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The Obama Morning News || March 19, 2013

Obama hopes to assure Israel on Iran . . . New York Times
Stopping attack by Israel is trip’s real goal . . . Paul Mirengoff
Republican to block Obama’s Labor pick . . . Washington Times
Dramatic rise in suport for gay marriage . . . ABC News
Assault weapons ban loses steam . . . Politico
Obama continues video outreach to Iran . . . Washington Times
History Channel bedevils Obama . . . Daily Mail
Easter Egg Roll on the chopping block? . . . Washington Post

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 19, 2013

  1. So even the Easter Egg Hunt is at risk, eh? It might be just as well since The Regime might use the event to stage a kabuki style play where the evil GOP leaders behead the Easter Bunny, thereby terrifying the assembled children.

    The actions of this man and his team make me physically sick.

    • I really don’t think The Angry Caliph is that down with Easter, anyway. After all, “Isa” is just a minor prophet to him…

      Leave us not forget also, that the REAL terrifying thing about the Obama regime is that he’s ALREADY spent the future earnings of those “assembled children”. They just don’t know it. Yet.

    • Jay Carney told Fox News last week that the Easter Egg roll is paid for by private donations. I don’t know whether that covers costs for security but this is just a political decision that shows Obama’s true priorities.

      • There were many offers of private donations to reopen the WH tours and they were rejected. Yesterday there was a reprint of the Obamas with a huge Easter Bunny at a past event. Mooch was so delighted and she was leaning back, smiling, and had her hands clasped together in glee. True joy. So, I suspect it has something to do with that rather large bunny that the Queen finds so very fun that might allow the Easter Egg Roll to escape the punish the people sequester chop.

  2. “Stopping attack by Israel is trip’s real goal . . . Paul Mirengoff”

    No doubt. The Angry Caliph never misses a chance to chastise that Bibi guy, partly because of Obama’s Muslim beliefs, but mostly because Prezzy Revenge will NEVER forgive him for proving how dumb he was about the Middle East, when His Angryness bid Israel back to it’s 1967 borders in an attempt to give Palestinans by fiat what they must else fight a war to win…

    “Benjamin Netanyahu rebukes Barack Obama over 1967 plan
    Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has issued a public rebuke to Barack Obama’s face, telling the US president his proposed border for the Jewish state would be “indefensible” and not based on reality.

    Mr Netanyahu told Mr Obama that to suggest a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders did not “take into account certain changes that have taken place” in the intervening 44 years.

    The president said that the talks, which had overrun in the Oval Office by more than 90 minutes, had been “extremely useful” and although he did not mention the pre-1967 borders, he reiterated the need for “a contiguous, functioning” Palestinian state.

    It was the seventh Obama-Netanyahu meeting and came after Mr Obama’s speech on Thursday calling for the creation of a Palestinian state on pre-1967 borders triggered uproar in the Israeli government.

    During the frosty public show, the Israeli premier told Mr Obama that any peace deal “based on illusion will crash on the rocks of Middle East reality”. Israel, he insisted, “can’t go back to the 1967 lines”.

    Brrr! Mr. Netanyahu’s lucky he hasn’t been hit by a drone. Yet.

    Actually, I’m surprised Obama didn’t bid them back to what HE views as their proper place – slavery in Egypt. Maybe he’s saving that for THIS trip…

  3. Not here, but WSJ has an article stating that people do not save enough for retirement. Well, duh. For those who don’t work for the government, there is not enough salary to go around: taxes, living expenses, raising and educating children, maybe some aging parents, and now rising health insurance costs. For those who do work for the government and for those on entitlements, no excuses. They will be taken care of.