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Sequester or No, St. Patrick’s Day Party Rolls On at White House

Layoffs and furloughs are in store, delays at airports are on the way, and tours of the White House are cancelled, but the White House has found the money for a full day of St Patrick’s celebrations today honoring a minor U.S. ally but a major U.S. voting bloc.

The festival of everything Irish culminates in a lavish East Room party tonight that will no doubt be watched over carefully by some of the same Secret Service agents unable to conduct White House tours, lest the inevitable imbibing get out hand.

The Obamas and Kennys prepare to party last year
The Obamas and Kennys prepare to party last year

Tonight’s party will be hosted by President Obama and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who will, as is the custom, present Obama with a bowl teeming with Irish shamrocks.

While few other details about this evening’s event have been released, last year’s East Room bash featured “hundreds of guests” and “was complete with flowing drinks,” according to the website Obama Foodorama.

Adding to the circus atmosphere tonight reportedly be the presence of Henry Healy, Obama’s Irish cousin, eight times removed.

The White House reception follows a luncheon on Capitol Hill for Obama and Kenny at which Irish delicacies will be served and Anthony Kearns of The Irish Tenors will perform.

The money for these events will perhaps come from the same kitty that paid to dye the White House South Lawn fountain green all day on St Patrick’s Day Sunday.

Perhaps the Irish are planning to return the favor. There’s word in Ireland that prior the the June 17-18 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, Obama will make a stop at Shannon Airport in Ireland and head out to shoot a round of golf on one of Irelands splendid courses with Kenny.

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156 thoughts on “Sequester or No, St. Patrick’s Day Party Rolls On at White House”

  1. Maybe you’re thinking of the so-called Black Irish. Information on these folks is but a Google search away. Recollection of how my parents looked would indicate that their own parents, themselves, siblings and cousins passed this superficial feature on to the next generation.

  2. I think “the people” should show up in DC for the next “party”. It is time to stop complaining and start organizing for action against the excesses of the royal family and their stooges.

  3. And yet, there is no money for an Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn – an event that has existed for at least a century? How about the Obamas finance it out of their filthy rich pockets? How about every Congressman or Senator kicks in a couple of bucks to cover the cost? How about the fake “cuts” are revealed to be nothing more than smaller increases in spending and the event goes on as usual? This ruse of punishing the populace for not wanting to sign over their entire paychecks to cover the enormous debts incurred by this White House needs to stop. Now.

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  5. What a petty snide article. Is this the way you spend your time, obsessing over every last little daily event in the White House as if you are a failed VP candidate who resents losing to a black man, attacking him in every public utterance ever since?

    1. Obama only cares about power and the ability to push his progessive agenda which is ruining the country. The only reason Obama was put up was because he could win.The Dems didn’t care if he had an credentials, which are slim, or education, because his records are sealed. So the least experienced candidate in decades was put forward so the Dems could win. And why did they think he could win, because he was a minority who “was clean and could speak” according to Joe Biden.

  6. That’s right King Obama, take care of yourself, have parties on tax payer’s dime and cut military funding. Our military can’t go to school now because YOU CUT THE FUNDING! You also CUT THE FUNDING FOR OUR MILITARY’S HEALTHCARE! Hope you and Moochelle can sleep at night.
    Sincerely, TEA Party Patriot

    1. Obama never liked the military. I;m sure he;d rather be in charge of a UN army.
      And as far as sleeping. I;m sure he sleeps just fine on taxpayer paid for linens, beds and in the taxpayers White House. He is the ultimate moocher and never held an honest job in his life.

  7. Arrogance to no end. He knows how dumbed down this nation is so why not keep fooling them to think that he really cares about the peasants.

  8. Where are the alien spaceships from the movie independence day when you need them!! You know the one where the one ship is directly above the white house!! Wishful thinking!!

  9. Comparing, and whining at the same time, about a White House dinner versus a tour is so lame. Will you all get over the tour already. Had he not stopped them you would be skeptical of that.

    At least he takes accountability for his actions.

    As for Obama being against americans – educate yourself. Listen. Read. Be open minded. Stop being racist.

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  11. The reasoning behind such events are not just so that the president can enjoy a party. There are many beneficial economic ties between Ireland and the US. and our representatives in goverments are obliged to foster and create good feeling between nations who can assist one another. Irish airline Ryanair prior to this reception announced a 16 billion order of planes from US company Boeing. A st patricks day reception is hardly flagrant abuse of power. Both the irish and american government should be congratulated on such initiatives. Such relatively small outputs by both nations in hosting foreign dignitaries can do a great deal for both countries.

  12. Shssssss!!! You are not supposed to talk about Obama’s parties, the main stream media will get annoyed and may actually have to say something to defend him (as if they need an excuse). Obama, the narcasist needs this attention to survive, without it he is simply a shrunken, blabbering, racist individual crying for someone to adore and listen to him. He does not care one bit about this nation so long as it serves his “kingship” requrements like golf, vacations, and Hollywood parties and performances in tribute to him!!!!!!!

  13. David,
    I understand those things. Economics need to be done for a reason. My father worked for Aer Lingus for 45 years and that is were Ryan got his start.before he started Ryan Air
    Party every week. No Class, Yet First Class.OB has his deal. By the way. A Shout out to all their at Aer Lingus for bringing him home.

    Brian Kelly

    1. Brian – Yeah not many agree including me concur with Michael O’Leary’s business style but who cares! Its’ effective! Was the same level of vitriol directed at Bush during his disastrous term! Republicans should stop taking cheap shots like criticizing a st Patricks day reception which most certainly pays for itself with jobs and investment for both countries Obama is trying with his best with a Republican party who block and refuse to co-operate with anything. He could have made far more money staying in the private sphere. The republicans should focus on doing what it can to work with democrats in attracting investment and growth and also refining the party, which on evidence of the last election will not have a president for an extended period without drastic change!

  14. I just found the REAL Irish ancestors of BOTH Barry AND Moochelle!

    “Of all the Irish fairies, the evil leprechaun, with his hot-temper and spiteful trickery, is probably the best-known internationally, closely followed by the Banshee. Unlike the screamer, who no one in their right mind wants to encounter, ‘the little fella’ has a rather mixed reception. Some would say he’s misunderstood, more mischievous than evil. Others insist he’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work, and best avoided. ”

    Here’s a little more on Michelle’s beloved grandma;

    ” The bean-sidhe (woman of the fairy may be an ancestral spirit appointed to forewarn members of certain ancient Irish families of their time of death. According to tradition, the banshee can only cry for five major Irish families: the O’Neills, the O’Briens, the O’Connors, the O’Gradys and the Kavanaghs. Intermarriage has since extended this select list. (and the O’Bamas?)

    Whatever her origins, the banshee chiefly appears in one of three guises: a young woman, a stately matron or a raddled old hag. These represent the triple aspects of the Celtic goddess of war and death, namely Badhbh, Macha and Mor-Rioghain.) She usually wears either a grey, hooded cloak or the winding sheet or grave robe of the unshriven dead. She may also appear as a washer-woman, and is seen apparently washing the blood stained clothes of those who are about to die. In this guise she is known as the bean-nighe (washing woman).”

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