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Michelle’s Sublime Commitment to the Troops

First Lady Michelle Obama is demonstrating a sustained commitment to an extremely valuable pet project that she runs with Dr. Jill Biden, the Joining Forces initiative to support military service members and their families.

When it was launched, the effort seemed to me, as much as anything, a project to recast Mrs. Obama’s image from the woman who had suggested she had never been proud of her country into a first lady who honors the troops. It certainly was partially that. But now, even with Election Day over and done with, Michelle is rededicating herself to the cause and showing that her personal commitment to the men and women of the armed forces is genuine and abiding.

Michelle joining forcesJoining Forces is a wonderful idea that describes itself as “a comprehensive national initiative to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.”

The goal is to assist military families with their employment prospects outside of the military, the education of their children who are jerked from town to town, and the health and well being of families and fighting heroes under enormous stress.

Last month, with the nation’s governors a captive audience at their annual White House meeting, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden urged them to help veterans by making it easier to apply the skills they already have toward licensing for certain types of jobs. She and Dr. Biden have already helped convince many states – the total stands at 23 – to ease the licensing of military spouses for the jobs they hold when they move from state to state – an obviously common occurrence for military families.

Why, the logic goes, should people who are already trained have to spend hours in the classroom relearning what they already know?

And Wednesday, Michelle headed off to the Business Roundtable to pitch to the assembled CEOs the idea of hiring the “hundreds of thousands” of veterans and military spouses looking for work – and the thousands more who will be searching in the years to come when “over one million more will be hanging up their uniforms and transitioning back to civilian life,” according to Mrs. Obama.

She spoke movingly and persuasively about the benefits of hiring veterans:

These men and women will be returning to their families, rejoining their communities, and figuring out what’s next in their lives.  And as they do all of that, the one thing that they’re going to be thinking about is a job . . .

So these men and women, our veterans and military spouses, have seen it all.  And in the process, they have gained the types of qualities and values that you simply can’t teach anywhere else –- a relentless commitment to excellence, the ability to juggle multiple priorities, the wherewithal to meet deadlines under every circumstance imaginable.

They know how to develop and execute complex strategic plans, and they don’t give up until their mission is complete.  And when the pressure is highest, that’s when our veterans and military spouses are at their best.

These men and women are exactly the kinds of employees you all are looking for to help you compete in today’s global marketplace, and they’re proving that every single day with their achievements in the private sector.

We certainly knock Mrs. Obama around plenty here at WHD when she does outlandish, offensive or hypocritical things.

But this is a noble effort and a noble cause, it speaks well of her, and she gets little credit for it from the press. She deserves applause, and her effort – which can really help the people risking their lives to ensure our freedom – merits more attention.

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  1. Most people are more than happy to hire veterans. The issue is whether you can hire ANYONE.

    This doesn’t balance the scales for the many ways she offends me. PR stunt. Something.

    • Nice try Keith. Most of this lot will even bite you… Heck, they could physically observe BO part the Red Sea and save them and would still bitch that he was self-serving and had bad motive… Too funny…

      Keep up the good work Keith. It suits you and you too can be set free…. :)

  2. If you’re the wife of a dictator wannabe you certainly want to be on the good side of the military, especially when the s*** hits the fan. Plus, look at the shiny object and ignore what the “First Lady” Marxist is doing behind the scenes.

  3. Plus – no public expression on the murder of Chris Kyle. But Michelle went to the little girl’s funeral in Chicago who was murdered by street thugs. ANd yet NOT A MENTION on Chris Kyle.

  4. I am skeptical. Vets get preference in govt hiring. Why would a business owner believe her about anything if it did not make money for his or her business? This woman makes me cringe and even you, Keith, cannot convert me.

    • As a lifetime dependent (as a daughter, then a spouse), military wives and kids take priority in hiring by the civilian sector because they don’t require health benefits or sometimes, full time employment.

      Dependent college kids too, as their i.d. doesn’t expire til they’re 23.

      And if the military spouse is lucky to put in 20 years, free health care for life. You betcha’ military have a leg up over civilians.

      • Sorry Denise, it’s not free health care for life after retirement. They just took a huge program away from retiree’s who are in the “gray” area and have not hit 65 yet. Once you hit 65 they you revert to Tricare for life along with Medicare A / B. Tricare Prime was a excellent program and worth paying into. Now a good portion of us have been reverted back to Tricare Standard, and it’s more out of pocket and less doctors / medical facilities will accept it.. Add that to the very small COLA we just got that was wiped out with tax increases, nothing is free to retiree’s.

        BTW we do not get Dental free, you can elect to go into the dental program and pay big bucks monthly that barely covers anything.

        • I stand corrected Otis, not really *free* for life, but a lot better than the our civilian friends who pay about 16k/year. Ours is about $600 year, but have noticed since Obamacare, premiums and co-pays have been inching up steadily.

  5. And, honestly – she gets little credit from the press? Keith – why don’t you untangle that bit there.

    The media gives her credit of a HAIRCUT. Why do they ignore this? They are several GLARING possible reasons.

    1) they hate the military
    2) they see it for the shallow, empty gesture it is.

  6. Michelle has made me so angry so many times that it is difficult to concede your point about her and the military. I had been wondering what she was up to this time. The last most recent time I wondered, she was evidently involved with getting OFA Version 3.0 up and running. But for the moment she is looking honest, altruistic. Thanks. Just don’t let any of that praise rub off on Obama or the Democratic Senate which is quietly joining Republican Diane Black to scrub from the spending bill one of Preezy’s really questionable job creations, that of immigrant advocate.

  7. Question. Didn’t the Administration stop tuition for Vet’s?
    Wasn’t Obama quoted as saying active duty military should pay their own insurance because ” they know what their getting into “.?
    Further, what State just lowered tuition for illegals .?

    • You are correct Cisco! If these 2 ladies truly supported the military, especially Dr. Biden, who’s doctorate is in Education, they would be encouraging their husbands to take a stand against eliminating tuition assistance for military personnel:

      “The U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps have now halted their tuition assistance programs after across-the-board federal spending cuts went into effect March 1. The suspension applies to all components, including Reserve and National Guard personnel on active-duty orders. The U.S. Navy is also expected to deliver a similar announcement soon. The cuts do not affect G.I. Bill benefits.”

      “According to new reports, any new applications for tuition assistance will be rejected by the Air Force. The branch’s application site states, “Air Force Military Tuition Assistance Currently not Available.”

      “The Air Force is also limiting its career training at its Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and Squadron Officer School – which means commanders will be forced to limit the number of airmen attending the training.”

      “The program pays up to $4,500 per fiscal year for service members seeking a high-school diploma, certificate or college degree.”

      “This week, DOD’s comptroller issued guidance indicating that the services should consider significant reductions in funding new tuition assistance applicants, effective immediately and for the duration of the current fiscal situation,” Pentagon spokesman Nathan Christensen told the Marine Corps Times just days ago.”


      When I see her serving food to military folks, it reminds me of all the folks who have been forced on to food stamps by her husband and makes her look like “Mrs. Claus”. . .giving handouts for photo ops. . .now if they wanted to do something of substance, rescind the tuition decision. . .quite sure that our good folks in the military are more than capable of dishing up their own food in a buffet line!

  8. Keith, I know what you’re saying, give credit where credit is due, but it’s a PR stunt, also under the guise of “official and essential travel” which could place her at any base in the world …. then vacation, campaign and fundraise from there, she has done that since 2009.

    The fact is, there are already plenty of transition and support groups for the military and their families which have a long history of helping the troops, why doesn’t she simply bring awareness to those?

    I’m. Just. Not. Impressed. Sorry.

    • While Michelle rightfully takes some flak (at least from those on the right) for her Marie Antoinette lifestyle, she does deserve credit when she does something good for our troops. Let’s encourage good deeds when we get the chance.

      While a poster named “radio refugee” uses an image of Michelle with the words “Cake, anyone?”, certainly she does have some redeeming deeds to her credit. And while some comments are justified, others keep getting repeated without basis — like the claim that she lost her license over insurance fraud. I’ve asked for documentation of this on numerous sites, and have gotten no response. Evidence is good, no matter which side it supports.

      Once again Michelle Obama is honoring our troops, something we should all do. In this case, let’s not shoot the messenger.

    • You want to see support for the military? Look no further than George
      and Laura Bush. Meeting them flag in hand at the airport plus the other
      things we don’t know about as they are true humble Americans.

  9. If she genuinely cared about the military, why did she use them as props behind her when she presented the best pic Oscar???

    Sorry Keith; appreciate your “generous” attempt but these people “use” folks not because they genuinely care but to make their photo ops appeal to the low info crowd!

    Matthew 7:15
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”


        I’m so sick of the lies.

        Real people know what’s happening. Work in an ER and see the former vets coming in with NO health insurance.VA hospitals? Ha! Do some research on them. If you don’t have a chronic condition or permanent disability- see how easy it is to get treated!

        When is enough enough? Please–she is a liar just like her husband-she has spent hundreds of millions to go on vacations! She has invited cop hating rappers to the WH–she has started a 10 billion exercise program to kill the restaurant industry, private businesses, and to boot she wants to control what everybody eats and drinks. Just like a dictator–see how many fat people are in North Korea photos praising Kim Jong Il and now his spawn.

        She doesn’t give a flyin’ fig about veterans or military families-except what they can do for her if she can win them over. May God help us.

        • Excellent point about Tri-Care. Our nephew had and injury playing soccer (tore something in his hip; sorry don’t know the technical/medical terms) and should have surgery but Tri-Care said it’s not a necessary surgery based on new Obamacare guidelines so unless my brother wants to pay the entire cost out of pocket, nephew will be in pain for quit some time and have long term health concerns (limp/pain). Our brother gave 30+ yrs to the military; moved his family countless times; saw combat duty in the Middle East and this is how we thank him for his service–sorry, your kid can’t have surgery even though you risked your life for your country??????

  10. The more I think about it, the bigger joke this is. Obama wants cuts in military benefits- retirement, health care, tuition assistance, etc.

    Yet what cuts have me made to entitlements? None.

    Says it all. That is who they value.

  11. The tuition assistance program for US military was suspended by the administration which blames it on the sequester, but talk is cheap. Mooch’s speeches and photo ops do nothing for the military.

  12. oh please – those of us that have always been proud of our country have also been pround of the military and treat them with the utmost respect.

  13. There’s a slight possibility Mrs. O is sincere in her admiration for military families…but it’s highly doubtful. Nice try, Keith, but I have to agree with the others. It’s all for show, just like everything else she and her husband do.

  14. Keith, what´s this ??? I am surprised.
    I agree with you here, just a PR stunt. These two reminds me a little about those Victorian ladies who went “slumming” in order to have something useful to do and to have something to talk about later on at their tea parties. If the media catches on it has the additional benefit of making them look “good”.

  15. Anything that brings awareness to the needs of the military, and military families, whether on active duty, or transitioning deserves some recognition, even it if is a one handed round of applause.

    What is tiresome to me is how the military is used as a photo-op prop by Obama and Mrs. O, and the seemingly endless use of the military as a big stick to beat the GOP over the head. Threats of military budget cuts, the insurance cuts, the problems with the VA, problems that predated Obama, yet continue, the lack of direction for those in the field. The ridiculous ROE that this administration has foisted upon the personnel doing the actual fighting. The list is long, perhaps endless.

    The administration continues to lie about the Bush policies regarding enhanced interrogation, and Hollywierd continues its endless clap-trap on how these methods do not work. Yet, Panetta just admitted that it was through these interrogation methods that we were able to locate and kill OBL.

    As long as Obama and this administration can continue to shape the dialogue, and the GOP refuses to mount a counter-offensive to what is being said, the bulk of Americans will continue in ignorance.

  16. While Moochie claims to support military families, the military is not well served by her “husband’s” redefining of what a “family” is…

    “The newlywed wife of a female lieutenant colonel stationed at Fort Bragg, the largest Army installation in the country, has been denied membership in a base club for officers’ spouses, igniting accusations from a national military spouses organization that the woman was blackballed only because she is a lesbian.

    Ashley Broadway married her 15-year companion, Lt. Col. Heather Mack, in November — their first chance to hold a formal ceremony after the 2011 repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” the policy that kept gays from openly serving in the military. The couple has a 2-year-old son and Mack is 8-months-pregnant with their second child.” – By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor

    Freedom of Association? What’s THAT? Just another casualty of the Obama years, I suppose…

  17. Looking for some cover, Keith?

    I’d have a lot more faith in her sincerity if she did even one of these things without a full bank of cameras present.

  18. Is there some WH ‘press order’ that requires the ‘media’ to call Jill Biden “Dr.”? Its just so arrogant & annoying.

    • Someone (I think Denise VB) said that she only calls someone Dr. when there is an M.D. behind the person’s name. It sticks in my craw to give someone who gets a ‘doctorate in education’ the same title as someone who spends years of hard work full-time to get a medical degree or even a Ph.D. There is absolutely no comparison. With the doctorate in education it is just a matter of time serving.

  19. I don’t think she’s got a honest sincere bone in her body. Her self entered
    narcissism would be the only reason for her largess. Is she going to make sure the military have a cooked breakfast? While she dines in style Eggs
    Benedict, crossiant and the finest imported private blend of coffee whilst gazing at herself in Vogue? Or perhaps she will home school them at the WH it’s the one they faught for after all. No more tuition assistance thanks to her hubby. Remember her use of them for props when she made her Oscar
    debut? In a $10,000 dress and about $9800 earrings. Sorry all this is for her
    not Vets or the flag.

  20. Well, she has to keep up appearances, doesn’t she? After all, her husband is responsible for more war casualties than his predecessor had in his entire eight years of office. When was the last time she visited wounded vets at Walter Reid or did anything significant besides photo ops and a couple of teleprompter speeches? Prior to the election, she and her partner in crime were all over the country – campaiging. The would make a 10 minute stop at an army base for re-imbursement purposes, and then jet off to Hollywood for a fundraiser.

    I cry foul! For both of the Obamas, all the world is a stage, and all the players are merely props!

    • “After all, her husband is responsible for more war casualties than his predecessor had in his entire eight years of office.”

      Oh My Goodness. We all know the numbers… Spin it as you will, an absolutely absurd correlation. Well done. Amusement at a high. Soooo, I will help you along.

      Here is a “FACT”: “Every time our President takes a breath, a kitten dies.”


      ~ RT

  21. So she’s going around telling other people what they should be doing for military families, and getting a flattering spotlight for herself in the process. It costs her nothing at all. And that’s after admitting that she hadn’t previously appreciated the sacrifices of the military — while millions of Americans already did and were already doing things for the troops.

    Meanwhile, her hubby has been undersupplying the troops, delaying their benefits, cutting their medical benefits while civilian federal employees get raises, and ending tuition assistance.

    Sorry, I don’t believe that Michelle cares as much about the troops and their families as she cares about what acting as though she cares can do for her image. Neither she nor Barack has a history of true generosity that didn’t involve publicity or power. I don’t believe that all the privileges of the presidency have improved the character of either.

  22. NO NO NO NO NO the mooch is in it only for herself. If you think the bio vs. Mit Romney campaign was rough, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. If mooch runs, she will wage a war. BTW, where is it mandated that Jilly be hailed as Dr. Biden ?

  23. This isn’t new.

    I spent half my military career attending racial understanding and female empowerment seminars in (then West) Germany in the mid 80’s at the height of the Cold War. While we awaited a Soviet invasion through the Fulda Gap we were marched into classrooms and soldiers who grew up in the South were told (in essence) they were racists and ‘needed to apologize to their black bretheren’ while being ridicules and harangued by overweight, plump female NCOs. This ridiculousness continued until our First Sergeant (who was black) stepped in and halted the “classes” and booted the fat female E-6 out of the Battalion AO. He was called in by the CO, but stood firm and told the CO he would not allow his soldiers to be racially divided. I’ve never seen bigger cajones. He stood in the door for his men.

    The fault lies solely at the feet of General Staff Officers who should have stood in the door in the Pentagon, put their foot down and said, “no.” The stars chose advancement over their men, and thanks to them, we have “Gay and Lesbian Understanding” seminars instead of battlefield preparation.

    This can be traced back to General Eisenhower’s “club” he built with yes-men at the close of the Second World War, when the war fighters (Patton, Gerow, MacArthur) were put to pasture and the ticket-punchers took over.

    A great book on this subject is the late COL David Hackworth’s ABOUT FACE.

  24. There is an ulterior motive. The far left Progressives/Socialists never do anything that won’t benefit them politically or personally.

    Getting soft on the dictator-in-chief and his wife Keith?

  25. Bullcrap. More propaganda nonsense by this Welfare Queen and you fell for it. The military and their families know that Dictator Obama and especially Queen Moochelle dispise them and are seeking to destroy the military as a whole. They know this is a propaganda charade but apparently this escapes you. Now what did PT Barnum say about suckers?