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Republicans Serve Lobster During Obama Lunch

Updated 9:40 pm ET

Really, nobody in Washington gets it.

Senate Republicans served up a lunch of lobster salad and blueberry pie as they gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday to listen to the newly cuddly President Obama.

lobsterThe economy’s in the tank, federal workers and others are losing their jobs because of the sequester, and senators are feasting on lobster.

To Obama’s credit, he didn’t eat any, but this is either because he was too busy speaking or possibly because he has to have a food taster – who perhaps was out with food poisoning or something. Otherwise he would have certainly dived in. Lobster is hardly foreign to the Obamas.

The lunch was hosted by Sen. Susan Collins, who is from Maine. Okay, fine, they got lobsters there, but every state has fish swimming around somewhere and that doesn’t mean senators should rip the roe out and serve caviar either.

This comes on the heels of the lobster thermidor meal Obama dined on with several moderate GOP senators at the Jefferson hotel last week. Filet of prime beef was also served as THE POLITICIANS TRIED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT THE BUDGET.

Sure, Obama picked up the tab, but does the symbolism of such a dinner occur to no one?

When – as she departed from today’s lunch – Collins was informed by protestors that the people can’t afford lobster, she replied, “Let them eat crab.”

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180 thoughts on “Republicans Serve Lobster During Obama Lunch”

  1. Obama will probably blame it on the republicans because they ordered the meal. He has a way of always turning a bad situation to his favor, even if he has to lie about it.

  2. Obama is just eating the same meals as his voters who are on food stamps. They buy steak and lobster and other expensive dishes because its the gov’t money. I on the other hand live off chicken and pork and hamburger because half my paycheck pays for those food stamps. Why don’t we look to cut the budget where its wasted the most. Entitlement spending and 50 million people on food stamps. By the way, lobster in maine is very cheap these days.

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  4. what goof balls–they should have had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a symbol of what the government should be doing not lobster

  5. These elected people are so out of touch with the american family it`s disgusting.Never crossed their minds that we would hear they ate LOBSTER for lunch ON OUR DIME while we can not buy our children what we would like we scrimp and save..while they Gorge on US

  6. Ever since Obama’s scare tactics and stimuli began in 2009, my patrons who make enough money to buy my portraits and other paintings have had to give up purchases and their lobster and so have I. These people are clueless, but we know about the Sen. from Maine. We have to excuse the “innocent” quests. I suppose.
    You would think if they were really trying to make a point, they would perhaps have piece of chicken instead. Many times I eat 1 meal a day these days. Sometimes I eat oatmeal for supper. I used to make around 50,000 a year, but no more. They keep talking about all of us being so fat. I am the solution. I could qualify for an EBT card these days, but refuse to prostitute myself. I see the heaviest people at the grocery store, and they are the ones with the EBT cards. And many of them drive late model cars, such as the 2010 white Cadillac I saw one man get into after using his EBT card to buy two of the largest sirloin steaks I have ever seen. He was really sly. He was dressed in old cut off jeans, and old polo shirt and old shoes with black socks with fuzz all over them. . He saw me looking at him as he unlocked his Cadillac. Thanks for this article.

  7. While I agree this president is about as worthless(to conservative libertarians) as tits on a boar hog, when you are at a function hosted by someone from Maine, I would only expect lobster. Welcome to Texas here’s some tofu.(spell check had to fix that one for me. tofo). Hell No!!

  8. C’mon now.
    The lunch hosted by the Senator from Maine. The food choices were obviously meant to showcase Maine.
    Lobsters from Maine do not just crawl onto plates, ready to eat. They are caught by Maine lobstermen…hard working individuals with families to feed and mortgages to pay.

  9. Washington DC is one big country club inhabited by royalty wannabes. They should have eaten baloney sandwiches for lunch in their truck like I did. I’m America, they aren’t.

    1. Not really. She is just showcasing her state’s products. If she were from Texas, there would have been steak, from VA there would have been the famous VA ham, if from Md., crab cakes. Louisiana, gumbo. Notice that the rest of the meal was also Maine produce.

  10. News like this turns my stomach – and not because I don’t like lobster. Washington is FULL of Marie Antoinettes! They have completely forgotten that they work for US, not the other way around. WE hire THEM. (…Oh where are the humble George Washingtons?!) If I can’t afford lobster than why should the people I hire eat lobster? Is something wrong with my bank account? Should I call my bank? We ABSOLUTELY need term limits in the House of Representatives. They no longer represent us, they represent themselves and their re-elections. The only jobs left in this nation will be awarded to huge, bribed corporations, or government jobs created by the government to keep control. And we, the rabble, will have to pay for their cushy salaries, stellar heath benefits (since government officials – including the President himself – are all exempt from Obamacare), and life-long pensions.

    Ugh. I am sick and tired of the corruption. We need men and women running this country who actually believe in the principles that this country was founded on – who read the Constitution every morning over breakfast. We need leaders who are not hell-bent on changing us into the mirror image of European nations. We are NOT Europe – we have a Constitution that explicitly explains why SMALL government is what we are all about! It baffles me why people move here if what they want in government is exactly what they are leaving? Why vote for someone who is trying to turn this country into the country that they left?

    America is failing. We are losing our status in the world. The only thing keeping us ahead is our giant military; without that we would be sunk (no pun intended). Our schools rank miserably on the 1st World scale, our currency is quickly becoming a joke, our military is stationed in countries like Germany when they should be deployed at our borders to ward off all kinds of illegal activity. We have so many bubbles in this country that are ready to pop. Look at the stock market. That’s not real!! Look at how much money the government is pumping into it! …Inflation is coming. And what it will bring for this nation will not be pretty. The George W. Bush and Obama administrations (and the Clinton administration because of their deregulation of the banks) have brought our once great United States Nation to her knees. Hold onto your hats, people. The worst is yet to come.

  11. you miss the point, the lobster is a bottom feeder, it picks off of the bones of the dead, seems like a good message to send to his royal highness!

    1. My sister and her family go to Maine for a while every summer. When my nieces were little, I told them what lobsters and crabs eat. When they got to Maine, they wouldn’t touch either one. Looked at their mom and said, “Do you know what they eat?? She asked them who told them. They said I had. She was soooo mad at me. Hehehe.

  12. I wonder why he would be in such trepidation over a silly lobster? Oh my! Obama, our wanna-be dictator in waiting needs a food taster?, Does our dear leader think that he is disliked so much that someone would poison his food?

    I have heard that everybody loves Barry Barack Hussein Obama and that he performs miracles every day. You would think that with all of that power, he would not need a food taster.

  13. there is a ruling class and their friends the wealthy class(bankers)…then the rest of us the uninformed voting class. they can do whatever they want with our money…i have grown accustomed to their behavior.

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  15. Not that prices would alter their meal choices (the real problem), but, to be fair, lobster prices are actually at historic lows. I mean even Subway can now be profitable on a relatively cheap lobster based menu item. Total non-story.

  16. Lol this is the most unnecessary article ever. Who gives a flying @&$& what they eat, hell they could be eating caviar and I could give two s$&@$.

  17. When are the African American folks that voted for this man going to see past their own racism and realize he is not for them at all. ONe of the first things he accomplished in his first months in office was to abolish school vouchers for parents to get their children into better functioning schools. Prior to that I witnessed a Mom (African American) break down and cry because her child had been accepted into a voucher negoiated school where there was a waiting list. The school systems are in a shambles in inner cities and the victims are mostly minorities. This man is NOT thinking of the people at all, least of all the folks that put him in office.

  18. “Let them eat crab.”?

    Look what happened to Marie Antoinette when she pulled that crap.

    The symbolism of eating lobster and filet is not lost on us.

    Elitist snobs.

  19. You’re surprised?

    The politicians in Washington live in their own little bubble, carefully insulated from the peons. The reason they’re not working on the economy or repealing Obamacare or anything like that is because it doesn’t directly affect them. As far as they’re concerned, life is great!

    The only way to stop this is to strip them of all their perks, march them out of the capitol buildings, and put them into cubicles where they work for 10 hours a day fixing the problems they caused. If they stop working, all their assets (houses, bank accounts, etc.) will be seized, sold, and the cash used to pay down the debt.

  20. The professional politicians just do not get it, do they? Next election, we all need to be Tea Partiers and vote them out and get some real representatives in there who know what the word “Representative” means.

  21. Of course our retarded media tries to make it sound like lobster was some extravagance,
    but they obviously havent set foot in a seafood shop in years, since live lobster
    Is currently cheaper by the pound than lamb, beef, or chicken. But don’t let reality get
    In the way of a chance to score some dumb political points!

  22. So, it’s okay for people on welfare to buy lobster for dinner, but not those who are actually working for a living? I’m sure the GOP was just trying to serve something that was acceptable to the Obamas’ aristocratic taste in order to get him to actually listen to them. Obama did pick up the bill, which means it was acceptable to him.

  23. Have you looked at the price of beef lately? The lobster could have been a deal in comparison. And I bet the Senator from Maine got a good price.

  24. Senator Susan Collins, you should be ashamed of your smart mouth comment upon your departure from the luncheon. Nothing like a hip pocket full of mindless quotes to earn contempt rather than respect. No doubt that’s how you look at the US military. We fight and die in pointless wars while you sit on your fat ass and hobnob. Engage brain before mouth lady!

  25. Oddly enough, lobster is relativvely inexpensive these days. As of this morning, lobstermen were getting $4 a pound–low price is causing many of them to quit. Delivered lobster is about $10-$12 a pound. Cheaper than salmon, I think. On the other hand, Obama ought to be eating humble pie, to which I am told he has a severe allergy.

  26. “Senate Republicans served up a lunch of lobster salad and blueberry pie” “Filet of prime beef was also served as THE POLITICIANS TRIED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT THE BUDGET.”
    This is the problem…I bet the tax payers footed the bill. Kings and queens of Washington need to be fired. I wish it would be made public who is spending for what? I am for the protesters on this one.

  27. I’ve been to Prince Edward Island and Vermont, and a lobster lunch there (in 1992) was Can$5 in PEI and a dinner in 2011 in Vermont was $7. That sounds pretty reasonable to me. It’s not horribly expensive on the East Coast like it is in the rest of the country.

  28. Keith, have you ever had a negative comment obout the beef from JAPAN that Obama likes to serve his guests?

    My guess is that this was, at least, AMERICAN LOBSTER!

    I doubt you have ever complained about the extravagences of Obama, have you?

  29. A couple of months ago lobster was priced below Chopped meat. I think it was a wise choice based on the rising cost of beef. Who would complain if they served hamburgers, not news worthy I guess.

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