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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 21, 2013

9:20 am || Views the Dead Sea Scrolls; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
9:35 am || Visits a technology exposition; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
11:15 am || Participates in an arrival ceremony; Muqata Presidential Compound, Ramallah
11:40 am || Holds bilateral meeting with Palestine National Authority President Abbas; Muqata Presidential Compound, Ramallah
1:15 pm || Holds a press conference with Abbas
2:00 pm || Tours the Al-Bireh Youth Center and watches a youth dance performance with Palestine Nationa Authority Prime Minister Fayyad; Ramallah
2:50 pm || Holds a roundtable with Palestinian youth
5:00 pm || Delivers remarks to the Israeli people; Jerusalem Convention Center, Jerusalem
6:10 pm || Meets with U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv and U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem staff; U.S. Consular Facility, Jerusalem
8:10 pm || Delivers remarks at a dinner hosted by President Peres; President’s Residence, Jerusalem

All times Israel Standard Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. EDT

41 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 21, 2013

    • Because foreign leaders expect a person to be able to do more than get up at 19:30 for a daily briefing and have lunch with Joey Biden!

      • Sad – have to now go to foreign countries to expect more of our president. I haven’t read reports of him prostrating himself before Netanyahu but the trip is early – oh, yeah, they’re an ally – I should expect a shot below the proverbial belt soon. He’ll save the prostrations for the Syrians or Hamas or someone else who “deserves” an apology for American for occupying space on the global map and selling Coke and tractors to the world.

  1. This has to be the most bi-polar, confusing, illogical trip ever made by a US President. We are not Switzerland; we can’t be friends with , or support both sides of a conflict unless we completely withdraw American troops from every foreign country.

    It’s past time for MrObama to put AF1 in mothballs, step away from the teleprompter, and tend to the business of the US. .

    • The roots of the Judeo/Christian Bible are of scant interest to a Sunni Muslim.

      Although he may be there to check on security so he can arrange a return visit by his Hamas pals after he leaves…

      • I think the Israelis should be very careful what they allow Barry to see when it comes to their security. Who knows who he will share the information with?

  2. Must have missed the award ceremony where Peres pinned a medal on him. Anyway, if his performance tomorrow is anything like it was today, he wasted a whole lot of taxpayer money and the patience of the Israeli people on this boondoggle. Maybe he could have picked a better time to visit, rather than impose himself on Israel five days before Passover. Charm offensive indeed.

    • “During remarks at Peres’s official residence, Obama mentioned the story in the Talmud of Honi and the Carob Tree: A man sees an older man planting a carob tree and tells him that it will take 70 years before the tree grows fruit. Obama told the crowd the older man’s reply: “When I came into the world, I found carob trees. As my forefathers planted for me, so will I plant for my children.””

      I can’t help but think of the $16.7 T debt my grandchildren inherited “when they came into the world”, unfortunately not a fable.

      • The question heard round the world. Wonder if we dangled the big
        shinny Hawaiian Mansion full of sleeveless frocks and every golf club
        ever made if the Obama’s would leave early? It would have it’s own
        5 Star Restaurant on site open 24/7 and all the high end booze known
        think they’d go? We could even make them King and Queen Hawaii is
        already so left who’d know.

      • Good one, Otis. However, to be honest, I believe he’s a domestic enemy aligned with the radical muslims and is focused on destroying America from within.

    • He’s also there to check in with his colleague A!!ah at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the QT, to spy the place out for his Muslim buddies, and to try to weaken Isralei vigilance with taqiyya about the US actually protecting Israel with the full intent of breaking his hollow promise at a critical moment.

      He also wants to walk the Via Dolorosa from the Ecce Homo arch (where Pilate presented a scourged Jesus to the crowd) to Calvary to relive the memories of when he had weak-minded men torture and crucify his most hated enemy. Even now, he’s trying to figure out how to do that again. He CERTAINLY has the weak minded men (and women). Unfortunately, there’s a small possiblity that G_d is stronger than him, and since it didn’t take the first time…

      Also, Girly1, I do have to correct one small part of your statement. This part;

      “Too bad Netanyahu didn’t tell him to get lost but, unfortuately, the US is/was his only ally.” – Girly1

      That is not correct. Israel has an Ally that is stronger by far.


      And it KILLS Obama that, deep down, he knows none of his schemes will prevail against HIM.

      THAT’S why he’s angry all the time. He takes it out on humanity, just as he has since The Garden thing went sour on him…

  3. Secret Service had some anxious moments today. The presidential limousine was disabled for unspecified reasons. Agents were able to secure a donkey for the president, however, they were unable to distinguish which was the donkey and which was the president from the front or the rear. The ears were too close to call from the front and posteriors were incredibly similar from the posterior.
    Agents are limited to slings in Israel and the American delegation includes no giants.

  4. I know its a silly little detail but…..Where is the Daily Presidential Briefing on this schedule? They take the time to enter it on his domestic calendar but there’s no sign of it here. Is it taking place? Maybe the domestic calendar just uses it for filler after all…………..

  5. I didn’t see any video of his arrival…..did he de-plane down the steps in his usual ‘geekie’ manor…..with his limp wrists shaking in front of him?