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Obama Was Hit as a Child for Being Left Handed

President Obama was rapped with a ruler while a child in Indonesia for writing with his left hand, Obama himself revealed today.

The president spoke as he signed the guest book at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s residence. It sounds as if it was his teachers who hit him, though he did not specify.

From the press pool report:

While Obama, a lefty, signed, he talked with Sara some more. “Michelle, she’s a right hander. I’m trying to work on it.”

Then Obama told a story: “When I was in Indonesia, it was considered bad manners (writing with left hand). “Even though I would get hit with rulers, I just stuck with it,” he explained.

Obama lived in Indonesia for four years as a child after his mother married an Indonesian man.

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  1. This is a very common story among Southpaws.

    I’m a lefty and my Grandmother who was from England tried to train me (by putting my left hand behind my back) to write with my left. And in school I couldn’t cut with scissors and the teachers wanted to leave me back.

    Being a left is considered bad luck for centuries.

    However, 5 of the last 7 Presidents were lefties…
    Ford, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, and Obama.

    • Jean, Geoff, Susan, thanks for the comments. We have all probably been treated unjustly by someone at some point in our childhoods. Not that I condone it, but get over it, and stop using it to extract pity when your adult actions are drawing all kinds of–justified–criticism.

  2. My brother (I’m told) was a lefty up until he entered school and was trained to write with his right hand. He still throws and bats left, though.

    • I started out as a lefty.
      My parents forced me to use my right hand to color in coloring books.
      To this day, I can still throw a baseball with my left arm, and my right arm.

  3. Seriously,I heard in some countries people used their left hand to wipe themselves after using the toilet and thats why it was considered bad manners. Just saying.

      • It is that, and during the “old days” when people carried swords, most were right handed, and would carry their sword on the left side. You would shake hands with the right to keep from being able to draw you weapon.

        That is why Ehud was able to kill Eglon, since Eglon’s men did not pat down Ehud’s right thigh.

      • AFVet,, you are incorrect as to the reason we shake with the right hand. It is because people used to be armed at all times, with at least a dagger. Since most people were right handed, shaking hands with your right hand showed you were not holding a weapon. It was a gesture of trust, going unarmed into possibly hostile situations. Shaking hands is a European tradition, not an Asian one. It was introduced to Asia by the British, Spanish and Portuguese. In Asia, bowing and making the local hand gesture, such as namaste, is the traditional form of greeting. Shaking hands was considered not only unsanitary, but an invasion of personal space.

  4. THAT’S disturbing.

    How “cold” do you have to be to do THAT as a child… Wow.

    My dad (81) was whacked with rulers by the nuns for the same reason but he tried… He didn’t DEFY them.

    I always figured Obama’s weird detachment grew out of being effectively abandoned by his mom, (and dad) but it appears he was this way before that happened – which makes it worse.


    Just. Wow.

    • His “weird detachment” is not due to abandonment issues, it’s because he is a narcissist, a classic one. Look it up, he fits all the criteria. Narcissists are all about themselves, nothing matters to them but themselves and those they deem “theirs” such as children and spouse. Anyone else is expendable and not worthy of notice.

  5. I have known many ‘lefties’ over the years….but never once have I seen any of them twist their body into such a knot whenever they take pen to paper. He should keep all Bill-signing ceremonies private!

  6. *Violins*

    Yeah…your people may get bombed anbd vilfied regularly by the people I am trying to coerce you into pacifying…but I was hit as a child for being left-handed.

  7. Since I was born a left hander I think I can speak with aurthority. Now I am 82, so I am old enough to comment about this. In my whole life I was never punished for being left handed. Maybe that is why Obama screws up so much, because of this strange upbringing in Pakistan. (PAKEESTAN)

  8. The ancient Greeks used to hold left-handed Aries in very high esteem. The word aristera means both left-handed as well as “the finest, the best”. Now the term has been hijacked by the “left” leaning socialists.

  9. Oh the Indonesian stuff again. Hey Media folks, we still have the same questions for you to explain! How was he able to attend the Djakarta National school instead of the International School where all the other Americans went? The Djakarta school was a Wahabi school in Jakarta and only Indonesian nationals (and Muslims) were allowed to go there.

    Barak’s new step father Lolo Soetero, married his mother when he was two and adopted him (making him an Indonesian citizen). We’d still like to see Barak’s adoption records to Soetero and the birth certificate change to Soetero. More importantly how about the name change/birth certificate changes from Soetero back to Obama and when did they occur? And did he attend and receive scholarships to Occidential and Harvard as a foreign student named Soetero?
    I know you don’t want to really look into this until after 2016, but just letting you know, we haven’t forgotten!