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Quote of the Day || March 12, 2013

“Oh my God! Obama is hitting me over the head with the olive branch.”

– John Boehner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

7 Responses to Quote of the Day || March 12, 2013

      • Preezy Revenge to Bawling Boehner as he’s lying prostrate at the feet of his majesty’s throne. “Hey Johnny boy, here are a few more olives for your two best friends, Johnnie Walker and Jim Beam.”

        • The image of him in a toga, addressing the Bawling one, with Michelle sitting next to him devouring a veal chop as Bo and Biden entertain with a juggling act………just fits.

  1. I doubt Barak Obama could LIFT an olive branch, let alone do damage with it…

    Unless he was being struck by MICHELLE Obama. The quote doesn’t say. SHE could do some damage with those masculine arms of hers. In fact, I’m suprised they LET her around the President with THOSE guns!

    I bet Tiger Woods, Barry’s taxpayer funded First Golf Trainer, is glad HIS wife didn’t have biceps like that….