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Sequester or No, St. Patrick’s Day Party Rolls On at White House

Layoffs and furloughs are in store, delays at airports are on the way, and tours of the White House are cancelled, but the White House has found the money for a full day of St Patrick’s celebrations today honoring a minor U.S. ally but a major U.S. voting bloc.

The festival of everything Irish culminates in a lavish East Room party tonight that will no doubt be watched over carefully by some of the same Secret Service agents unable to conduct White House tours, lest the inevitable imbibing get out hand.

The Obamas and Kennys prepare to party last year
The Obamas and Kennys prepare to party last year

Tonight’s party will be hosted by President Obama and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who will, as is the custom, present Obama with a bowl teeming with Irish shamrocks.

While few other details about this evening’s event have been released, last year’s East Room bash featured “hundreds of guests” and “was complete with flowing drinks,” according to the website Obama Foodorama.

Adding to the circus atmosphere tonight reportedly be the presence of Henry Healy, Obama’s Irish cousin, eight times removed.

The White House reception follows a luncheon on Capitol Hill for Obama and Kenny at which Irish delicacies will be served and Anthony Kearns of The Irish Tenors will perform.

The money for these events will perhaps come from the same kitty that paid to dye the White House South Lawn fountain green all day on St Patrick’s Day Sunday.

Perhaps the Irish are planning to return the favor. There’s word in Ireland that prior the the June 17-18 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, Obama will make a stop at Shannon Airport in Ireland and head out to shoot a round of golf on one of Irelands splendid courses with Kenny.

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156 thoughts on “Sequester or No, St. Patrick’s Day Party Rolls On at White House”

  1. And we can fully expect the mainstream media to show this and question why the ostensible spending cuts are going where they’re going…right?

    1. Don’t hold your breath, William. The state-run media knows their place. Besides, they don’t want to lose access to the O’Bama White House, like the rest of America has. If they question the monarch, their hand-calligraphied invites to these shindigs might just get lost in the mail next time around.

      1. Isn’t that the truth Susan !

        I just wish the Obamas would use a little common sense in their “eat cake optics” choices while they keep handing out punishments for We the “little” People who seem to be paying attention despite the media :)

  2. What a guy, this President O’Bama! A stop at Shannon for golf will cost approx $500k (likely more) mere chump change for the American King.

      1. The Emperor cannot and should not be held accountable for the spending. The only thing is for the House to cut his budget severely and then all the dems will howl about racism.

    1. “What happened to “shared sacrifice?”” – Car in

      We have that. You can share the sacrifice with everyone ELSE who actually works for a living. The Obamas, being superior creatures, are above that sort of thing…Plus, the Country OWES them because people of similar color to them were once treated meanly here, so this somehow means they deserve what those people were denied. Both Mooch and Hopey have had VERY sucessful careers based on nothing more than that.

      Know your place, peasant, and don’t question your betters, or thou shalt be smited with a drone strike…

    2. Exactly, Car in. There is no shared sacrifice nor will there ever be. He is no better than the North Korean leaders who feast while the peasants starve.

      1. Exactly Caligula – the “little people,” i.e. you and me – need “proper supervision.”
        This is provided by the “elite class,” educated at “all the best schools,” and, of course they shall be ushered through by “affirmative action” if necessary.
        Judging by both of the Obama’s dismal legal careers – which were both a complete disaster – that’s what happened. Now we must get back to work to provide ca$h for Obama’s parties.

        Be gone peasants, be gone.

  3. And who expected anything else from Their Majesties, the Obozos? Their contempt for the American people and attempts to destroy all that made America once great is disgusting.

    1. Race baiting comments have no place here. If you are going to stoop to the level of the leftists, then go over to their sites and not sully this site.

      Thank you for playing.

    2. Same reason Michael Jackson didn’t. Same reason Michelle thinks she’s attractive. Same reason that Caligula considered himself sane. No one they listen to would ever DARE tell them they’re wrong, or even different; they’re FAR too rich and powerful, and NO ONE wants the gravy train to end.

      Thus they are surrounded by synchophants, and any negativity comes from “Outsiders” and they are counseled to ignore it as sour grapes, racism, what have you by…the synchophants. It also helps to be arrogant enough to believe you’re never wrong, and the Obamas are certainly THERE…

  4. Nice…those children couldn’t visit THEIR White House but somehow these idiot royals find the money for security and a party.
    How pathetic and insensitive…”I got mine so screw you little shamrock !!

  5. Here we go again. The Obama’s spending TAXPAYER money on themselves and planning on doing mosre of the same but at the same time punishing Americans through his sequestration rules. The most selfish, sefl absorbed, egotistical, lying president this country has ever had.

    1. If America is still around in another 200 years–and with the takers nearly outnumbering the makers at this point, that’s a very big “if”–future Americans are going to look back on us as the dumbest Americans ever. How did America elect a tyrant like this, twice?

      Excuse me, while I go listen to some Living Colour. You know…Cult of Personality?

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  7. Funny, but you don’t hear the state controlled media talking about the “sky is falling” sequester very much now do you? Then again, you don’t hear them talking about the glorious occupy movement which fizzled either. Nor anything else that makes Obama look like the liar he is. The media in this country remind me of termites. They just keep eating away at the foundation of this country until all that’s left are a crumbling shell of idiotic Democrat ideals.

  8. So, the St Patrick party is a smashing success but the Easter Egg hunt is a bust because of the budget cuts. Now, it’s pretty obvious, that these goons in Washington are just playing politics and some are naive enough to believe it. The White House phones should be ringing off the walls. What a bunch of hypocrates.

    1. Gotta keep Carlos Slim (Obamaphone supplier and Obama campaign donor) in the green, so he can keep controlling the news reported by the New York Times that he and his ‘family’ owns a piece of. Quite the Soviet-style racket these professional politicians and their cronies have going on here in America.

      1. And the problem with that is that the Russians never really recovered from it. Some of their former republics haven’t been complete basket cases, but Russia itself can’t seem to rid itself of Putinoma.

        I hope America can recover from her current side trip into absolutism.

  9. Would you deny Prezzy his heritage? Don’t you know he’s Irish, from a long line of Irish community organizers?

    “NORAH O’DONNELL: Good morning or dia dhuit ar maidin as we in Gaelic. The Irish eyes are smiling today as this country welcomes President Obama. And I can tell you that the people here in Moneygall are overjoyed that Obama has Irish roots and that he’s going to brave this wind today to come visit his ancestral home.

    [ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: A Pint For the President; Obama Visits Ancestral Homeland in Ireland]

    GROUP SINGING: O’Leary, O’Reilly, O’Hare and O’Hara. There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.

    O’DONNELL: In the heart of Ireland is the tiny town of Moneygall.

    BARACK OBAMA: It turns out that I have Irish heritage.

    [Cheers and applause]

    OBAMA: I do.

    UNIDENTIFIED MAN: So we claim to be the guys who put the ‘O’ in Obama and made him Irish.

    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Well, he doesn’t actually look like anyone in Moneygall.

    O’DONNELL: This hamlet got a face lift, a fresh coat of paint and an Obama Café. Why are kids so excited about it?

    UNIDENTIFIED BOY: Because it’s Barack Obama. He’s kind of like the most famous person on Earth.

    O’DONNELL: Henry Healey is Obama’s 8th cousin.

    HENRY HEALEY: From here in 1850, Falmouth Carney, Barack Obama’s third great grandfather, closed the door and left for the United States.

    O’DONNELL: Obama’s ancestors worshiped at this very church, Temple Harry Anglican. Records show they were shoemakers.”

    Read more:

    He’s everything to everyone. He’s like Visa; he’s everywhere you want to be…

    1. Oops, didn’t include the “Community Organizer” part…

      “CANON STEPHEN NEILL [MODREENEY RECTORY]: We also know that would have meant they would have been better off than most people in the area, who were bringing help to the suffering.

      O’DONNELL: So you’re telling me that his great, great, great, great grandfather and ancestors were community organizers?

      NEILL: Absolutely. That’s where it comes from. We’re taking credit for that.


      Read more:

  10. The Presidential perks need to be tied, somehow, into job performance. Cripes. No parties until he creates x number of jobs. AF1 is grounded until The unemployment rate his X%.

    WTF – seriously – does Obama “need” to go visit these site in Israel? Is being President some sort of Grand travel plan? Presidents before have seen these things, as well as other government officials.

    There is no need. The idea that any importance is tied to these things is stupid. Is he going to change his mind ONE iota regarding Israel?

    Does anyone believe that?

    1. The security around Barry while in Israel will be epic.

      “United States President Barack Obama ‘s security team is taking no chances: During the presidential visit in Israel which begins next Wednesday, the president will ride around Jerusalem in The Beast, the aptly named tank-turned-car, a rolling fortress.
      Obama’s motorcade will include two such vehicles – each costing $300,000 – driving around between a huge entourage of uniformed and undercover security men.”

      There will be 5,000 police officers accompanying and protecting the President.

      Read the article and the comments (mostly negative) at:,7340,L-4356663,00.html

  11. Partying is what Barry does best. Did he lead any old Irish favorites in his famous brogue, after blowing a few bong hits with the crowd?

    What an embarassing POS. I wonder how many SS agents are repulsed by his sight but must guard him with thier precious lives?

  12. If Bush had done this, closed the WH to the public but then hosted a lavish party for his friends, the LSM would still be hyperventilating about it. Obama shut down the WH tours and may cancel the Easter Egg roll so he should put on his big boy pants and cancel his own damn party.

    1. of course AZ, but we all know MO and Shameless O’Bama have never passed up party time, heck I am betting they will invent a few new ones to celebrate in 2013. Of course, it’s all leading up to MO’s Bday blowout next year.

  13. Undoubtedly the most corrupt bunch to ever hold the oval office hostage. Don’t the Secret Service staff take an oath “to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”? No matter what side of the birther issue you come down on, it’s covered either way. What are they waiting for?

  14. Check out the petition for the President to stop charging taxpayers for his family vacations.

    Mr. President, stop charging U.S. taxpayers for your personal and family vacations while the sequester is in effect.

    We object to the President charging taxpayers for his vacations, since he has now imposed sequester cuts on the military and his own personal fortune of $12 Million is more than enough to cover his costs. Since 2009, the President and his family have spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for “working” vacations to Hawaii, golf outings, and trips for his wife and children around the world. As taxpayers, we find it unconscionable for a multimillionaire to bill us for his vacation costs, while telling our military to make do with less. We ask that; (1) the President and his family stop using taxpayer-funded military transport for vacations, or (2) the President personally reimburse the U.S. Treasury for all costs associated with his vacations, including transportation and salaries.

    1. This is what the above WH petition link produced:

      404 Page Not Found
      The page you’re looking for is currently unavailable to view

      We’ve been upgrading our site. It is possible that this page has been moved or renamed. You can use your browser’s Back button to return to the previous page, go to the homepage, or you can browse or search for the information you’re looking for.

      If you think that you have reached this page due to an error on our part, please let us know.

      1. 404 Page Not Found
        The page you’re looking for is currently unavailable to view

        We’ve been upgrading our site. It is possible that this page has been moved or renamed. You can use your browser’s Back button to return to the previous page, go to the homepage, or you can browse or search for the information you’re looking for.

        If you think that you have reached this page due to an error on our part, please let us know.

        ..and now we know who you are, Netizen, and we will place you on the terrorist watch list for trying to access seditious materials. If you do not cease and desist questioning the President immediately, you will be liable for remedial action for the security of the Country up to and including drone strikes, and anyone who associates with you will be deemed dangerous as well.

        You have been warned.

      2. Thanks for posting this, Play. It made me mad enough I just got an ID for the WH site and will now review/vote on petitions I like.

  15. Have money for parties and vacations but not for things that matter. This president is corrupt and needs to be taken out of office. If this was a normal citizen acting like this Obama would label him with a mental disorder and take his gun rights away so we need to take Obama’s vacation rights away

  16. O’Bama….puhlease.

    Cutting meat inspectors in hopes that people will get sick so he can point and say-“those evil Republicans”, yet he parties on, vacations on, spend millions on golf.

    But the silence from the “main” stream media is deafening.

  17. And America reelected this chump??!!! Obeelzebub is without a doubt the most in our face, useless, arrogant waste of taxpayer dollars to have ever crossed the White House threshold!!! Who is so dammed idiotic to have voted for this schmuck??!!!

    1. …well let’s see, there’s the 47% welfare and entitlement crowd, the 97% (you can figure that one out), and of course the other 11% on the fringe………

    2. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, and probably a whole lot more names like that, and that’s just in Ohio.

      Now add a whole lot of dead people, and add 47% to that.

      If it’s this easy for tyrants to bribe, browbeat, and steal elections in the United States of America, it is finished.

  18. Traditionally, the WH has set the tone for how to respond to the nation’s economic condition. Eleanor Roosevelt published cookbooks on low-cost cooking during the Great Depression, President Carter turned the heat off in the WH during the energy crisis, etc, etc. President Obama, bless his heart, has upped the WH vacation, christmas tree count, party schedule and cousine to record high levels in ‘support’ of the suffering of the common man. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  19. The sad part is that this type of irresponsibility isn’t even a surprise anymore. And ecause it’s not a surprise it’s expected, once it’s expected it’s accepted. Isn’t it sad that we accept our president to be a completely irresponsibly, lying, thieving, politicking, party throwing failure to us and our country. We have only ourselves to blame for putting up with this.

  20. The people suffer but its important that the president and Moochell keep on partying. After all they don’t gie a sh-t (shite in Irish) abut al the “little people” in America. (In Obama’s eyes that would be everyone.)

  21. Hey, what’s the matter with a little party for all of the hard working peeps at 1600. And one round of golf in Ireland? Big deal. Chill out America, we’re just getting this party started. 4 mo’ years, you ain’t seen nuttin yet.

  22. How can the Poser rule the country if he can’t rule the WH? The People gotta shuddup, stay outta his party place an quit grousin about the bill he gives ’em for his good times.

    He gotta get stoked and stroked to keep on refoundin the country.

    Damn. Y’all get statist minders, food stamps, Obamaloans, Obamaphones and subsidized promiscuity, all he want is your kids, your money an your government.

  23. The Obamas’ just don’t care what the general public thinks about their endless parties. They will continue and there isn’t a thing we can do about it except be frustrated by what’s going on !

  24. We have a tiered society. At the top we have our political elite such as the President and his staff, congressmen and senators who have their own health plans, swimming pools, retirement plans, tennis courts, barber shops and have custom furniture made for their offices. The rest of society have none of these perks, and our health and welfare is subject to the bad to awful deals made by these elites.

    Just wait until the national debt hits $30 Trillion and these elites decide that they need to confiscate 10% of all bank accounts to payoff their bank buddies. Bet me at that time they exempt their own savings from government theft.

    1. They’re already confiscating deposits in Cyprus. That’s going to happen in America fairly soon. Hopefully it happens during Obeyme’s term: there’s no WAY he’ll skate on that. Americans will know that he could have stopped that if he’d chosen to, but that he chose not to. At that point, look out.

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