As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || March 14, 2013

House GOP peppers Obama with questions . . . The Hill
Dems undermine Obama message on cuts
. . . Washington Post
Obama on drone secrecy: I’m no Dick Cheney . . . Washington Times
Grassley: Why is racism tolerated at DOJ? . . . Washington Times
White House tour move backfires on Obama . . . The Hill
Dems seek Obama’s help on gun ban .  . . Fox News
New WH chief of staff perks up Obama’s charm . . . Politico
Obama to Organizing for Action: Let’s Move! . . . Fox News

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 14, 2013

    • Preezy Revenge owned Congress his first two years in office, and we’re seeing the destruction of freedom and liberty that resulted from his utopian ideal of one party rule – $1 trillion in stimulus added to the yearly baseline budget, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, etc. It’s bad enough we have the flaccid Bawling Boehner and his boys lying prostrate at the throne of Preezy Revenge. I shudder to imagine what he’ll do to this beautiful country should he be successful in taking total control of Congress his last two years in office.

    • Whenever he gets tackled, he will take the opposite approach. Even the MSM have gone after him about campaigning rather than governing so he just decided it’s a good thing to use the word ‘govern’ a bit more.

    • “I actually just want to govern — at least for a couple of years,” Why start now? He had both houses for the first two years of his term and didn’t bother governing, just rammed through Obamacare. Now it’s coming back to bite him in the ass, he is wanting to govern. Too little, too late.

    • This is so not what she looks like–I would be embarrassed if I were she. Won’t people say, “You’re so much…er, larger…in person.” And where are the crow’s feet we saw in the pix the other day. What a joke! But as always–the joke’s on us.

      • Here, millions of her fellow females are reading this AM that insurance premiums may double, we are limping around with our arthritis, taking care of kids and parents, maybe even trying for months to find a job, and now we are supposed to be impressed with some dopey, tricked-out picture of an overprivileged woman like her?.

    • Denise, Hope one of these links takes you to the real FLOTUS
      .[Alert: be prepared with a big bottle of Visine].

      “You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig” and now we see Michelle Obama doing a pole dance before an audience.

    • I find that Vogue headline amusing as O’s poll numbers are dropping and even some in the media are beginning to suffer MO fatigue.

  1. RE: Grassley – Why is racism tolerated at the DOJ?

    A better question would be: why is anti-Semitism tolerated at DOJ? In 2011, the ADL published a report (since removed off its website) about anti-Semitic remarks by Civil Rights Department stafffers and attorneys at DOJ. The ADL story was picked up by the Houston Chronicle (where I read it). I’ve since checked and it too has been scrubbed.

    Obama’s anti-Semitism, that quiet, form of creeping, liberal hate he learned in the university archipelgo in the 70’s, is well known among Jewish Democrats who have rubbed elbows with him in the early 90’s during Obama’s brief interlude with the Chicago People’s Party where he joined other well known bigots and anti-Semites in various “events”, namely rallies where Israel and Zionism were bashed ad nauseum.