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Obama Can Walk on Water, but Not Through It

The White House released as one of its “Photos of the Day” this week a shot of President Obama waiting with an umbrella until the rain stops before making a 20-second walk from one building to another on the White House grounds.

“President Barack Obama waits for a heavy rain to pass before crossing West Executive Avenue from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to the West Wing of the White House,” states the caption to the photo, which is below.

Obama rain

Notice a staffer with an umbrella is willing to brave the rain while the boss clings to the safety of an archway.

I’ve walked this path many times. It’s very short, no more than about 30 yards. There’s little danger of getting very wet, particularly with an umbrella in hand.

No word on what kind of suit Obama was wearing.

A big H/T to one of our readers, Playrighter, for sending this in and thinking up the title.

36 Responses to Obama Can Walk on Water, but Not Through It

  1. for once i’m going to side with the Prez.
    There is a guy in the background with an umbrella who is running (presumably because the rain is so hard).

    When the rain gets hard and heavy, even going out with an umbrella, means you are going to get wet. Best thing to do is wait a minute or two until the big drops are gone.

  2. Since we know from prior photos that he’s not the most adept at using an umbrella, it’s easier for him to just wait it out. And since everyone around him knows he’s always late, it’s really no biggie…

  3. I figured he didn’t want to get wet because of his recent, sugary outreach to the GOP. Perhaps he thought he would melt in the rain.

    Personally, I think he would float.

  4. What is it with Souza and his “silhouettes”? While it certainly shows the more real “dark side” (NOT THE SKIN COLOR “dark” for you liberal loons lurking) of Dear Leader it’s a rather lazy way to shoot. Then again he used basically the same shot for the Afghanistan helicopter crash body returning event as he did the Hillary/Benghazi love fest so who knows.
    But it does raise another question:
    Just how much does Souza get paid for this stuff considering school kids can’t even tour their own house during spring break.

    • Wonder what he gets paid and by whom. He could free lance those pics to the media and get big bucks so I hope the US taxpayer is not keeping him salaried while tourists cannot visit the WH.

      • If he free-lanced, the White House would have no control over what pictures he released. Being on salary at the White House gives them control of his pictures, what pictures are taken and which ones are released.

  5. Hesitant, tentative, concerned he might slip and fall. Create a photo op for the Repubs….Yup, thats the leader of the Free World. GWB would have just run and likely held a door for a staffer. And he’d have been mocked for it.

  6. O/T but I saw this on Drudge, and had to post.

    The VPOTUS’ office engaged in a little bit of its own intimidation of the media the other day during a domestic violence event. Seems a college journalist took pictures of Ol’ Joe, and was forced to delete them by a Biden staffer. I guess the idea is to get up and coming reporters used to being pushed around so when they get out into the real world they will be used to following orders.

    • Agree the statists are training our youth to be compliant sheep. Sad that the young man voluntarily deleted the photos without questioning this person’s authority. When the staffer said “I need to see your camera right now” the young man should have told her to get a warrant or pound sand.

  7. I remember when I was in the Navy I was returning to my ship from shore leave and it started to rain pretty hard. Not only didn’t I have an umbrella, but I was in my dress whites too, so I started jogging to the ship. Out of nowhere I heard someone yelling “Sailor, sailor”. I stopped trotting and looked in that direction and saw that it was a Senior Chief who had yelled at me. He walked towards me and said, “Sailor, don’t you ever run from the rain”. I said “Yes Sir” and walked slowly to the ship.

    Too bad Barack Obama never learned the things that a real man should never do.

  8. “Obama Can Walk on Water…”

    THAT’S why he didn’t steal the Papal election! He doesn’t WANT to be pope because Obama considers the pope as his direct report.

    Why be Pope when you ALREADY think you’re G_d?

    • we’ll find out that the WH employs three full-time umbrella handlers at $97,000/year each–none of them affected by the sequester, of course.

  9. Of course, waiting 20 minutes to avoid the rain – wait, doesn’t he have an umbrella? I guess he’s got nothing better to do but sit there and contemplate. I’m surprised that he just didn’t command the rain to stop…

  10. You mean he couldn’t stop the rain?
    Slipping in the polls, fellow Democrats siding against him, and now he can’t stop a simple thunderstorm.
    Once able to stop the rise of the oceans and now reduced to waiting with his umbrella in hand.

  11. First, I pictured him skipping those 30 yards and then Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” came to me — so with a slight change:

    Tiptoe through the raindrops
    By the window, that is where I’ll be
    Come tiptoe through the raindrops with me

    Oh, tiptoe from the garden
    By the garden of the willow tree
    And tiptoe through the raindrops with me

    Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray
    We’ll keep the showers away
    And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
    Will you pardon me?
    And tiptoe through the raindrops with me

  12. Why didn’t he just leap those 30 yards — in a single bound?

    SuperSlacker possesses extraordinary powers, with the character traditionally described as “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”.

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