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The Obama Morning News || March 13, 2013

Missed chance: Obama’s tax problem . . . Politico
Obama loses public trust on economy
. . . Washington Post
Obama: My goal isn’t to balance the budget . . . Washington Times
How Ryan balances the budget in ten years . . . Daily Caller
Biden, Michelle Obama hacked . . . Reuters
Democratic donors skipping Obama dinner . . . Bloomberg
Obama to appeal recess appointment ruling . . . Washington Times
Michelle Obama to appear on Vogue cover . . . Washington Post

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 13, 2013

  1. “Obama loses public trust on economy . . . Washington Post”

    The sad part is that ANYONE ever trusted him in the FIRST place, with SO MUCH empirical evidence to the contrary…

    “Obama: My goal isn’t to balance the budget . . . Washington Times”
    Duh. Your goal is the destruction of America and the advancement of your Sunni faith. You’re doing THOSE things pretty well!

    “Biden, Michelle Obama hacked . . . Reuters”
    Biden and Michelle ARE hacks. Its nice that someone can occasionally humble them, but I don’t wish it on them or revel in it when it does. This is because no amount of bad that happens to them will undo the bad that they’ve done to this Country. This is just a sideshow.

    “Obama to appeal recess appointment ruling . . . Washington Times”

    Go all the way to the Supreme Court with your unconstitutional power grab! Why not? After all, you already own five of the nine judges, and I’m sure you’ve got designs on the rest. Pretty good for not being “a dictator”!

    “Michelle Obama to appear on Vogue cover . . . Washington Post”
    As what? An example of what NOT to wear? A graphic display of dressing too young for your appearance? A demonstration of the absurdity of wighats? Are you SURE it’s the cover of Vogue and not Evita Perón Monthy?

    Never mind, these folks are attracted to EVERYTHING liberal. Look for a shoot of Nancy Peolos and Diane Feinstein in Agent Provocateur lingere, just like Michelle’s!

    Maybe the NEXT spread can be on overweight lesbians? They can get the names for the models for THIS one from the taxpayer-funded NIH study that spent a half-million dollars of post-sequester money…

    “WASHINGTON, March 13, 2013 — A March 11 CNS News story by Elizabeth Harrington reveals another place our poor federal government could save a million and a half dollars: It could refrain funding studies of “high public health significance” like the one at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

    The NIH (National Institutes of Health) want to know why lesbians are fat at a rate that’s 50 percent higher than heterosexual women.

    For some reason, that’s more important than paying for education for soldiers, or keeping suspected illegal criminal invaders detained, or … what else was it that he President said would bring about the end of civilization, if the Republicans didn’t cave yet again on tax increases?

    It seems that some 75 percent of lesbians are, well, fat, and that “only” half of heterosexual women are. Interestingly, these same folks say that heterosexual men are twice as likely to be fat as homosexual men. The study, the story says, is being led by Dr. S. Bryn Austin, ScD, who, according to, is “Director of Fellowship Research Training in the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Children’s Hospital in Boston.”

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    Can’t WAIT for that cover! I’d like it right next to the Time magazine one of lesbians protesting for abortion rights (talk about not having a dog in the hunt) while wearing vagina these…

    Anything for the cause!

    Meanwhile, let’s not talk about Benghazi…

  2. I must say that I’ve been able to save money by NOT buying any magazine that has a picture of Mooch, Skeeter, BJ & Hillary Clinton (together or apart) or any other lib gracing the cover, or containing an article about any of them. Vogue Magazine deserves Michelle Antoinette.

  3. Democratic donors skipping Obama dinner…..

    I picked up an interesting tidbit, is Obama selling his campaign email lists to these fat cat donors ? Also, it appears he’s selling access and influence to these OFA contributors. Something stinks.

  4. Vogue magazine must have a death wish! No amount of photoshopping is going to help sell MO on the cover. I read somewhere that “O” (Oprah’s magazine) lost a ton of sales when MO was on the cover.