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Republicans Serve Lobster During Obama Lunch

Updated 9:40 pm ET

Really, nobody in Washington gets it.

Senate Republicans served up a lunch of lobster salad and blueberry pie as they gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday to listen to the newly cuddly President Obama.

lobsterThe economy’s in the tank, federal workers and others are losing their jobs because of the sequester, and senators are feasting on lobster.

To Obama’s credit, he didn’t eat any, but this is either because he was too busy speaking or possibly because he has to have a food taster – who perhaps was out with food poisoning or something. Otherwise he would have certainly dived in. Lobster is hardly foreign to the Obamas.

The lunch was hosted by Sen. Susan Collins, who is from Maine. Okay, fine, they got lobsters there, but every state has fish swimming around somewhere and that doesn’t mean senators should rip the roe out and serve caviar either.

This comes on the heels of the lobster thermidor meal Obama dined on with several moderate GOP senators at the Jefferson hotel last week. Filet of prime beef was also served as THE POLITICIANS TRIED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT THE BUDGET.

Sure, Obama picked up the tab, but does the symbolism of such a dinner occur to no one?

When – as she departed from today’s lunch – Collins was informed by protestors that the people can’t afford lobster, she replied, “Let them eat crab.”

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180 thoughts on “Republicans Serve Lobster During Obama Lunch”

  1. Of course…at this time with people barely making it our little “Licorice Stick Thief in Chief” would do that. He’s just making his noise and enjoying the “digs”…..He’ll do down as the worst “President” in history….The Welfare “suckers” he got to vote him back in will be worse off in 2016…when “Hillary” tries to climb the hill. She and Obama are the same….Arrogant, power hungry and not much more.

      1. I don’t give a damn where he was born, from what, or how…I care that he is not a Patriotic American. Barry does not love the country or take pride in his job as POTUS. He looks, acts, and smells like a foreigner. My family has fought and died in every war and conflict this country has had since the Revolution. Can barry say this? NO. I love this country, but have no love for an obama; man, woman or child and never will.

        1. ___LOOK look LOOK____
          ____Damvn, if, IF , IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN FREEDOM, forget everyone else’s, as most nEW Engineered aMERICANS do, IF CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN LIBERTY, YOUR OWN LIFE……
          _______LOOK AT THE “birth certificate ” at the GOV website…..
          START WITH
          _____BUILDING 7 SEVEN____
          HE THING IS………DO YOU R E A L L Y, really, do you CARE, all, or are you a pushover for the evil one, a slug in the scheme of things?

        2. Cut backs are just that CUT BACKS – Mr. Obama, when you are trying to make a budget and cut backs are needed you look long and hard at what’s going on and sometimes you need to make some tough decisions, like lay-offs and such for the better of the country. No where in my book does cut backs and letting people go then you turn around and order lobster while people in this country are hurting. Real cut backs start with the home first then go from there. But hey who am I to say. As long as you feel good about what you are doing. There are good people going without so you can have. I am very sad to see what is going on.

        3. Thank you for your service, Mr. Bell, and that of your family. You obviously love this country and the ideas upon which it is based.

    1. Do you really think that anyone can take anything you say as even remotely serious when you begin with an obviously racist comment? That comment was/is disgusting. I might disagree with the President on things such as his anti-2nd amendment stance, but I disagree with your comment just as much!

        1. I believe in freedom of speech, but if you do not think before you speek people have the right to label you as irrelavant or worse. People that add racist comments to the dialouge to not help the concervativwe cause and should grow up. It makes people that might otherwise listen to the real message close their minds because someone just proved (in their minds) what everybody has been saying. Conservatives are evil, uneducated bigots.

  2. But the crust of today’s bread was only slightly chewy and the water was nearly clear and it was yellow, but didn’t taste like lemonade.

  3. Thanks for sharing what our betters are eating. It’s not much, but we peons out here in flyover country must take our small pleasures in knowing they aren’t sacrificing or doing without.

    When the O’s take off for their next ritzy vacation, we’ll all be looking forward to photos or video of their good times in lieu of any of us having the same experience.
    We are but humble folk.

    1. We will be dining on a half a baloney sandwich and water (tap) and if
      we get lucky they’ll bring back the cheese giveaway to the needy (us)!
      Bet it’s fake cheese not even of Velveeta quality. At the rate we’re going soon Spam will be a luxury.

      1. Lizzy, I’m so old I remember when the government would pass out “surplus” food, way before the FoodStamp program.
        Dried eggs, butter, 5lb chunk of mystery cheese,dried milk, oatmeal, Spam, and canned something(?) with gravy. yum,

        1. We had our fair share of government cheese and butter over the years. That mystery cheese was mighty tasty from what I remember.

        2. Oh the memories. But I love Spam and Velveeta.!! Are you a fan
          of s–t on a shingle? Stouffer’s is really good. Maybe we could go
          to work at the WH and plan State Dinner menu’s we’d save them lot’s of money:)

          1. Lizzy, we love that S-O-S stuff! It’s what we call gourmet food in our house. LOL Of course, Velveeta is good too. I’d love to help plan some state dinners for the WH. I collect old cookbooks and some of the recipes can really stretch the meat portions.

          2. A Granny Salad (my Granny). Cottage cheese with a canned pear Miracle Whip topped with Velveeta:-). Yum sounds
            kinda odd. I’ve got all Granny’s old cookbooks and church
            lady ones too they used a lot of Oleo and bacon grease.:-)
            Sorry Keith but these are fun memories and I feel a top #10
            State Dinner menu list coming soon:)

        3. Hey… that cheese was GOOD!
          Not sure if it was Velveeta in Govt packaging or not, but made a GREAT grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.
          Maybe they should serve Grilled Cheese sandwiches at their next little get together?

    1. Susan Collins was so nonchalant when she repeated Preezy’s line that he didn’t have his food taster with him. The guy is a paranoid sociopath.

      1. Do not forget, da big “o” is also a dictator in waiting. He has the makings of radical, racist, leftist tyrant in his DNA. He was also educated and mentored with that same political philosophy throughout his life.

        The way he has been bypassing our constitution and installing over two dozen czars that are working against us, the citizens of the United States. One of his so-called czars has the title, ‘Atrocities Czar’. None of his czars have been vetted by congress, are paid for by our tax money and answer only to da big “o”. They are da big “o’s” shadow government. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

        P.S. I have heard that there will be over 30,000 of da big”o’s’ drones flying over major areas of the United States within a few years. Of course, he will have them placed over foreign countries as well.

        1. They fly one over my place, it’s going to get shot down. It’s my airspace and only properly registered and piloted planes may enter it.

    2. I was in a private lounge in FL — the room was almost empty and I was by myself. An attractive lady was alone and was having a conversation with the maitre d’ and I overheard her say something like “anyone who serves him food must wear white gloves”. Good chance she was referring to Our Very Own Little Hitler. Who exactly is he so afraid of? I also have to wonder if his fear has something to do with closing the White House to the lowly masses.

      I still get up every morning and turn on the TV, praying for breaking news — 4 years past and 4 more to go.

      1. Interesting that white gloves are required, as if they couldn’t be dirty too. LOL

        Wonder how Obama eats dinner out with Mooch? Does he take his tester along? Wonder how much the tester gets paid and if it’s paid out of our money or Obama’s personal income?

  4. LOBSTER? The nearest I’ve been to lobster in the last 2 years is the picture at the beginning of this article.
    37 million people on food stamps and their eating lobster?
    Now where did I put my guillotine? Might be in the garage, I’ll check.

  5. Filet of prime beef and lobster while most families feast upon fine delicacies such as tube steaks and macaroni and cheese. Well, maybe not tube steaks anymore. Our local grocery store charges $7 for one pkg of regular Oscar Meyer hot dogs although they’re half that cost at Wally World.

    Our senators and representatives are so far removed from the lives of their constituents that we need to kick them to the curb come the next election. It’s really ironic that the little people would be better served by someone that understands and feels their needs yet it’s always the wealthy that win elections.

    1. Gosh and Frau Obama gets pissed because families eat off McDonalds
      $1 menu. All while eating above mentioned lobster and swilling down
      Grey Goose. Isn’t it time for Frau to plant the magic Whole Foods Garden? She’s a genius to get lobster to grow in dirt.

  6. Barack! Did you shove those cake crumbs onto the little people during your fight to Florida to play golf with Tiger? Do I have to do everything here? Hilary, peel me a grape!

  7. It was from a slightly younger Keith Koffler that my husband and I first learned about Moochelle’s appetite for lobster. Maybe Obama didn’t eat any at the luncheon because he sick and tired of getting it at home.

  8. Cock-tail swilling, cocaine-sniffing, martini glass-clinging RINO’s sharing haute cuisine with da Emperor. My stool has more integrity.

      1. the vomitorium is virtual- we get to do that while watching them eat lobster- as a matter of fact- that should be our joy to watch them eat virtually- almost like us eating the lobster lol

    1. every time i go to walmart and someone has food stamps they have steak and lobster and crabs in the cart. So yes they gov’t serves up fine food for those on food stamps. 50 million and counting. Just hand out at walmart superstore for a while and watch what food stamps purchase. its sick.

  9. And yet, the Whitehouse tours remain closed. There is a doner who will contribute money to keep the tours going, but the obama admin still have refused to take the offer. Why? obama has to punish someone for the sequester because he didn’t get what he wanted in new taxes (right after he got a new tax hike) . Just like an impetuous child. He is a miserable failure of a leader.

    1. Hollywood created him, Hollywood writes the script, and builds the library- Hollywood puts together the Prizes, The Awards and Magazine covers- Now they even merge reality with the Oscar Awards- M giving out Best Picture eclipsing Jack Nicholson when nobody wants to see her interrupt a relaxing night. But the people know the story and they wont be the first couple in history to pimp poverty while building a fortune and creating trust funds for their kids. Just think one day each one of the kids can have her own 20 million dollar apt as a pied a terre!

  10. Hey everyone, I dislike Obama and his cronies as much as anyone but to be honest with you the current price of lobster being paid to the fisherman is around $2.50 a pound, even at retail prices in Maine it is between $5-7/lb .
    So why don’t they have a sandwich instead? Well here is why..
    Last time I checked in the grocery store deli counter roast beef was $7.99/lb, turkey was $5.99/lb, Ham is $7.99/lb and those were the sale prices. Regularly priced deli meat was pushing $9.99 and 12.99 a lb.
    Also next time you go to Red Lobster just remember you are being ripped off and they are making a 400% profit off you for buying it.

    1. You are correct. At this time of year lobster is the cheapest, plus they were talking about a lobster ‘salad’ so not whole lobsters either. At $5 per pound in a lobster salad you could feed a few people with 1 pound of lobster. Think how far a pound of tuna fish would go for lunch. So it may sound like quite an expense but it really isn’t.

        1. Depends on where you live. If your in Lobster country which is basically from Maine to Connecticut it can be really cheap. The issue is its very expensive to ship anywhere because you need to keep them live.

  11. I am certainly no fan of Barack HUssein Obama. But lobster is near an all time low right now. Most steaks at a restaurant are more expensive than lobster right now.

    1. And the price of meatloaf- or maybe let them eat what most people are eating- pasta, rice and nothing more. Makes me laugh when Michele O is posing with vegetables that cost 4.99 a pound- Like I said these are poor people who got rich while in govt- odd because they are on salaries- so how do they do it??? And how do their children afford 10 million dollar apt out of school with no job? Nobody wonders they just accept that this is as a result of book deals lol omg!

      1. The Clintons left the White House $3 million in debt due to legal fees. The money they have now was earned from books and speaking fees. Also Bill Clinton is on several boards which pays well. He also gets between $20,000 and $50,000 to give speeches. Hillary does as well. So their money was legitimately earned. And Chelsea married into a wealthy family and she has a high paying job. I am sure her parents, and his, helped out with the purchase of their apartment. The Clintons never owned their own home until after the presidency. They lived in rented homes or homes that came with the office, such as the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and the White House. Check their tax returns, it’s all in the public record.

  12. FWIW, lobster prices are pretty low this year. I’d be happy to have them eat platinum wrapped diamonds if they could cut 4-5T in spending over the next 10 years.

  13. The insurance companies stiff the White Katrina Sandy Victims, The banks hold the meager insurance check and the Feds demand people find 50-100K to raise their houses 20 feet or they will have to pay 36K for insurance annually. Great job the govt is doing to protect the people- Enjoy the lobster boys and girls- Chelsea Clinton just bought a 10 million dollar penthouse- working for the govt pays well doesnt it- bet that lobster tastes good- keep raising our taxes and you can top the lobster off with caviar from Russia!!

    1. Why should the govt protect people who built too close to the sea, or too close the the Mississippi River in low flood areas? Granted the view and luxury of living in locations along the seacoast is great (I have lived in various coastal locations that lost homes to storms every winter and hurricane season) but when I finally settled down I chose a place well above the historical and slosh plan flood lines. If people want to live in low lying areas, and want to be covered for loss of property, then they need to get and pay for the proper insurance. If the federal government want to make it hard for them, it’s their right to do so.

      I know some homes have been built and lived in for over 100-200 years, some handed down generation after generation. No one knew at that time flooding could be so destructive. Should allowances be made to help them?? Of course! .. but at what cost.

      There is too much red tape involved in disaster relief, and everyone always points to the federal govt, esp FEMA. But no one remembers that FEMA was not created to hand out money to rebuild your home. If you do not believe me go look up FEMA’s Charter.

      One other thing – Chelsea Clinton does not work for the Fed Govt. She married into money.

  14. I don’t give a damn where he was born, from what, or how…I care that he is not a Patriotic American. Barry does not love the country or take pride in his job as POTUS. He looks, acts, and smells like a foreigner. My family has fought and died in every war and conflict this country has had since the Revolution. Can barry say this? NO. I love this country, but have no love for an obama; man, woman or child and never will.

  15. Lobster is pretty cheap right now. I can buy lobster, fresh, at the wharf here for $4.50 Canadian a pound.

    I can’t buy a decent piece of steak for that price, but carry on with your snark.

      1. The price of lobster has nothing to do with whether Canadians are smart. It’s all about the market. I live in Nova Scotia – the lobster capital of Canada – and the fishermen this year are selling lobster for as little as $4.50 a pound. They can’t even cover the cost of running their boats.

        No-one ever said that people who make ill-informed remarks are smart.

  16. The cardinals were locked inside the building and had to eat hospital style food when they had to pick the Pope. We should have our politicians do the same until they they figure out a budget.

  17. Ok, LOOK! We’ve all seen what happens to the “minions/slaves” in the movies after the madman takes over. They’re still slaves, RIGHT? Y’all gonna to regret putting this guy back in office for foe mo years. Do us all a favor, stay home, break out the lawn chairs and matermelon and stay home instead of voting for people you know nothing about but the color of thier skin.

  18. Lobster! All should have gotten SPAM
    To get Lobster you have to be in politics or in the food stamp program

    sould have been served SPAM

  19. Not Obama fan at all….Gosh no but Lobsters were going for 5 bucks a peice up here in Nova Scotia haha they are cheaper then ground beef during Christmas!!

  20. Maine lobster purchased by the Senator from Maine may not be exorbitantly priced. Lobster and blueberries are their local crops. She was most
    likely trying to showcase her beautiful state and it’s products. I would
    give them a pass on this. The food taster is news to me. Or is that a joke?

    1. No, it’s not a joke about the food taster. He travels with Obama everywhere and observes the food preparation. I remember when Obama traveled to France and the chefs there were insulted by his bringing along a food taster.

      Here’s a report about Obama not even trusting Food Network Star Tyler Florence at a fundraiser:

      And when Obama traveled to India, he had a team of 12 food tasters.

      1. Doesn’t this apply to the whole gaggle of Obama’s wherever they eat?
        Even restaurants even the Malia Alpha Gal gold plated dinner?

  21. Muslims can’t eat lobsters because they are killed inhumanely (boiled to death) but they can eat all other seafood. Alos they can eat lamb and chickena s long as it is halal.

  22. They eat a lobster lunch while the rest of us consider it to be a delicacy to eat meatloaf at the Cracker Barrel one per month. The political class makes me sick. It’s too bad that some of them didn’t choke to death.

  23. Why doesn’t POTUS need a taster for other types of food? Or is it because the Islamic dietary laws and the Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut)in prohibits shellfish, such as crab, lobster, shrimp, clams, and oysters;

  24. Stuart. If people don’t care where the president is born they will end up with an illegal president just like we have now that will ruin this country because they are not American, don’t care and have nothing to lose but much to gain. You can’t have one without the other. They go hand in hand.

  25. Perhaps we could cut the salary for the One’s taster and use the money to maintain public access to the documents that guarantee the citizens of this country their rights.

  26. Lets not forget that these folks are exempt from using ObamaCare. It is good enough for us lowly people but not for them. Obama is going to be a very hated man after all the taxes kick in for ObamaCare next year. Not only will Obama be hated but all those DemocRATs who foisted it on us.

  27. Obama’s mantra: For Thee, Not for WE! The extravagance and elitist lifestyle of the Obamas is an affront to all Americans! We worry about buying groceries and paying the mortgage, and these narcissistic fools party and live in the lap of luxury on the backs of the tax payers. Disgusting, inappropriate and insutling.

  28. I love all all you idiots are focusing on Obama, like he’s the entire problem. When ALL of them are pieces of shit. Look past your petty racism and realize the ENTIRE government is fucked up, not just the president.

    1. And I love how all of you blind Obama buttlickers accuse everybody who criticizes him of being racists. If for one iota of a second you would be intellectually honest, you would realize what a stupid and tired argument that is. If I disagree with Harry Reid, does that make me a Mormonist? Or if I disagree with Nancy Pelosi, does that make me a misogynist? Give me a break and try using that head for something besides a hatrack.

  29. This article disrespects me. Keith, was I not supposed to know lobster is not so exorbitant in DC…which is near the ATLANTIC? Even if expensive, am I supposed to be baited by such frivolous symbolism and optics? WHAT WAS DISCUSSED? WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? HOW MIGHT IT AFFECT POLICY? “When a finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger.” Try harder next time.

  30. Obama Regime wants to ration meat by FDA cuts and Sugar with the huge Ag dept buy causing shortages. We all will be issued WWII type Food Rationing Stamps to give Obama more control on US.
    We have seen this policy in effect after the Gov buy up of ammunitions caused shortages and higher prices.
    Watch the price and availability of meat and sugar.

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