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Chuck Todd Tries to Conduct His Own Press Conference

Updated March 21 at 7:28 am ET

I really hate it when White House reporters get so impressed with themselves that they ask forty questions. Chuck’s a nice guy and not normally a blowhard, but he seems here to have temporarily lost a sense of his own importance relative to the rest of the universe.

I’m glad President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu called him out. This is really quite amusing.

The worst I’ve ever seen – among many floor grabbers – was ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who would act as if the daily White House briefing had been arranged mainly for her personal use. NBC’s David Gregory had an excellent sense of the essentialness of his own questions too.

At least Chuck is asking good questions. But you are much more likely to get a good answer with one carefully crafted question buttressed by a precise follow up after your subject tries to dodge. Otherwise, the questions are about you, not about getting responses.

H/T to Dylan Byers of Politico.

UPDATE: I thought some more about this, and I want to note that this was one of those bilateral press conferences the president holds with foreign leaders at which questions are limited, in this case to two for the American press and two to for the Israelis.

With only limited access to the president, it’s quite possible Chuck was motivated more by a desire to get as many questions in as possible in order to get as much information as possible than he was by a desire to hear himself speak.

16 thoughts on “Chuck Todd Tries to Conduct His Own Press Conference”

  1. I disagree. If any reporter asks questions that the President doesn’t want to answer he has the perogative to change the subject; he does not have the right to chastise a member of the US press for asking too many questions.

    Neither MrObama or MrNetanyahu are royalty or dictators, but duly elected representatives of their respective countries and so have a duty to answer any and all legitimate questions put to them by the free press.

    Good for C.Todd, ask away, ask what you want because we might want to hear the answer, too.

  2. I have wondered for years how Chuck Todd keeps his job. When reporting he looks so uncomfortable. However, I get the impression he thinks he’s the best.

  3. That was some interesting “inside baseball” information. Thanks for that.

    Every once in awhile, Chuck Todd asks a very useful question, but his leftward bias makes him untrustworthy, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. He laughs, he giggles, he changes the subject, he flips off the question/questioner – at no point does he answer the question. And he gets by with it every time.

  5. I was glad to see Chuck Todd asking good, hard questions but I don’t understand why he had to wait until he got to Israel to do it.

  6. Maybe if the president had a few more open press conferences and actually answered a few questions, the reporters wouldn’t have to ask him a gazillion questions at once. All they ever get is Carney. That’s got to be a bit frustrating for them. When was the last time Obama stood before the press and answered real questions? Not the prearranged ones he usually does?

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