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Obama Gets Dem Pushback on Entitlements

President Obama today drew concern from Senate Democrats that he might give away too much to Republicans on Social Security and Mediare reform, a sign that the president may be serious about trying again to strike a “grand bargain” with Republicans on the deficit.

Not to worry, though, he assuaged Democrats during that he would force Republicans to raise taxes as part of any agreement, according to reports.

The meeting is the first stop of Obama’s Grand Tour of Capitol Hill. Wednesday and Thursday he’ll meet with the other three caucuses – the House Democrats, the House Republicans, and the Senate Republicans.

And then in a final meeting on Friday, Obama and all the members of Congress will stage a singalong in the rotunda beneath the Capitol Dome.

Okay, not that last part.

Tomorrow he gathers with House Republicans. Each Republican, upon entering the room, will put his hand on the Constitution and read aloud the Bill of Rights. If you see white smoke rising from the chamber, it means they have a deal. Black smoke, no deal.

Well, actually, if you see any smoke coming up at all, it means they have a FIRE.

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  1. Pres. Obama is distracted, watching the Vatican vent. He wants to have the papacy awaiting him in case his third term quest fails. He is campaigning as Pope And Change, has promised permanent 2nd collections at all masses and eliminating what he has described as those burdensome rules, such as artificial contraception, and reforming the Ten Commandments to five or six suggestions.

  2. If we see white smoke, it means that SpeakerBoehner and PresidentObama are sneaking a smoke. Black smoke means they brought out the Cuban cigars and have a deal.

  3. And if there is a FIRE and Congress burns to the ground, then all the reps will have to return home and face their constituents who are, if employed, having to make do on reduced budgets due to all the new tax increases and ObamaCare cost. One would hope they would learn a lesson, but hope in this case is just a four letter word that doesn’t even consider the obvious.

  4. Well done, Keith. Your snarkiness has inspired the snarkiest of your loyal WHD readers.

    Is this the first time Preezy Revenge has made the rounds on capitol hill to sell his snake oil? Usually he intimidates the Republican leadership by making them come to him. Makes no difference because Boehner will give him whatever he wants regardless. Boehner’s lackey McCarthy is out on the road assuring the ruling class that the House will pass legislation whether it has the support of a majority of Republicans or not (abandoning the Hasert Rule). That’s one way for the RINOs to drown out the voices of our conservative representatives. These professional politicians make me sick. They care nothing about honoring their oaths to our Constitution.

  5. Really funny Keith. Appreciate the humor in what is basically the theater of the absurd that is currently the USA.

    And I hate to ruin the mood , but …..

    Off topic. But it does involve entitlements of another kind — perhaps. In honor of the sequester Obama has appointed a new Black Education Czar to reduce “resegregation” — or the new Executive Director of WH Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. Presumably this guy will be paid handsomely in the manner becoming a Czar and one can also assume that a ton of taxpayer money will be blowing out of the Department of Education and elsewhere for this insanity,

    And a slightly different take

    And since it’s all about color — color me RED for enraged. This man has no shame.

    And that smoke — it’s coming out of my ears but doesn’t necessarily signify that Barack Obama is the new Pope …. yet.

    • Thanks for the linkys.

      How is that not “racist” in the extreme? Or worse, an admittance that Black students cannot succeed unless they are in school with White and Asian children to inspire them.

      The only way to “de-segregate” certain schools is to bus racially profiled students from one school to another.

      • You’re welcome. There is just so much wrong with this that I can’t even rationally discuss it — hence the links and the rant. However, the CBC which has been complaining about the lack of black appointments should be well pleased indeed.

    • and now, where is the Executive Director of WH Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic / Irish / (write in a culture here) Americans? I would name more but I think you catch my drift. Where is the ACLU on this? Holder??

      We now have 39 Czars, 15 Cabinet members and 8 Cabinet level officers, and not one of them are worth a c**p. Consolidate consolidate consolidate!

      And now back to topic – excellent post and comments all !!! :-)