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Quote of the Day || March 14, 2013

“I told Cardinal Dolan, let Messina work the phones a little bit for you, you’ll be a lock.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

21 Responses to Quote of the Day || March 14, 2013

  1. If His Most Arrogance had known before the last Presidential election that the Pope job would be open, he most likely would have not run for a second term, converted to Catholicism and been the only legitimate candidate for the Pope’s job. And if he didn’t get it, then the race card would be dealt.

  2. Maybe I’m just an overly critical person, but I found Obama’s remarks on the new Pope a bit crass and politically opportunistic. First of all, he ‘looks forward toward working with the new Pope’ as if the Pope is just the head of a secular state like himself. He really means that he’s looking forward to exploiting the Pope when it suits him and ignoring him when it doesn’t, e.g., on birth control and abortion. Secondly, he just had to mention that there are millions of Latino Catholics in the US, translation: I’ve got your backs, Latinos. Is he aware that there are millions of Irish-American Catholics, Polish-American Catholics in the US? Oh wait, those are -American citizens. Oh well, to sum up, it was more of the I-me-myself kind of statement.

  3. I belong to the Protestant Church but oh, how I wished yesterday that I could be among those cheering for this new Pope. He seems to be absolutely right for this position. A man of humble origin, with a frugal, simple lifestyle, with intelligence and common sense, with easygoing manners and with a certain humorous glimmer in his eyes. I believe that he can connect well. And that name. I hope it´s inspired by Franciscus of Assisi with his love of humans, animals and nature. I hope this Pope will be a great inspirational force in this divided, rootless, greedy world. He has conservative views on homosexual marriage and abortion so he will meet fierce resistance. May he have many healthy years as Pope ahead like you wrote, Keith.

    • He may have taken his name from St. Francis Xavier who was also a Jesuit and a famous missionary to the East. I think his tomb is in Goa.

      • It is more likely that it is St. Francis Xavier. Goa was a Portuguese colony and Brazil was also a Portuguese colony. St. Francis Xavier would be venerated in both places.

  4. History will show that this holy man from Argentina catalyzes a.k.a. “Obama’s” undoing. For starters, the world will view with shock and horror “O’s” Identity Fraud. This Truth will open onto his repetitive Election Fraud. From there, all will be laid bare.

    As His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI wrote: God is Truth, versus one’s Masquerade Of Living; one’s retreat behind fictions and lies about who we are.

    God’s Judgment consists of the removal of this mask at death, exposing THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE.

  5. If they did it the Chcago way, Cardinal Bergoglio would have gotten 125% of the total votes cast in the College of Cardinals.

    Guess it doesn’t work so well if they actually ID the voters and have paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines programmed by liberals, n’est-ce pas? And no poll workers to multipe vote for you at the Sistine Chapel…

    ‘Melowese Richardson is the Ohio poll worker who admitted to casting two votes in November for President Obama. Now, Ohio officials are investigating if she voted in the names of four other people as well and cast a total of six ballots in the 2012 election, according to Fox News. The investigation is part of a wider one into a number of cases of alleged voter fraud in Hamilton County, Ohio. Richardson says she filled out and submitted an absentee ballot on her granddaughter’s behalf, and her granddaughter has confirmed that claim, saying, “It wasn’t a big deal.”’

    Yeah, vote fraud is “Not a big deal”. I thought there was no proof of vote fraud anywhere, anyway?

    And do I KNOW these were Obama votes? Not really, but statistically, I doubt there are very many women named “Melowese” that voted Romeny…

    Good thing they actually checked faces and names at the Vatican. Maybe we can believe THIS guy had an ACTUAL election.