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Israeli Embassy Releases Weird Video Heralding Obama’s Visit

Uhhh, not sure what this is all about.

19 Responses to Israeli Embassy Releases Weird Video Heralding Obama’s Visit

  1. Bizarre, indeed. I think POTUS et al foisted this dreck on the Israeli Embassy and made them do it in exchange for (?) is the $64,000 question (scandals included).

  2. Oh dear they dug up Dear Leaders tree already :-(. Well it had to be checked for germs, disease, cooties or maybe chemical weapons. I’m sure they’ll replant it unless it has such trama from all the kerfuffle it dies a sudden death. Yet another bumble by Obama. Now where’s that tea trolley? Gotta love the big pic on Drudge. Should have made (I mean ask) him to dig it up himself.

    • I’d say it’s amazing that nobody in the WH thought about import laws for plants but it just seems par for the course anymore. Seems like the most intelligent man on earth would have known better.

      • Laws? They mean nothing to Dear Leader and none of his ‘staff’ have
        yet to complete Rules for Dummies part one. They read at a second grade level no offense to second graders who are by far smarter.

  3. They need to correct the symbol on the tail fin of Air Force One to the obama symbol instead of the American Flag.