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Biden Explains Gun Control Views at CPAC

Vice President Joe Biden made a surprise appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference to explain his views on gun control.

Biden, who has suggested homeowners defend themselves by shooting a shotgun off their balcony or through a door, was disguised as a teenager.

38 thoughts on “Biden Explains Gun Control Views at CPAC”

  1. That’s okay, Miss South Carolina gets a pass as far as I’m concerned, but Joe Biden proves that it’s possible to be a liberal idiot all your life.

      1. Yes Susan, “this lot”. You know – part of a group / team / small demographic / whatever… Given the propensity of “this lot” to circle the wagons and cast / type “anyone” who voted for Obama as a socialist “low information” dope-smoking and KoolAid-drinking sycophantic certainly “gets” the term “lot”.

        I mean, please… Just another mean, little, acid filled, projection of vomit Susan,..

        Ya know, I actually was interested in everyone’s opinion given the actual debate taking place in America – like duh… I keep hearing about 90+% polls on BI’s, etc… What a better way to vet some of that polling data that to get a few opinions from some “right wing” folks…if I can use that term without prompting another caustic reaction…

        But no, you continue to suck everything down into some form of ugliness… I was going to say I pity you and anyone close to you, but I do not want my post to be considered a flame. I get it that you can flame, but I need to operate at a higher standard… not that there are any standards.

        So let me ask again. Your personal opinion? Anyone? And, if you care to ask, I am absolutely for a thorough BI, smaller clips, and closing some obvious loop holes that allow the intent of law to be circumvented at will

        ~ RT

        PS, I suspect Susan that you will not answer the question and one of the “others” will swoop in with a “knife du jour”, you know, close order combat… ;)

          1. Also–my name is Star. I think we have enough gun laws–I come from a hunting family and my ex was a competitive pistol shooter. Even with stringent laws in DC, we knew many people who carried and after we were attacked in a home invasion, we did also. And you can’t just clap people who have seen a shrink in jail–so that part is problemmatical. Answer your question? And may I add your coming over here and disdaining, disparaging and attempting to insult people who may be more thoughtful, attentive, and educated than you is getting pretty old. At least be funny!

          2. Keith banned this character for his/her/its harassing comments a few weeks ago, but looks like it found a way back in. It’s a stalker, and a nasty one at that.

          3. Banned? What? I have not received any such notice. I was asked to tone down my retorts (flaming). I noted, that public spanking by Keith was a tad odd given what others write everyday, but I took it like a man, if I can say that and still be PC…

            Anywho, I expect Keith to caution you Susan for calling me an “it” and a “stalker”. Not very nice of you and not true. I am offended. OK, not, but still…

            In closing, no names for you Susan, but I will observe most of your posts are generally caustic, myopic, oppressive, and often borderline ignorant & simultaneously scary…

            ~ RT

            “Every time our President takes a breath, a kitten dies.” ~ Connect The Dots

          4. Star:

            (a) Sorry I typed your name wrong… Sorry to Susan too…

            (b) Your position – is what then? All is good – laws are fine or if anything too many laws already? Do nothing different? AR 15 with 30 rounds and one chambered is AOK? No UBI/C? Have a party sell a gun? OK. I get it. Thanks for at least sharing your specific position. Really.

            (c) I just re-read my reply to your initial response. I’ll stick with what I wrote after I countered your witty little snipe. Try spending a few minutes and read what happens to anyone who either has a different opinion or, heaven forbid, dispels a lie / 1/2 truth on a posts… Yikes…

            (d) Your Quote – “And may I add your coming over here and disdaining, disparaging and attempting to insult people who may be more thoughtful, attentive, and educated than you is getting pretty old. At least be funny.”

            Oh my… Let me just say I try not to overtly disdain or disparage / insult – but I cannot control what someone “feels” when they get “pants” in a public forum. That stated, a paraphrased quote for your enjoyment – your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you say…

            ~ RT

          5. Oh, please–all these keystrokes to say nothing. You like to hear yourself type, I guess. Have you ever fired an AR15? I have. I don’t like people who get a few buzzwords down pat (Feinstein) and then decide what everyone should do, shoot, drink, think, say, etc. Sure a lot of rounds is overkill for anyone, much less a kid. All it takes is one, not shearing off a hand or jaw. But these are narrow cases–and the bossy-net is a wide one and only a start. Now–I am going to back to not trying to correct the error of your ways–or more likely, blandness.

          6. Star – Try to get a grip. Or don’t get a grip. No matter to me. I am not trying to pick on you. I just asked a simple question and answered your response – in an outline so as to facilitate your ability to track. I may have to adjust my tactics on that score… Dunno…

            What in return? Another rant – not sure what that was about, how it got there, or where it was going… Perhaps the train has left the station…

            I stated my position on Gun Control. You have yours. We apparently differ. Welcome to America.

            ~ RT

            “Every time our President takes a breath, a kitten dies.” ~ Connect The Dots

          7. Ok. What about “Every time our President takes a breath, a dog is eaten. But not before the official food taster takes a nibble”. Connect the Dots. To me.


        1. All states must be “shall issue”. No magazine limits. No bans or restrictions on any semi-automatic weapons even if they have scary-looking stocks, grips, or are colored black. No “safe zones”. Enforce the background check laws already on the books.

          Elect politicians that have enough intelligence to respect and comprehend the Constitution.

    1. The clueless broad who said “…Portugal should be protected at all costs, they have a constitutional right…” scares me more. She thinks she knows what she’s talking about. At least the racialist was honest about why she voted for the Marxist. These geniuses must be products of our unionized public education system…

    2. “He always makes good decisions.”

      Yep, I’m going to redouble my efforts with the farm and stock up on supplies. There’s no way the republic survives people like that.

  2. Awwww, she’s trying so hard to put coherent sentences together but, once again, our federal-government-run-schools have let her down. Way down ——–

  3. People! Keith is lying! THIS IS NOT VP JOE BIDEN! You can tell because there are no racial, gender, ethnic, or handicap smears and no inappropriate sexual references. There’s no way this is Biden!

    1. I can’t let this scurrilous attack on MrK’s honor go unnoticed; if we were to doubt that the person in the video was MrBiden, then we must question even the photo of MrObama purporting to be shooting skeet.
      We must trust the findings of the WHD even though the daily video of “white house briefings” resemble rehearsals for the SNL TV show and not actual events from the White House..

      A famous man once said “trust, but verify” and it is good advice; but, who has the time?

      1. Did you read his latest on domestic violence–how some was not just “garden variety” slaps in the face, but death threats, strangling or worse? Garden variety? That man is such a stitch!

    1. The answer is – who maybe the next host of Jeopardy .. I wonder who will plug him on SNL if he does get the job. Maybe Alex is planning to scoot before 2016 (end of his contract or buyout)

  4. Thanks Keith, very clever! And that is gets RT’s panties all bunched up is proof positive it strikes very close to home and makes it even better!

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