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Is Biden Making False Excuses for Obama?

Vice President Biden, who is in Rome to attend the installation mass of Pope Francis I, today told Italian President Giorgio Napolitano that President Obama is skipping the event because of his trip to Israel.

“The President sends his regards and the only reason he’s not here is he’s going to Israel,” Biden said.

Except, during the mass Tuesday morning, Obama will be in . . . Washington. He doesn’t depart for Israel until Tuesday evening U.S. time, which is well into Wednesday at the Vatican.

What’s more, Rome is on the way to Israel for Obama.

Obama has nothing going on Monday that couldn’t be rescheduled. He does meet with  the Irish prime minister Tuesday, who is in the United States for the annual St. Patrick’s Day promotion of his island. And he’ll have a substantive chat with the leaders of Northern Ireland. But even Biden doesn’t cite this as a reason to ditch the Pope.

It seems perhaps the real reason is that Biden, who is Catholic, has far more interest witnessing the installation of a new Pope that President Obama, who is not.

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  1. To tell you the truth Keith, I don’t think the Vatican wants Obama to attend with the entourage and security nightmares he brings with him on all his visits and vacays.

    At least that’s what I understood when his invite to the Royal Wedding got lost in the mail ;)

      1. Michelle met the Pope, remember?? Dressed in a long black veil and black clothes.Trying to do a Jackie. Unsuccessfully, to be sure.

    1. The Church may also be taking into account that the Obamas have no class and probably won’t behave with any decorum in sanctified surroundings; that the sanctified surroundings would have to be Excorcised once the Obamas pass through; and that Obama puts his feet up on every OTHER antique, so it’s likely he’d plunk himself down in the Chair of St. Peter and get a nice photo-op with Bernini’s gilding over his swollen head…

      After all, he doen’t really care much for that Jesus fellow anyway. He MIGHT consider that guy among the prophets, but that’s all. To Obama, he probably doesn’t understand what all this frou-frou for Isa is for, anyway…

      1. Yes remember the terribly embarrassing ‘outfit’ she had on it was a
        cross between a thrift store special and a peculiar nun think Monty Python. It was truly an insult to the privilege of a meeting with the Pope.

    1. Could sending pro-abortion Biden and Pelosi be a message from The Won? Bammy could go and hold up his middle finger. Message would be the same.

    1. We’ll see.
      The Pope may just give communion to skip the political issues or just give it to a lower cardinal.

      Obviously the strictly pro-abortion Biden who allows pushes for Gay Marriage, and people to buy Shotguns is not the best representative to send to the Vatican.

      1. I don’t think he’s the best representative to send anywhere. Unless, of course, it’s for a re-enactment of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

      1. The faux Catholic’s like Biden,Kerry, Kennedy and Pelosi have been
        mentioned both here and in Rome as saying they should NOT be given
        communion. Hopefully they will only do a few of the deserving and the
        faithful. That would eliminate Biden and all the others in perpetuity.

        1. This is my scenario. Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Boxer and many others of their ilk all show up at The Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, DC. At the time of the call to communion, they waltz their arrogant, self-important selves to the communion rail. The Archbishop of Washington is the officiant that day. He gives communion to every person each side these persons and prays for their souls with no communion given. The visual brings a gleeful smile to my face!

          1. And then they have to wash his feet:-). And after that as long as they are already own their knees scrub the entire place with a child’s toothbrush.

  2. Let’s hope he doesn’t give the same advice to the Pope as he gave to Jill.

    “if there was ever a problem, to walk out on the balcony and “fire two blasts outside the house” from the double-barrel shotgun.”

    1. OTOH, Mr. Biden just demonstrated what you’re left with after following his lead and firing both barrels: nothing but smoke….

  3. O’Barry is probably afraid he will turn into a pillar of salt if he gazes upon a cross. Either that, or he may fear that the Pope can gaze upon his lying nefarious soul and expose him for the fraud he is.

  4. “Is Biden Making False Excuses for Obama?” – Keith Koffler

    Is the pope Catholic? These are BOTH self-evident questions.

    BTW, any time The Fresh New IL Papa would like to censure some of these rouge “Catholics” such as Mr. Biden, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Kerry for being such fans of Abortion, Contraception, and Gay Marriage, it would certainly go a LONG way to convincing the world the Church is SERIOUS, and not just political…

    1. Yes it would. The above mentioned should be excommunicated from
      the church. Would be a fresh start for the new Pope and a lesson to
      learn for those who only follow the parts of Catholicism they like.

  5. The new Pope staunchly opposes liberation theology and self-indulgent politicians. The presence of Obama, the Marxist, and his 600 person entourage, thousands of aircraft flying over Vatican City, and hundreds of SS personnel swarming St. Peter’s Basilica, would not be tolerated by Pope Francis. There will be no love lost between these two Leaders. I expect Pope Francis will soon be added to Obama’s enemy list.

  6. If Biden and Pelosi decide to confess their sins to the new Pope while they are over there it might take so long that we might not see them again until Obama’s term is up.

  7. Except, during the mass Tuesday morning, Obama will be in . . . Washington . . .

    . . . filling out his NCAA Tournament bracket.

  8. Actually, Keith, Biden is what we call a “cafeteria Catholic”. He picks and chooses which parts of its theology that he wants to go with. I would love to see Biden denied holy communion in a very public forum for his pro-death views. (I don’t call it “pro-choice” anymore; too sanitized.)

    1. Amen Ellen !
      I am a Lutheran, and we too have to go through confirmation in order to take communion.
      I would also love to see Biden and Pelosi denied the opportunity to participate in the Communion with our Lord in the public forum.
      Of course, we will never see that.

      1. I was baptized in the Episcopal church as a child, but could not receive communion until I took confirmation classes (in my 30’s). Which always makes me wonder when it is reported that the obama’s (sic) participate when they attend (rarely) St. John’s Episcopal Church. Exception for The Wons I guess.

      2. Catholics don’t have to go through Confirmation to receive Communion. Catholic children do learn catechism and have First Communion at the age of about 7 or 8. Then they can join in Communion with the rest of the communicants.

    2. Pro-choice is just that. I don’t believe in abortion, but I also think that it is up to the individual to make that decision for themselves, not the government. And I think that people who think abortion is ok should have proper medical procedures available to them. Big difference between that stance and being pro-death. Of course, you won’t think so, given your past posts on here. Or perhaps you like the idea of the government having its nose between your legs.

  9. Perhaps Biden was sent so the Church could excommunicate him in person. It would certainly be fitting. If I am mistaken in kindly tones let me know, but did not Pelosi also go? If yes, she could be excommunicated at the same time. Two down and Boxer, Kerry, etc. to go.

  10. Keith– You are the ultimate wordsmith. The use of the term “making false excuses” in the title of this article is classic parsing. Us common folks would have just said: “Is Biden Just Lying for Obama?” And we both know the answer to the question.

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