As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12:25 pm || Arrives Tel Aviv
12:30 pm || Takes part in arrival ceremony; Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv
1:30 pm || Views Israeli missile defense battery; Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv
4:00 pm || Arrives at the residence of President Peres; Jerusalem
4:10 pm || Participates in a tree planting ceremony; President’s Residence, Jerusalem
5:05 pm || Delivers statement to the press
5:30 pm || Arrives at the residence of Prime Minister Netanyahu; Prime Minister’s Residence, Jerusalem
5:45 pm || Holds bilateral meeting with Netanyahu
8:05 pm || Holds a press conference with Netanyahu
8:50 pm || Working dinner with Netanyahu

All times Israel Standard Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. EDT

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 20, 2013

      • Exactly!!! He’s not the least bit interested in Israel.. this is more a of a junket with his buds & photo op for the walls of the future ubama library/shrine.
        But then, there is nothing like flying around in a huge plane, sucking down liquor, watching TV, inhaling lobster, spewing obscenities & chain smoking all on someone else’s $$$$ !!!
        ahhh it’s good to be king!

    • meanwhile MO is over at WRNMC causing a huge lock down playing photo op time. Pre-Easter?? Is that like Post-St Patrick’s Day? I would have thought the families would have been invited for the Egg Roll on April 1st at the “People’s House”.

        • Michelle doesn’t have a circulatory system, she has a series of biliary ducts throught her manly body that circulates the gall from a badly malfomed liver that is where a human being would have a heart.

          Because of this, she cannot be poisoned. Being full of such poison and venom herself, any attempt would be futile, so no taster needed for HER.

          Because of this, she could do the tasting safely FOR her “husband”, but as long as the taxpayers got the tab, why not go the expensive route? Plus, she doesn’t really like the guy anyway…

      • Can you imagine having that on your resume??

        2012-2013 – Royal Taster to HRH B Obama – Survived 22 attempted food poisonings served by MO at family dinner time. Specialties: Enjoying Lobster prepared 20 different ways, beef, beef and beef.

    • Ned Reid,
      Not to second guess you but are you sure it isn’t;

      9:10 pm || Pull up the hoodie and relive fond memories of having that troublesome يسوع guy crucified after a visit to the guy who was running Jerusalam at that time. It wasn’t Peres, it was WAY before him, it was Pontius something or other…

      Meh, it was just some White guy, doesn’t matter. As long as no one reminds him about that annoying EASTER thing, he can revel in the memories!

  1. Another ‘hot mic’ moment for BHO during photo op with PM Netanyahu: “It’s good to get away from Congress”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong….but isn’t this what he’s been doing for the last four years?

  2. What time’s the visit to Haram al-Sharif? Doesn’t he need to collaborate futher with his colleague A!!ah, and go over the CONSIDERABLE progress he’s made in their Infidel Nation Destruction initiative?

    Obama doesn’t seem to be worried about “Optics” anymore, what with the lavish St. Patty’s day celebration and all, but if he is, I’m sure he could get John Boehner to pack the prayer rug over for him – but he’d have to take it back at the Gate of the Tribes, since the muezzin would refuse the weepy orangey-White guy entry…

    • He has perfected the art of inflicting great pain and suffering on the innocent recipients of every Royal visit since the day of his coronation. He is a masochist at heart…

  3. Peres and Netanyahu seem to be treating him like a barely tolerable in-law.

    Hey, while you’re here, can you plant this tree for me? You wanna talk about something? See you at dinner, we’ll kibbitz then. A late dinner at that, he won’t stay long ;)

    • Bibi should unexpectely storm out while talking to Obama, throwing “I’m going to the residential wing to have dinner with Sara and the kids.” over his shoulder.

      It’s useless for him to try to talk to this Sunni Muslim President anyway. After all, he’s sworn to Israel’s destruction as are all good Muslims, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have anything helpful to say on Israeli security issues, and is more likely collecting intelligence for Israel’s enemies.

      If he DID say or promise something, it would be no more than taqiyya, and just a smoke screen to lull Israel into a false confidence.

      I suspect, however, that Mr. Netanyahu is much wiser than our Mr. Boehner, and will NOT “Absolutely Trust” Obama!