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Trump Offers to Reopen the White House

Donald Trump today offered to reopen the White House to the public, saying he would cover the cost of conducting White House tours.

The offer was in response to a tweet by Newt Gingrich, who suggested Trump could afford to splurge for the tours and should do so.

“It sounds reasonable to me. Why not?” Trump said on “Fox and Friends,” the Fox News morning program. “It’s always been open, and it’s certainly not a lot of money.”

Appearing as a co-host on the show, Fox News contributor Eric Bolling said staging the tours costs about $74,000 per week. Trump did not say for how long he might foot the bill.

53 Responses to Trump Offers to Reopen the White House

  1. This week the White House Tours are sponsored by:
    Trump Plaza and Casinos

    Next week it’s sponsored by:

    The week of Passover:
    Streits Matzah

  2. Would love to see “the Donald” pay to open the WH. . .draw up a document for BHO to sign (just sign here Barack, no need to read it, it’s all on the up and up, you know, like all your EO’s are!!!) and in the fine print way, way down at the bottom, include an edict that states BHO agrees to release all his records as well as open up the WH to tours again. . .2 for the price of one!!

  3. The WH failure to respond in any way to these overtures to keep the WH open for tours exposes the mean spirited and hypocritical thnking behind this sequester decision. Here is an offer to do something good for the community, to give back, to pay a “fair share” — all the Obamababble — and crickets from not only the WH but Democrats at large.

    The Renter In Chief is looking more and more like a mean spirited squatter.

    • stupid question:
      But has anyone in the WH ‘press’ corps brought any of these offers up? Have they asked Propaganda Sec. (aka: lying sleaze) Carney?

      (and I understand NO ONE in the WH ‘press’ corps is allowed to ask “akward or uncomfortable questions”)

      • Oh the horror Langley. . .they are too busy kissing BHO’s behind to ask such questions. . .not to mention, they probably don’t give 2 hoots about us avg folks as long as they can get to go to the WH on a daily basis and bask in the glow of “the one”; why should they care if the rest of us can’t enjoy “OUR HOUSE”?

        And if they did have the b@!!$ to ask, you know that Carney would utilize Alinsky rule #5. . .ridicule!

      • Does anyone have any information about the Vietnam Memorial the
        WW2 Memorial or the Tomb of the Unknown? Should any of those including Arlington suffer there would be such an uproar.
        Don’t bother asking Sparky any questions he has trouble with yes/no
        or anything doing to do with the truth.

        • The Vietnam and WW2 memorials fall under the National Park Service. The Tomb is apart of Arlington Nat Cemetery, managed by the US Army & a fed contractor. The memorials are open common areas and can be easily maintained. Arlington’s hours may change but the Tomb will always be guarded.

          Asking BO or Blarney about these issues would be met with deaf ears, as neither really know where any of these places are (BO does but only because he has to visit once a yr)

  4. There is a tinge of schdenfreude in MrTrump’s (and other’s) altruistic offer to cover the expense of re-opening the WhiteHouse t, o the American people .
    We can all image the squirming, the drats, the profanities, and the frantic search within the WhiteHouse for a scapegoat to push out into the public eye to take the blame for the great blunder of 2013,

    The Boomerang of Blame for this action has landed squarely at the door of the WhiteHouse. Unlike actions not taken, or words claimed to be misspoken, there just isn’t any graceful way to make this right without admitting that it was done out of spite meant to hurt the Repubs.

    For some reason, I find this whole event entertaining and can’t wait to see how it ends. snort.

    • I’m with you, srdem. The longer the grifters keep mum on the numerous offers to finance the White House tours “for the children”, the more difficult it will be for them to recover. It is going to be entertaining to see how they finagle their way out of this PR mess.

  5. There’s no reason that Donald Trump should have to do this. The problem is corruption in the White House and not a lack of revenue. Taxpayers pay through the nose to be able to have access to the people’s house. The solution isn’t entrepreneurs like Donald Trump, or more revenue, but rooting out the malfeasance of government.

    • I agree 100%. We, the taxpayer, already pay to have OUR house open for visitors and Obama has no right to close the tours. Trump, Hannity, Wallace and the others need to pool their money and make a commercial that goes nationwide on EVERY TV station showing that the President of the United States has closed the White House to the children and to the older folks that are on vacation. The commercial should have lots of children of all sizes, ages and colors and a few old folks in wheel chairs, walkers and canes standing in line waiting for the White House Doors to open. In the background of the same commercial they should have Obama teeing off at a golf course and state that the taxpayers still can pay for the grifters golf outings.

  6. Put your wallet away, Donald. Dear Leader would like nothing more than to help you spend some your $$$. Turn the tables on him and bring bus loads of little grade schoolers with their weekly allowances in hand to offer to the gatekeepers for admission. And don’t forget to have the cameras rolling.

        • Who gives a darn it’s our house not hers I’d send my kid with chips
          and a really big gulp. Of course not to eat inside. They could make
          good use of the ‘magic Whole Foods Garden’ for a picnic. After all
          it would be a nice flat space for a picnic;-)

    • Sorry.. lets not use the kids and media. That would be something BO would do (and has done). Now if a very large group of senior citizens or retired vets were to do this (bus loads) and protest in front of the WH, I would make plans to visit myself.

      • Sorry these are my imaginary kids. I do qualify as a Senior I’ve even
        now had to use a walker. I’m quite a sight one eye a walker and a bit
        bent I seem to be shrinking.

  7. Let Mr. Vin Dictive keep the WH tours closed, throw in the National Parks too and any other very public and obvious assault. Expose him. Let America see what it really is.

    No one should step in to rescue him. It’s not a NASCAR race with sponsors splattered all over the driver and vehicle. Conservatives, should take out full page ads with Vin Dictives’s face listing what he’s done with the byline of Yes, We Can – We, Don’t Care.

  8. Well perhaps we could have a display that would be free. In every city have
    an exhibit of all Michelle’s clothes since she became the ‘fashion icon’. This
    would include all outfits including shoes, jewelry makeup and hair. Best of all
    the price tags. This will be followed by the Obama Vacation Exibit! Same
    rules pictures and prices.

    • I always thought the least she could do was publish the photos from the trips we paid for. None of us will have an exotic African safari trip, nor will we be lounging in a posh Spanish resort, so the photos will be MrsO sharing her vacay with us.

  9. According to Cong. Maxine Waters there are 350 million unemployed Americans, can’t we get a few of them to volunteer their time to run a couple tours.