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Quote of the Day || March 13, 2013

“Barack, please take a shower tonight. You’ve been meeting with Republicans all day long.”

– Michelle Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

17 Responses to Quote of the Day || March 13, 2013

    • A caller to a local radio station this morning put it well. He thanked John McCain for his service, but pointed out that he’s a bit old and confused now, and would be better suited greeing Wal-Mart customers than making semi-incoherent rants against the few actual conservatives in his own party in defense of Prezzy Divide.

      I would add to that MY belief that Mr. McCain has Carter syndrome, in that he’s become his party’s angry gadfly after an electoral defeat that he was personally responsible for, but blames his party for instead. If HE can’t be sucessful, then NO ONE is allowed to be successful!

      Unlike Carter, however, he didn’t retain the ideology of his party even while attacking it, because McCain was always a liberal at heart.

      This is why, when faced with a choice between Obama’s openly Democrat stance and McCain’s Democrat Lite, voters went with the Black guy. After all, with nothing else to choose on (thanks to a HUGE media supression campaign about Obama), why NOT make history when you can?

        • I respect what he WAS, Star, not what he seems to have become – another RINO shill for the Obama administration, more concerned with silencing voices in his OWN party than stopping the spread of Obama’s destruction of America.

          But, as you say, he’s entitled to his own opinon – as are you and I.

          Yes, we can agree to disagree on this one, but no hard feelings?

  1. Did you shake hands with the president? Wash your hands, get a manicure and use some hand sanitizer, too! Wipe your feet! Remove your clothes and burn them. Now it is time for the sandblasting.

  2. Michelle probably doesn’t smell very nice herself, seeing as how she is likely too muscle-bound in the arms to be able to get the toilet paper all the way around that massive derrière to take proper care of bidness…

    That, and the sweat she works up from planning taxpayer funded vacations, parties, concerts, and bossing the schoolchildren in the country around, likely combines with the smell of the bile that’s always bubbling in the hole where her heart would be if she had one to make an indescribably bitter musk; kind of an Eau d’LiberAl, that smells like failed ideas and dead economies with overtones of the rotting corpses of heroes sacrified for her husband’s re-election, with olfactory grace notes of the rank pain she and her kind have caused for the rest of us.

    No, Michelle Antonette can’t complain about smells. I doubt any could penetrate her own.

  3. Has anyone bothered to ask Queenie why she didn’t join the cozy little dinner last Friday nite with Bill and Hill? We know she wouldn’t pass up the chance to gorge herself at a five-star restaurant. But wasn’t she the one who told hubby she didn’t want Hillary anywhere near the WH before he appointed her SOS back in ’08? She’s a hater, that Michelle!

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