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The Obama Morning News || March 20, 2013

Obama arrives in Israel offering assurance . . . New York Times
Islamist law takes root in Syria
. . . Washington Post
Menendez donor courted Obama, Reid . . . Politico
Obama’s limo breaks down in Israel . . . Washington Times
Democrats drop assault weapon ban . . . Fox News
Biden wraps up trip to Rome . . . Yahoo! News
Obama bracket: Louisville to win it all . . . Daily Caller

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 20, 2013

    • When his term is over and the tell-all books hit the public, we’ll learn what we have always suspected; MrO likes the perks and pomp of the Presidency, but not the drugery of the actual work or the stress of the decision-making.
      The parties, the campaign speeches with adoring crowds, the home-life that rivals what Kings and Queens enjoy, are no match for long sessions with boring economists or even political strategy meetings.
      Basketball brackets vs Federal budgets? no contest.

  1. After the Dem leadership dropped the “assault” weapons ban, SenFeinstein issued a statement blaming the NRA as the reason her fellow Senators wouldn’t support her bill.

    Just once, we would love to hear a politician issue a true statement, a bare fact, and an honest assesment of what has happened.
    The NRA didn’t prevent SenReid from allowing the bill to be brought to a vote, he did that on his own authority because it would not pass.

    • Always watch the other hand, srdem. The gun ban never had a chance of passage, so the ruling class will settle for universal background checks (aka universal gun registration). The gun ban and confiscation will come later – once the government knows where all the legally registered guns and their owners are located.

      The article talks about Reid cutting Feinstein’s gun ban from the “main bill”. Where are all the committee hearings for this “main bill” taking place? Probably behind closed doors where Congress does all its dirty work.

  2. “Those Republicans! Their Sequester did it again! We’re trying to watch our pennies and we tried using regular gas instead of diesel for the limo since its so much cheaper. And look what happened!”

    • Good one.
      Just guessing here; when the Beast refused to run, the security guys probably went batcrap crazy looking for a terrorist attack or something worse. The person charged with fueling the Beast is most likely already on his/her way to Gitmo for some careful questioning after their mistake disabled the Prez’s ride.

        • Well, that’s not TOO bad, as long as it’s the clean ones and he DOESN’T have to help her into them…Moochie only buys the best on our dime, so you can bet Agent Provocateur did the best job anyone POSSIBLY could, given the rather large load they had to squeeze into some semblance of shape, and the material itself would be VERY high quality…

          Besides, even if it’s the dirty ones, you only have to worry about the brown spot in the center of her fart whistlers. You’ll never find any of Barak’s -eh- “product” on them. He doesn’t actually LIKE girls, and Me-Shell is a lousy, unsexy example of the female form anyway, so only PAID help would ever stain The Royal Undergarments.

          Oh dear! Perhaps THAT job would be his punishment? Cruel and Unusual indeed! Given a choice between Gitmo and servicing Ms. Lady, I think someone would be on the outbound boat before they dropped the gangway…

  3. “Obama arrives in Israel offering assurance . . . New York Times”

    “Hitler promised that there would be no further German expansion” … Neville Chamberlain

    “Mao promises to let a hundred flowers bloom” – Chinese Communist party

    “Adam promises to obey G_D” – The Bible

    More contemporarily,

    “Hamas makes verbal promise to calm down rocket attacks” –

    Hmm, should I post the list of Obama’s lies again, this time for the benefit of the Isralies? Nah, RickW and Star would get after me again… Tell you what, i’ll just post the link;

    The short version is, I would advise against “Absolutely Trusting” Obama, as our Speaker of the House is wont to do…I wouldn’t think much of his, uh, “assurances”, either.