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Bloomberg: Obama Should Play Golf Every Weekend!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Sunday dismissed criticism of President Obama’s frequent golf outings, saying he should instead step up the practice.

“They criticize him for going and playing golf with people who he’s gotta deal with,” Bloomberg said. “He should be doing that every weekend. You always can work better with somebody that you have a chance to build a social relationship with.”

Bloomberg spoke on CBS’s Face the Nation:

But Obama, who has already been golfing 116 times as president, rarely mixes business with pleasure, as Bloomberg suggests he does. Obama almost always plays with low level White House staffers who presumably admire the boss and need little schmoozing.

Bloomberg himself has been among those taken on rare Obama working sessions of golf, so he may assume that’s how the president usually rolls. The New York Mayor, who is one of the wealthiest men in America, also seems to not to recognize the adverse symbolism of a president constantly on the fairways while men and women are dying in Afghanistan and millions remain jobless.

But Bloomberg needn’t worry. With his reelection campaign behind him and Washington’s weather warming up, Obama will undoubtably hit the links nearly every weekend he’s in town or finds himself in the general area of a golf course.

Just, not with people he needs to work with.

H/T Huffington Post.

18 Responses to Bloomberg: Obama Should Play Golf Every Weekend!

  1. Mayor Mike must have time on his hands if he can comment on/defend Dear Leader’s golfing. Mike never had to golf with major campaign contributors since he was able to pay his own campaign expenses out of one of his monthly dividend checks. Maybe he is looking for a role in the Administration when his term is up.

  2. Yes of course Tiger Woods now how could I not understand that logic?
    And we all know the wisdom he could pass along don’t we ladies.

  3. Mayor Bloomberg’s allure is lost out here in flyover country where his proclamations are considered to have a special folder in the wack-a-doodle file.

    Actually, the whole of NYC is considered an exotic or foreign-like place, unlike anyplace in the US. The population there doesn’t say anything when the city fathers tell them it’s illegal to put salt on their food, or that they can’t hold more than 16 oz of soda in their hand. It’s as if they believe that government has the right to tell them what to eat and drink as long as it’s advertised “for their own good”.
    In a city of millions, (most of whom don’t even speak English) where counterfeit goods, black market everythings, and political access are for sale, the enforcers of NYC law now have to carry 17oz cups along with their guns, and handcuffs.

    MrBloomberg is certainly entitled to his opinion on what MrObama does when he’s not slaving away on our behalf, but it doesn’t trump the opinion of the people.

  4. Nanny Bloomberg can opine on Preezy Revenge’s golf escapades till the cows come home; just as long as he keeps his Fabian socialist ideas north of the Mason-Dixon line.

  5. ‘ . . . Obama plays with low-level [ White House ] staffers. ”


    Vince Lombardi, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and others played golf to *win.* It was as much a sport of relaxation as it was in Lombardi’s committment to excellence or Ike’s military single-mindedness. Clinton mixed politics with golf and in many cases came away with compromise. Competition was the central theme.

    Mr. Obama surrounds himself with those who will not only *not* compete but will let the boss win, and win big. Why compete when the taxpayers are footing the bill? Lets just ‘play’ and then go soak in the hot tub later. Stand straight so the press can see you. Obama’s golf outings would at least have impression that he plays hard with stiff competition and the results posted for all to see if it were true; he’s not only a horrible golfer but many times will not finish (for whatever reason), cuts the course short for no reason (to the suprise of Secret Service) or packs it in when the little red phone rings (when he’s losing).

    The Emperor has no game.

    • Now a judge slapped his soda ban down calling it arbitrary and capricious. Good words to describe Bloomberg in the general.

  6. Nanny Bloomberg and Dear Leader would make great golfing buddies. One has already completed his cultural Marxist utopia….and the other one is less than four years from achieving his goal. Fore-ward!

  7. In speaking Mr. Bloomberg’s name, I tend to insert “ingidiot” between the first and second syllables.

    The court smacked down his soda ban. Priceless.

    Encouraging Obeyme to golf more is like encouraging Mike McDermott to play a poker tournament.