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The Obama Morning News || March 12, 2013

Is Obama’s courtship of Republicans serious? . . . Politico
The GOP plan to balance the budget by 2013
. . . Paul Ryan
WH staffers rake in big bucks amid sequester
. . . Fox News
Obama’s Cabinet has some explaining to do
. . . Politico
GOP: Who released those illegals? . . . Washington Times
Dems griping about parts of Obamacare
. . . Politico
Donilon calls out North Korea, China
. . . Washington Times
WH: Beyonce, Adele won’t sing for Michelle . . . Access Hollywood
Sarah Palin to write a Christmas book . . . Washington Post

22 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 12, 2013

  1. If Beyonce & Adele do not sing for Michelle’s birthday, may I suggest a group of us go to serenade her? The “Koffler Choir” might be just what she needs to hear…….

    • The only way I’ll sing “happy birthday” to MrsO is if we’re all on AF1 on our way to a little vacation in Hawaii, courtesy of the taxpayers.

    • Sone for Michelle Antonette’s Birthday

      (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”)

      What’s Benghazi to you?
      What’s Benghazi to you?
      It’s where your Hussband let men di-ie,
      To keep the First Jet for you!

      What’s economy to you?
      What’s economy to you?
      It’s what your Hussband wrecked for all of usss,
      But only living large for you!

      What’s food rules to you?
      What’s food rules to you?
      Children starving on your silly foood,
      While you eat Lobster Stew!

      What’s America to you?
      What’s America to you?
      You’re only prouuud when your husband,
      Divides us further, aren’t you!

      So hyped-up birthday to you,..
      Hyped-up birthday to you..
      You try to Runnn with the young and faamous,
      It makes your 50 years clear, you fool!

      Hey Michelle Antonnette! Have some (fatty, pricey) cake and (designer flavored) ice cream, you bitter, resentful person! Eat all you like, it won’t fill the hole where your soul would be if you had one! May the bile you’ve spewed on us come back to you seven fold for YOUR birthday present, and be the curse to YOU that YOU’VE been to US!

      -and many mooore!

      Sorry, it’s not Jay-Z or anything. I just can’t bring myself to denigrate women and use hateful racial slurs like he does… say, isn’t he a good freind of your husbands? You should talk to him about that at the party…

  2. The sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome and the Christian haters have deluged the comment section of that Washington Compost article on Sarah Palin’s Christmas book.

  3. The WashPost’s short piece on MrsPalin’s contract to write a book about the religious aspect of Christmas isn’t all that newsworthy, but that they published it at all is telling, as are the 200+ comments on MrsPalin most of which have nothing to do with a Christmas themed book..

    Five years after her failed bid for the Repub VP position, she still commands attention, respect, and derision from certain sections of the public. Her detractors don’t realize they have her confused with TinaFey’s SNL impersonation, and refuse to acknowlege that she is a viable force in the political arena.

    Without anything other than my impression of why so many heap insults on her intelligence, I’m guessing that she represents everything that no other prominent women in politics can claim. She is her “own woman” who didn’t gain prominence by virtue of being a famous man’s wife, she can speak publically with no more than a few key words written on her palm, and she is physically attractive, duly married, mother of five, and a devoted Christian.
    She’s the whole package and puts Dem women in politics to shame.

    • It isn’t only Democrat women who deride Sarah Palin, srdem. The female RINO species aren’t much better. I’ve never been able to get a straight answer why other than they think she’s an “embarrassment”. My guess is it is more jealousy of what she has accomplished in her life, or as you said she is her “own woman”.

      • As does the male RINO species in the Congress to Michelle Bachmann and as they did to Sharon Angle when she ran against Harry Reid. McConnell is now cozying up to the Young Turks but I remember how he helped put down Angle and helped Reid get re-elected.

        • Agree with both of you. There’s something about a youngish, sexually attractive woman that keeps her from getting the respect and gravatis that older, less attractive women are allowed.

          No matter what laws are passed or what modern culture demands, it’s still a man’s world.
          When Sports Illustrated puts out a bathing suit issue that includes men posing in provacative poses, then all things will be equal.

      • I loved her at first. My daughter said, “Mom, that woman could do anything.” Then she upped and quit as governor, signed on to Fox (I never got that), and was saying the same patriotic (yes), but repetitive things everywhere. I got sick of it. Just my opinion. OK–you can pounce on me now.

        • I don’t think you said anything “pouncable”, Star. I think she quit her governorship because of the pending legal actions brought about by media harassment, joined Fox to make a buck and then peaked, probably from a combination of poor advice and ability. Rather than being sick of it, I am more embarrassed for her since she was victimized by both the Left and the Right but she showed she has class but stopping it when she did. As Susan correctly pointed out, she is her own woman and she proved it.

          I hope she has a happy life.

          • I don’t think Sarah has peaked, especially with those of us who identify with the Tea Party. She was very instrumental in the victory of Ted Cruz over establishment Republican, David Dewhurst, in the 2012 Texas senate contest. Dewhurst was the next in line for the senate seat when Ted Cruz came from behind and defeated him. Don’t think he could have done it without Sarah Palin’s help. It’s a shame that Romney’s GOP consultants chose to ignore Sarah’s offer to help his campaign. Unfortunately, it was their loss.

  4. Another interesting article on the WaPo is Dana Milbank’s Charm Has Its Limits. Carney exercising a little ageism toward Mara Elieson and Bill Plante to begin with.

      • Boy is THAT the truth. When I see those whippersnappers on Chelsea Lately making fun of older people, I think–just wait, if you make it that far. Chelsea, for all her snark and tasteless abortion jokes, usually pushes back when they start that. I remember one time someone said Petraeus’s wife was what…100? And she snapped–His same age!