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Carney: Tour Cancellation Will Stand

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said that while some exceptions to the suspension of White House tours will be considered, the policy will stand and the gates to the People’s House will not be broadly reopened.

“The decision to cancel tours generally won’t be revised,” Carney said, asserting that the Secret Service would otherwise be forced to make cuts or furlough employees.

With the pressure still on, Carney sought to ascribe blame to Republicans, whom he says are responsible for the implementation of the sequester.

But the public relations disaster is mounting, despite White House attempts to elude blame for the debacle. Here’s an example of why the White House may want to reconsider:

25 Responses to Carney: Tour Cancellation Will Stand

  1. How foolish and short-sighted. If the tours remain shut to the public because of “SecretService” concerns, the internet will light up like the 4th of July when the O’s want to take a ritzy vacation that requires dozens of security personnel to protect their whatevers.

    It’s the measure of the man that BarackObama shows that he just can’t be the bigger man, that he only can operate by attack and derision.
    He’s missing the praise for the concern of schoolchildren, their parents and every American who wants to visit their WhiteHouse by not finding some excuse (any will do) to reopen the doors.

    • It’s time to take the gloves off and stop saying hands off where the Obama girls are concerned. How much did it cost the taxpayer for the SS to cover the older daughter on her trip to Mexico last year (including the taking over of a hotel) and how much did it cost for her trip to NYC last month?

  2. What would make sense is if the President said, “I’m coming to your rescue children. I will pay for this out of my pocket and Uncle Joe’s pocket”.

    that would be brilliant PR.

  3. Great so i paid $1400. plus spending $$$ for my kid to fly from AZ to DC for a school trip to see the White House and other Washington historical sites in May, and now he can’t even get a tour!!! This is ridiculous!

  4. Has ANYONE in the WH ‘press’ corps brought up the fact that Dear Leader Obama flies all over the US (to deliver 10 minute tele-prompter propaganda statements) with 100+ Secrect Service personel & equipment…
    How much to these jaunts cost? A few Million$ a trip? cancel a few trips = save Millions$ = open White House tours.

  5. Pres. Obama said tours of the White House will resume on a limited basis. The president said he got the idea after watching the election of Pope Francis I.
    President Obama said visitors to the White House and Cabinet, staff and others should refer to the president as holy father or Obama the First and they must genuflect and kiss his ring which the Treasury Department will furnish shortly. It will be made from gold and be adorned with a diamond shaped as a contraceptive pill.
    The president left the White House for the weekend to go to Castel del’David.

    • While I don’t disagree with the theme of what you say, it seems to me that the President would consider the Papacy a step DOWN from his current position of god.

      Henceforth, he will “appear” at press conferences as a “burning Bush” hologram (instead of a shrub, an effigy of George just to keep folks hatin’), and all press, including our Mr. Koffler, will be required to unlatch their sandals when they enter the President’ presence.

      Not that you are factually inaccurate, but the ornamentation and ritual you describe will be for Jay Carney as the President’s spokesman to the unworthy; but instead of a ring, everyone will be required to kiss Michelles @ss. Don’t worry, there’s room enough for everyone to go as once, so it won’t slow proceedings up any…

  6. It’s abundantly clear that the lady (?) of the house doesn’t want any riff-raff disturbing her privacy. The People’s House is now reserved for ‘special friends’, sack races, ‘big losers’, TV cameras, and afternoon soirees with her newly acquired Hollywood hangers-on. When she is not traveling and vacationing on AF2, she spends her days showing off her new home to invited guests only!

    My suggestion to all the school chidren who will now be denied access to the People’s House is to deny her access to your schools. Write letters. Tell her to mind her own business and flush her Let’s Move scam down the royal toilet.

    Sorry, kids, you were used as props for four years. She doesn’t need you anymore! Watch for the ‘No Tresspassing/Beware of Dog’ sign to go up any day now.

    • I think they should now boycott the Easter Egg Roll festivities. Would be interesting to see only a hand full of kids and their families showed up. Of course it’s another “free” event so you know there will be participants, even if they have to bus them in. And inside each egg is a certificate for a new free phone!

  7. I find Carney’s statement “the People’s House,” quite amusing. It has become an entertainment center for the rich. The Obamas continually flaunt their accession to the throne in the people’s faces. If they genuinely cared about the people, they could assign some of their staff or Secret Service agents as tour guides. I personally doubt that the tours have anything to do with spending cuts. It’s quite possible that the cancellation is necessary for security reasons in view of the growing unpopularity of both Obamas and their political party affiliation.

  8. I think Obama is finally getting a taste of karma and he doesn’t like it. His approval rating is dropping and people are angry that they’ve paid for trips to see the WH but he won’t let them in. Now every time he takes a trip people will remember the cost and think about how many weeks of tours that could have been funded.

  9. Tomorrow the O heads to Chicago to talk energy. Will pend over $1.5 million for the flight, the talk and the flight back.

    Money that could have been used to keep the white house tours going.

    What a total fool the 47% elected to be president.

  10. Don’t worry folks, it’ll reopen soon. They’re just using this as an excuse while they redecorate with all the lovely items Jessie Jackson picked up for them at the Hugo Chavez estate sale.

    Once the Chavez room is ready, they’ll reopen to great fanfare. It just takes time to figure out where to hang the giant portrait of Simon Bolivar they got from Miraflores Palace (funny these “People’s” rulers ALWAYS have a “Palace”), and the assorted knick-knacks that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, and Vladimir Putin have given the dictator over the years. Obama likes to look upon those and dream, and he just wants to share the experience with us properly!