he has to be. He will never return. And while he is there he will say anything he has to.

    When he returns he will have to recover from actually working so unless there is a party or some public adoration event he might lie low.

  5. I’m an ex-smoker, I quit 12 years ago after smoking for 25 years. Using a nicotine substitute such as gum never made any sense to me at all. After all, aren’t you trying to get off the addiction to nicotine? There are several very good and very effective prescription medications for people who truly want to quit, as I’m sure Barry’s doctors know. I used Zyban. It was excellent, worked like a charm, no side effects and no cravings afterward.

    Barry has no class, chomping away on gum during high-level public appearances. Perhaps he’s nervous being with other leaders who are so superior in so many ways. If he runs true to form, he will disrespect the furniture, perhaps sticking his used gum under a table.

  6. What an utter, despicable disgrace as a leader of the free world.

    Chewing gum.

    While on a *state* visit to our ONLY ally in the Middle East.


    My stool has more brains.

    1. “My stool has more brains.” – Michael W. Stewart

      …and more class. Probably easier to look at than either Obama, as well.

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  8. How do you know it’s Nicorette? Seriously, couldn’t he just be making sure he doesn’t have bad breath before he speaks to these people at such close proximity? And what difference does it make, I’d be smoking too if I knew I was trying to screw over the American people, with the world’s strongest military…somebody just might be taking offense.

    Does anybody have a picture of the President before he was known to be running for the presidential elections? I want to know when he became so grey. That picture on the Ulsterman Report of the President with a cigerette, he’s not grey at all, but he does have a haggered look about him, moreso, than even now, with the grey hair.

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