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The Obama Morning News || March 15, 2013

Obama: More than a year before Iran gets nukes . . . New York Times
Obama to pressure Israel to mollify Arabs . . . Daily Caller
Domino’s wins Obamacare contraception ruling . . . Washington Times
Republicans want follow up after initial charm . . . Associated Press
Romney gets B-List treatment at CPAC . . . Politico
Perry knocks McCain and Romney as moderates . . . Politico
Obama’s worldwide approval approaches Bush levels . . . Breitbart

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 15, 2013

  1. “Republicans want follow up after initial charm . . . Associated Press”

    Well, wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one fills up first.

    Not gonna happen. It’s just words. I’m sure you’re not going to fall for it a second – wait, third – I mean, eighth – is it tenth? oh, sixteenth, umm, ninety-seventh time, now will you?

  2. “Obama to pressure Israel to mollify Arabs . . . Daily Caller”

    Just as he pressures EVERYONE to “Mollify Arabs”. By which, he actually means Sunni Muslims like himself.

    Obama has this thing, He’s not really worried about the “Christian” label since the Arabs he seeks to mollify know it’s taqiyya, but he DOES have an inferiorty complex (on top of all his OTHER mental problems) that is common to non-Arab Muslims. You see, the Arab Muslims consider themselves the TRUE sons of the desert and decendants of the Prophet, and look down on all other races. Even the Umayyad Caliphs felt they had to dye their hair for a more “Arab” look. It’s a bit like how the French consider French-Canadians inferior, or how the Spanish considered even children born of pure-blooded Spanish parents to be Creoles instead of Spanish just because they were physically born somewhere else, and this will help you understand this.

    That’s why Obama wants Israel – and the rest of us – to mollify Arabs. It’s what he’s spent HIS whole LIFE trying to do HIMSELF!

    He hopes that, one day, he’ll be judged good enough by his acting on theri behalf to really be a member of the club, all the while knowing deep down in the dark pit of his soul that they will NEVER accept him…

    That’s why the guy is angry all the time. He can never resolve this inner conflict, and he lashes out at us because of it.

  3. “Domino’s wins Obamacare contraception ruling . . . Washington Times”

    Too bad Obama’s mother didn’t have free contraceptives…

    • Actually Julie these are ads sponsored by Pamela Gellert’s group that is not anti Semitic at all but rather very watchful of Arab jihadists. These campaigns are using the actual words of these jihadists to show them for what they really are. Gellert fought hard to have similar ads in NY.

      It is insufficiently covered so it is often misunderstood. I wish I could provide you with links and more precise info but I am only superficially aware.

      I’ve lost control of my tablet here so not sure what will show. Anyway google this if you are interested. I thought the same as you when I saw the SF headline. :)

      Also she and her group were not invited to CPAC over some flap over Norquist being pro Muslim extremists. Again my knowledge superficial. S

      • Julie – what I lost control of was the bit about Gellert not being invited to CPAC and some disagreement about Norquist and Muslims or Palestinians. Anyway a little google will bring this to light if you are interested.

        Taking the moment to say I enjoy your contributions.