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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 15, 2013

10:10 am || Departs White House
11:25 am CT || Arrives Chicago
11:55 am CT || Tours Argonne National Laboratory; Argonne, Illinois
1:30 pm CT || Delivers remarks on energy
2:45 pm CT || Departs Chicago
5:35 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

35 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, March 15, 2013

  1. If he used Sype or “Go To Meeting”, Skeeter would have the money needed to keep the WH open for We The People to visit, rather than shutting down the tours.

      • Because it’s more fun for them to head out to Andrews AFB, hop on the press plane and fly off some place, than to stay home in DC. And, oh, he’s their lib guy. If this were ANY republican POTUS, they would be screaming about the waste of money that could be used “for the children”.

      • Someone from ABC News did ask in the last day or so. He asked how much these trips cost. Carney refused to answer and claimed the trips are a required Presidential duty. I am not aware of any law that compels the President to visit plants, etc. Nor am I aware of any speech the President must, by law, give, other than the State of the Union address. And if there are any such laws, it must be noted, this President willingly disregards laws he does not find convenient — such as the law requiring him to submit a budget by a certain date.

  2. Personal planner:…Let’s see.

    1) Sleep in after another exhausting day that lasted about four hours on Thursday — after starting around at 12:45.

    2) Spend another million or so of precious taxpayer dollars to fly to Chicago for some photo ops and remarks to another hand-picked audience (make sure not too many people pass out, and just enough shout “We love you!!!!”

    3) Pay no attention to the carnage in Chicago with non-assault weapons.

    4) Back home to get to work on those all-important brackets.

    5) While still ignoring Chris Kyle, consider sending a shout out to Sports Illustrated for naming me #44 (out of 50 listed) of the most powerful figures in sports.

    5) Make sure SI doesn’t get a crack at my Soldier’s Field video or any film of me shooting a gun.

    6) Get my I-Pod “fired up!” and love me some gangsta rap.

  3. 9:30am II Departs White House
    10:30am II Arrives Chicago for hotdogs and sticky bun.
    11:35am II Depart Chicago for New York for Arugala Salad, Lobster Bisque and Chataueux Neuf de Pape (in honor of the new Pope) and cigars.
    2:45pm II Depart New York for Baltimore for golf.
    6:35pm II Unwind at Shaque’s palatial pad. Anyone have cigarettes?
    7:15pm II Secret Service: Mr President, FLOTUS searching for you . . .
    7:18pm II Crap. Ok guys, we gotta scream back to the pad. Lets go! Lets go! She’s pissed!
    8:56pm II Arrive White House. FLOTUS standing outside West Wing, arms folded, scowling.

    • I’m with you up to 7:15. I do believe the Obamas are happier when they are apart and do not have to keep up the stress of their sham marriage to placate the peasants, so I consider it unlikely Moochie would worry about her gay husband being out on the town. It’s not like she’s going to get any from him anyway…

  4. Something’s going on here. Last time he flew to Chicago on a Friday to “deliver remarks”, that was just a pretense for stopping there to pick up his pals who were flying with him for the golf weekend in Florida.

    Obummer likes to do little to nothing on Fridays. If anything, he does some bullcrap announcement or photo opp at the WH and takes the rest of the day off. Wasting an entire day just to fly to Chicago to “deliver remarks” at Argonne? I think there’s more to it than that. Meeting someone there? Picking someone up to bring back to DC?

      • Thanks for that link below, Grace. Very interesting. After my comment last night I did a bit of research about Argonne and found similar information, but didn’t come across that article. As always, there’s also that U of Chicago connection too. I’m sure some of O’s cronies are involved in all of this.

  5. Argonne gets 90% of its operating fund from DOE and is not exempt from sequestration. Think Obama is going there to tell them they-like the WH tours-are on the block? Check out this cosy circle of Chicago research facilities flush with government bucks. Comments are interesting also.

    Think any of our WH reporters will ask about sequestration and Argonne?

    • Interesting article. Thanks for the link. I’m wondering why we’re funding those labs when the private sector could probably do better.

      • If there was ever a full accounting of all the taxpayer funded “research”, it would stun us all. Most of the old bulls in Congress are corporatists who are in the pocket of K Street lobbyists. They have made a career off buying perks and favors with taxpayer funded “research”, so don’t hold your breath that they would give up that power to the private sector.

  6. Just saw something scary….Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama as a “dream Team for 2016…”Nanny” and “Mammy”….and maybe another woman as “Secretary of State” again?……Hillary failed at that (but made a lot of noise) and “bowed out” to prepare her “run” at the White House?…WHAT A JOKE

  7. “2:45 pm CT || Departs Chicago” – Keith Koffler

    Obama may LEAVE the actual city of Chicago, but he NEVER departs from its ways…

  8. Wait, where’s the spooning time at the bath house with his special little Rahm? Did they have a spat, now that Obama rammed (in more ways than one) homosexual marriage through, and the CinC is STILL not willing to lose the beard and marry his “manny Emmany”?

    Or maybe Rahm’s just tired of contending with Jay-Z and Reggie Love for the One’s affections. After all, even at AF1 speeds, Rahm is usually hours away, and Obama has as much problem with delayed gratification on THIS subject as he does with every other aspect of his life..