As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, March 18, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with senior advisers
4:40 pm || Delivers remarks at a Women’s History Month Reception; East Room

All times Eastern
live Stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

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20 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, March 18, 2013

  1. Scan a briefing for political ammunition.

    Meet with “Senior Advisers” Valerie Jarrett to discuss image

    Give campaign speech to another hand-picked group of fans

    After a grueling day, get back to picking the NCAA brackets.

    It’s good to be King. (Or at least imagine you might have a connection)..

  2. So, the ladies can attend a reception at the WH, but the kids can’t visit. Who’s behind the ceremony and how much money did they give to bho?

  3. If the women who will be honored by the reception at the WhiteHouse have any honor or patriotism, they would publically boycott this invitation until all Americans are welcome visitors at the White House.

      • Mommy why can you go to the White House and my whole class was
        told no? We were turned away at the door. And doesn’t reception mean you get food too? Well I guess I’ll just eat my carrot stick for
        lunch while you have lobster and foie gras. Bring me some leftovers
        cause after ‘let’s move’ I’m hungry my carrot stick has worn off :-(

    • Spot on, srdem. Doubt any woman who would be feted by this White House possesses the honor or patriotism required to put country above self, but it could happen. Dr. Benjamin Carson is a perfect example of an American who took a stand for liberty.

  4. Could it be so that the slow deconstruction of the EU started this weekend ?
    There is great tension and worry in the air after what happened in Cyprus. This small island nation is among those southern European countries who really couldn´t afford to be in the Eurozone. They have lived beyond their means on borrowed money and now the bills are to be paid. They have build systems that isn´t durable. This weekend Cyprus was promised a rescue package from the EU in return for a “tax” on the bankdeposits. 6,75% on less than 100 000 Euros and 9,9 % om more. Complete collapse or forced restribution. Before this the Cyprean primeminister promised that bankdepositions in Cyprus were safe.
    What a mess. And what a complete breach of trust. Just imagine, someone just steals your savings out of the blue. So, will there be a bankrun today ? Will some banks collapse ? I could go on and on about this socialist Behemoth that EU has become but…. So beware, Americans, your President is leading your country in a dangerous direction. Bureaucratic centralism, political elites, not the way to go.

    • Been reading and re-reading that all weekend Swedishlady…just stunning. Truly feels like looking into the future. I’m almost happy we have nothing left for them to steal!!

      • Same here, I’ve sold off my vehicles (except for a diesel pickup) and my house. I’m going to live in motels and my truck. Just keep moving around in the red states. Catch me if you can.

      • Not my case. We’re old-fashioned savers who don’t buy anything until we can pay for it. So the government could go after my savings while people who borrowed and spent money they didn’t have and basically charged the country into bankruptcy would get written off and we would have to pay for their folly.

    • You’re correct, Swedishlady – what a mess! The Great EU Bank Robbery! It has undermined the foundation of the banking system – deposit insurance. The chief minister of the eurozone has warned that similar levies could be imposed elsewhere! Some economists are calling it worse than the collapse of Lehman Bros.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is asking himself this morning if he could get away with imposing a similar ‘tax’ on U.S. bank depositors! Executive Order # 10, 250!

        • As long as Eric Holder is AG we only have laws he chooses to enforce. Cyprus can not pay its debt. Obama and Boehner have concluded that our debt is not alarming yet. And we are a nation with an overload of low information voters many of whom are dependent on the government and a currency that is fast becoming the EBT card. Oh yeah throw in an ineffective Congress that sends letters instead of subpoenas.