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Are Republicans Getting Smart?

I know this is hard to believe, but Republicans may be outmaneuvering President Obama on an important issue.

According to Politico, Republican leaders in upcoming weeks will be drilling into your brain that they want to balance the budget, while Democrats do not.

Because its true AND it polls well, they’ve found.

budgetIn a weird interlude of political honesty, Obama admitted last week he doesn’t want to balance the budget. “Our biggest problems in the next 10 years are not deficits,” he told Republicans during his Niceness Tour, the New York Times reported.

Why balance the budget when THERE ARE SO MANY PROGRAMS left to start or expand? How can Obama stop spending when there’s so much he needs to help you with. When you’re incapable of raising your children, eating the right food, planning for your retirement, keeping a job, finding your shoes, figuring out to go to the doctor, or resisting engaging in mass murder without EXPERT HELP.

But Republicans think Americans are smart, see, and the people know the fiscal Armageddon predicted by Nostradamus – I don’t know, I guess he predicted that – and by EVERY SENTIENT ECONOMIST is coming.

They know they gotta balance their own checkbooks, and figure Obama should balance his.

Politico reports:

Instead of focusing on selling the conversion of Medicare into a premium support program, Republicans will incessantly pound home the theme of balancing the budget, GOP leaders say. When talking about the Democrats’ plan, Republicans criticize it for attempting to raise taxes and the fact that it doesn’t balance the budget . . .

The internal party polling shows that Republicans think there’s massive political upside to talking about balancing the budget. In fact, Republican leadership think it’s the winning argument as the party again starts battling with Democrats over the nation’s fiscal future . . .

It’s not only the broad idea of balancing the budget that’s a winner, but how Republicans want to do it also polls well. Seventy percent of voters in districts Republicans are targeting, and 67 percent of swing district voters support balancing the budget by reforming entitlements and cutting spending.

I mean, really, Obama found a poll saying it’s okay not to be able to balance the budget in ten years? Seems like the Republicans may be onto something.

17 thoughts on “Are Republicans Getting Smart?”

  1. When the Repubs shout “tax and spend, that’s all the Dems want to do” and add what you and Politico suggest, the Dems won’t stand a chance.

    This will resonate with the working middle class, but won’t mean a hill of beans to the other 47% who don’t pay taxes, but wait for the next handout.

    1. I hear you on that. I really think the problem for the Republican party is a credibility issue. When Bush the 43rd was in office, they were spending like Democrats. Now, Obama is in office, they are suddenly the party of fiscal restraint. They must stay consistent or they lose people.

  2. Are republicans getting smart? I sort of doubt it! The “powers that be” need to learn that trying to be “democrat lite” is never going to work ~ the bigger the difference between the two parties to give people a real choice is the way to go. (1) Less government intrusion into our lives, (2) less spending, and (3) lower taxes for individuals and corporations to give this Country a chance to regenerate itself will work wonders. We need to learn to grab the initiative to get our message out and not let the lamestream media set the narrative to be what they want it to be. We have to learn to fight as dirty as the left does and speak the truth as we understand things via the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. JMHO!

    1. Right on, pianogirl. The corporate tax issue (Rates, reform) is something that keeps getting muddled as we endure talk about Individuals. Corporations create jobs…….

  3. John Boehner must not have gotten the message. Just last Sunday Boehner was mumbling about how he ‘absolutely trusts’ Obama and agreed with him that we don’t have a debt crisis.

    The GOP can pat themselves on the back for changing the conversation to balancing the budget, but until they get coherent, principled people in leadership who can deliver their message without rolling over and begging Obama to rub their bellies, they’ll lose the House in 2014.

  4. Here’s the thing, if the same folks who believe in fiscal responsibility would actually VOTE, we might get to a level playing field.

    As always, those who have figured out that they can vote largesse for themselves, are the ones who show up at the pols, sometimes several of them on the same day.

  5. The Republicans also have to find alternate ways of getting their message out, other means that the MSM. They should take a clue from the response to Rand Paul’s filibuster on Twitter and C-SPAN.

    The MSM do not cover them, or, if they do, it is to demonize them. The GOP needs to get that into its thick skull.

    1. Over at Legal Insurrection (I think) there is a post about how the report on “rebranding” the party etc. mentions social media, but not bloggers. It then includes that video of Cruz at CPAC where he thanks bloggers for all the help they gave his campaign etc.

      We need to be smarter, better, quicker, tougher etc. Women know this. The GOP doesn’t.

    2. President Reagan learned how to go over the heads of the media and talk directly to the American people. We need to find people who have the ability to do that again!

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